Why I dont give personal info about myself

Tom from Facebook ask this excellent question!

For my personal safety I dont give out any personal info. I have a lot of very rich and powetful enmies. The fitness and supplement business is a billion dollar market and they dont take kindly to me telling people not to buy anything- I cut into their profits. Making matters worse, I give my videos, website and forum away for free. Take a look at the “Wall of Shame” on my website and you will see why I keep a low profile. Several of the companies on that list have made life very *unpleasant* for me – we will leave it at that. People dont getting caught lying, especially when their 6-7 figure income depends on people believing their cruel lies.


Do you understand now? Please respect my desire for privacy.

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  1. We know more about you than about many other people. This is definitely enough, if not too much I think. In my opinion sharing your immense and unfiltered knowledge is more than one can expect from many other people.
    Additionally, we know your age, height, aquarium, hats… Btw, good luck with your shoulder ;o)

    And remember not only bad guys, but also good people can be annoying. Think about emptying your mailbox because of 10 or more fan mails per day. Or all possible _direct_ requests for how can I workout in…, is it good to do…, is it better to do…, what do you suggest in…, and so on…

  2. I don't know how many kids my doctor have, I don't know where my lawyer goes to vacations and I have no idea if the butcher where I buy my meat is marries. Still, I trust these people year after year. The same thing with you Scooby. We love you and we trust you and your life is ONLY for you.
    Greetings from Italy.

  3. We all appreciate the incredible amount you've already given us of yourself. You've changed many, many lives for the better.

  4. you privacy and personal life is your priority
    and that goes for everyone

  5. We dont need more privat info´s about you, its enough that we can se your verry nice garden and Hans.

    P.S Your website is awesome, good work.

  6. I'm following you from Italy … and I feel no need to get more personal info's about yourself except the words of truth you give away for free. Thanks a lot and hold on.

  7. Well said, Scooby! There is no need for anyone to know about your private life. You are giving advice on a very specific part of life and all that people need to know about you is related to bodybuilding. Thank you again for the great job on this website!

  8. greetings from india
    dont worry scooby we r with u always
    and keep up the good work
    cuz nuthing bad can happen to those who work good for the society

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