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No surprise that Dr Jim Stoppani from Muscle and Fitness magazine attacked Consumers Reports magazine for its findings that many supplements are unsafe. Why do I say “no surprise”? Follow the Money! This is the second time in a week that Dr Jim Stoppani has appeared in my blog. The first time was on a similar subject because of his sensationalistic and deceiving article on “Gain 10lbs muscle in a month”. In that article, I suggested that one possible motivation behind his article was to sell supplements. It seems just on cue, the good doctor decided to prove me correct by publishing his blog blasting Consumer Reports magazine for its article critical of supplement safety.

I ask you this, who are you going to believe on the subject of supplement safety – Consumer Reports magazine is the most respected consumer advocacy organization on the planet or Dr Jim Stoppani who is a staff writer for Muscle and Fitness magazine that gets most of its income from supplement manufacturers? Hmmmm, let me think. Follow the money!
Supplements makers are doing their best to discredit the Consumer Reports findings. They are worried that us consumers will start to demand supplements which have been tested for toxicity and purity by an independent testing organization like USP Verified. Why are they so concerned? Because first of all that would cost them ten cents per bottle, doesnt sound like much to guarantee our safety but that adds up to millions in lost profits. The bigger problem for the supplement industry is that they would be forced to forgo the cheap tainted Chinese raw materials for more expensive American sources and that would really cut into their profit margins!
Do you want supplements that are safe? Email your favorite supplement manufacturer and ask if the have their supplements tested for toxicity by an independent testing lab like USP Verified! Just by asking you put them on notice that we consumers care! If you dont take the time to email them they will never spend that ten cents to test that $40 bottle of supplement you just bought.
There is exactly one point I agree with Dr Jim Stoppani on, that Consumer Reports didnt do their homework well on the subject of how much protein to consumer. Thats where my agreement with him ends.
Dr Stoppani made a big deal about the fact that NSF found Muscle Milk to be safe, so what. This does not mean Consumers Reports made a mistake, both could be correct. The batch that NSF testing was a good, clean batch and the batch that Consumers Reports tested was tainted. The NSF report does not state where they obtained the Muscle Milk they tested either. Was it given to them by the manufacturer or was it purchased off the shelf? This is exactly why each batch should be tested by an independent testing organization like USP Verified!
Dr Stoppani also made a huge deal about the fact that CR did not report on their testing methods – so what. Its a 50 page magazine, if they included all their testing metholodogy it would be a dry 300 page book. They are a transparent organization, if you write a letter to the editor asking their testing methodology, they will tell you.
Lastly Dr Jim Stoppani convieniently missed the main point of the consumers reports article! Since supplements undergo no FDA scrutiny of any kind, consumers should only buy products which test each batch for toxics and purity thru an independent testing organization like USP Verified. Can any one come up with any possible reasons why Dr Jim Stoppani could possibly think this kind of testing would be a bad idea? Certainly by enguaging in character assination of Consumers Reports he has done everything in his power to discredit their recommendations, I ask again. Why could Dr Jim Stoppani possibly find wrong with batch testing of the supplements we take? Isnt he concerned about our health?

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  1. I'd say this is just a part of a bigger trend in the US that's been very detrimental for peoples health (& more)…

    Organizations like Consumer Reports are labeled leftists etc, & the corporations run a campaign for "let people make their own choice" & have experts spinning the story in the media.

    The public is convinced that protecting consumers is just a commie-plot, and then the issue is fortified in Washington, and that's where hope of fixing the problem dies.

    I mean, I wonder if the Teaparties would come out on the side of consumer reports or Stoppani. I doubt FreedomWorks cares much about the supplement-industry, but if people start to think about consumer protection, and that corporations buying cheap toxic Chinese goods is a bad thing, well that's exactly what FreedomWorks doesn't want.

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  5. Hi Scooby,
    First of all, I would like to thank you very much for all the tips, videos and advice that you give us freely.
    I have a question regarding the protein powders. How can I know whether a protein supplement has been tested by an Independent testing lab? or how can I have a protein tested through one of these labs?
    If I buy the protein powder that you have recommended on your website, do you not think that it may go off because of the exposure to the light or temperature etc. by the time I receive it through post? Since, I live in The UK and could not find those proteins on
    By the way, I have been using USN 100% whey protein powders. Maybe they are good maybe not. I never paid any attentions to the saftiness of the products until I found your website. Now I am very cautious. I think I have found a safe protein sold in the UK similar to the product that you have recommended on your website. This is the link: ''.
    Can you tell me if you approve of this please?
    Many Thanks

  6. It is funny about asking certain companies if there products are tested. Some places explode with anger and its easy to tell when you know there product is loaded with unsafe crap. Its even better to catch them in a lie if they say yes and you ask the company and then ask the company if they did….Majority the companies lie and I post there emails….

  7. @waleed, no we dont discount everything he says. As you say he does have some good advice and he is a medical doctor. Just be aware of where he is coming from when you listen to his advice.

  8. @Dani I'm quoting the Consumer Reports article there. Apparently they are the worst offenders of toxic contaminants. If you look at their recent record of deadly baby formula and lethal dog food it makes you wonder if you should trust their human food.

  9. Scooby, for one rare time I don't agree with something you have written.

    "Cheap tainted Chinese raw materials"? – Crap ingredients are crap ingredients whether they are American or Chinese.

  10. I suspect that the comment "too much protein is dangerous" is actually quite valid.
    Someone who trains their muscles with great intensity is going to need more protein to rebuild damaged tissue than someone who doesn't.

    Both groups, however, can potentially consume more dietary protein than needed.
    My suspicion is that both groups can consume a level of protein that could adversely affect their health.

    The question is I suppose at what point does it become "too much", where the excess is not only stored as fat, but adversely affects the liver's functioning as it disposes of the waste products which occur as a result of protein metabolism.

  11. but does that mean we totally ignore what Dr.Stoppani says ?
    I mean yes I agree that the guy is involved more in bussiness and money. But I've just watched some of his free videos on youtube and to be honest he does give good advice and information

  12. At least when Consumers Reports magazine makes a mistake, its an honest one and not done for profit. They also freely admit their mistakes and publish letters from readers, even ones that are critical of their findings. Just look at next months "letters to the editor" in that magazine.

  13. By the way, I do acknowledge that Dr Jim Stoppani had one excellent and valid point in his criticism of Consumer Reports article on protein and that is their reporting that "too much protein is dangerous". C.R. should have done their homework better on that point. I'm of the opinion that 1g/lb of bodyweight per day is a good and safe number. Yes, Consumers Reports did make one mistake but that does not invalidate their other important findings.

  14. Seriously what a shame !
    when a highly qualified person who has a PhD and Post-doctoral degree from one of the highly respected universities in the USA, say something like that just for money.

    These days you can't even trust educated people, everybody is looking for your money

    thank you very much scooby for posting this.

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