Scooby still waiting to talk to President Obama …

Scooby is still waiting on President Barack Obama’s front lawn to meet with the president, I couldnt find a shirt to wear but I was hoping he would meet with me anyway. I was really hoping to be able to share my ideas on how we could turn childhood obesity around, save on healthcare by promoting fitness and wellness in the schools, and save lives by clamping down on the out-of-control supplement industry.

While waiting all day for the president, I was really inspired by how fitness minded the people who work in the Capitol area are! At all times of the day there are joggers, ultimate frisbee players, soccer games, and bicyclists everywhere! Even when its 90+ degrees and humid, folks are out exercising. This really did my heart good to see that at least in the part of Washington DC where the law makers are, fitness seems to be a very visible past-time. Of course in start juxtaposition to the fit locals running their 5 minute miles are the tourists who are so obese that you are afraid they will have a heart attack by the time they go up the 43 steps to the Lincoln Memorial.

8 thoughts on “Scooby still waiting to talk to President Obama …”

  1. Well nice ideas. Another perspective is that that would lenghten life expectancy, further pressing the government to raise the retirement age to support funds. That is exactly what is happening in France, while their president raised retirement ages, and the people is real mad about it. And should be! Not that I am against promoting health education, I am really in favor. Just wanted to point out the government economical position.

  2. Scooby, your ideas are excellent, but I'm afraid those days are a long way away. They say there's a sucker born every minute. Well, a "miracle formula" that contains dangerous toxins or is easily misused is made every 30 seconds.

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