Free scoobysworkshop t-shirt! Meet Scooby!

Show up in the International Spy Museum in Washington DC today Sept 9 between 10:30am and 11:30am and I will get your address and mail you a scoobysworkshop t-shirt! Catch is, I will be travelling incognito so you have to *find* me first! Hint: no hat and I will be wearing a shirt!

800 F St NW is the address

27 thoughts on “Free scoobysworkshop t-shirt! Meet Scooby!”

  1. I just envy those who were at Spy Museum in Washington DC.
    How I wish I could meet Scooby in person.

    I hope everyone had a good time with Scooby!

  2. Your kidding ! Thats awesome scoob ! Nottingham is pretty cool :) Hope you feel the urge to re-visit, youd get a good reception im sure :D

  3. @Kristopher and @captain Krak, I will do it in LA in October after my shoulder surgery! Stay tuned for time and place, I will announce it 3-4 hours in advance and bring the shirts with me.

  4. Great idea for an event! I can't believe no one found you. Do the same thing in LA and all your friends and fans will mob you.

  5. Scooby, sorry to post here again, but I still can't get onto the forums. I've used both my email addresses, but no confirmation email. :(

  6. yes indeed, come to belgium!

    You could make some trip starting in the UK, over belgium, (possibly via france or the netherlands) to germany!

  7. Great idea! You should wear terminator glasses as well. Hope everyone has fun with it.

    I tried posting to an earlier post but had trouble. Below is what I tried to post.

    Scoobs, I really enjoy your blog and your videos. It brings bb down to the real level and that anyone can do it so long as they have dedication and proper form/nutrition!
    Regarding your efforts on supplement industry and obesity. You may want to develop a relationship with your US senator(s) or Representative. They can use their influence to get you into a better position to influence policy. Or better yet, you become a resource they can use to champion this. Take care, good luck with the surgery.

  8. aah, if you would have told earlier i would have ordered a plane ticket. good luck with president obama. you will save america!

  9. scooby when will u post the success stories og august month on ur site
    plz tell
    i m waiting for ma pics
    n keep up the good work thnx

  10. I know!!! You should come to Belgium. It's cold and humid.It's lovely… I really should migrate…
    Hope your shoulder surgery goes well man!
    Greetings from a rainy Belgium,

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