Junk food

So I was shopping today for next weeks video – care to guess what the theme is? I felt so guilty buying this stuff. Everytime I would put something in my cart I would glance around first to make sure nobody was watching.

I put off checkout as long as I could, dreading the cashiers snide look of disdain when they saw all this crud. The frightening thing is, he didnt even bat an eyelash! I then realized it was silly to have worried because this is how the average American eats, they see carts filled with junk like this hour after hour!

If you want a raised eyebrow from a checker, fill your cart with fresh fruits and vegetables – you will have to makeup some comment about your pet goat.

Sad commentary on how we Americans eat!

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  1. There are overabundence of information out there, how we should eat properly. Sadly most of people get their information in mainstram media, witch is heavily influenced by business interest and power groups, who does not care about people's health.
    And of course Madison Avenue, that like to see peole as insecure and feel imperfect, so they can push their crap on us.
    We must understand that our health is only in our own hands. We can prevent countless diseases just by eating right and having enough physical activity.

  2. @desi and @omatsu123 – You know I am a nutritional Nazi, I say avoid these foods 100%. The biggest problem is that the artificial flavors and sweetners in these foods is so intense that it dulls your taste buds so that natural foods become bland and unpalatable – it can take a month for your sense of taste to recover enough to think that you can taste how sweet a carrot or tomato is. If you have foods like these just once a week, your taste buds never can recover. The reason is that moderation is not an option, these artificial flavors are *designed* to be addictive and we mortals dont stand a fighting chance against them. A rare few can exhibit self control and just have one chip, puff, cookie or donut a week and be satisfied but the rest of us dont stop till the bag is empty.

  3. Yea this is true most Americans do eat like this I think is the main reason is that they think that they are so busy that they think they don't have the time to eat something healthy or they just don't care.

  4. Having a somehow healthy diet, fruits, veggies – I'm substituting fat diary products with cottage cheese, yogurt and "quark" – plus having vegetable eating pets do sure induce raised eyebrows when I put the contents of my cart in front of the counter. At least I can blame them rodents ;D.

  5. Hi Scooby,
    here is Nick from Austria. I can assure you, there are a lot of people in Europe too (and high percentage of them are women) who eat a whole lot of this junk on a daily basis and then ask themselves "Lord, why on earth am I fat?!". Just reading the ingredients of some of the junk food can scare you. Sorry, I don't eat stuff I that is made in someone's laboratory.
    (Just because I see you bought some of the "potato" chips in the round box: As far as I know, this stuff doesn't even contain real potatoes and the german "Consumer Reports" discovered that it even can cause cancer! Now thats scary.)

    I'm a student and I have to plan every expense I make. Now the "amazing" thing is – eating healthy is cheaper, faster and easier than buying and cooking junk :) Oats, natural müsli, low-fat milk and a sack of apples or oranges are probably the cheapest stuff one can get.
    Preparing my meals takes no more than 3-5 mins (shame on you people spending hours in the kitchen, go get a life!).
    Eating small portions 5 to 6 times a day makes a big difference too. I don't do bodybuilding but I ride road bike almost every day (2 to 5 hours). With my nutrition "plan" I was able clean my body from the unnecessary fat, my endurance skyrocketed and my whole condition got much better. I have more positive energy to spend on my studies!

    Scooby, thanks for giving me (and the others) motivation! Don't get mad at people buying crap – they aren't educated and are weak.

  6. I think it's a global trend, not only in US. In Japan, you'll see many obese people buying huge bottles of coke, huge packs of potato chips and candies. And you can clearly remark the difference. Fat people buy junk and pre-cooked food, people in shape buy veggies and un-cooked food so they can cook by themselves. And it's sad to tell you, people in shape look intelligent and enjoying better life than fat people.

    Maybe a pack of junk food doesn't hurt so much. But we should pay attention to its addictiveness. At least, you should avoid them till your children are smart enough to understand what's good to eat.

  7. scooby…i agree with almost everything you say, but am not totally with you on nutrition. Sure, in an ideal world it would be great to never have any snacks or unhealthy foods, but the fact is it stimulates to body in a pleasant way. While junk food is bad, a very good diet can be had with junk food. The problem is people do not have it in moderation and it becomes a problem. But a hersey bar or bag of chips is not harmful as far as it doesnt go much further than that. It just all depends on what type of physique the person is looking for.

  8. Dont you think you go to hard on yourself…eating junk food is not a sin
    as a wrestler i workout a lot and take good care of my body and i eat junk food once or twice a month

    im 5'8 210 lbs my weight class is 215

  9. Whenever I go shopping I get odd looks for the amount of bulk oatmeal and whole grain products I buy at once. It feels more embarrassing having only healthy food at the check out than all junk.

  10. hahahaha
    nice one Scooby!

    oh man I miss having those late nights with TV shows, pringles, LOTS of cola and skittles..oh and chocolates. Man was I unheathy!

  11. You're right about how this has become the norm. I usually get questions when I checkout with 7 dozen eggs, 10 lbs chicken, 4 lbs of beef, a ton of sweet potatoes, a giant box of oats and a pile of brocolli and pretty much nothing else. I never really by junk food because my appetite is so ravenous that if I can't eat a few doritos. I wind up eating the whole bag…

  12. can't wait for the video! this entry made me laugh pretty hard.. and I get weird looks all the time when i'm shopping.. you don't see too many people reading the labels.

  13. Of those foodstuffs mentioned I will admit to buying the following: Skittles (once a month) and Pringles (for family gatherings). Of the other items, I have never bought Coca Cola (prefer no added sugar orange juice), Doritos (last bought a packet in 1999). Chips Ahoy are not available in the United Kingdom and I cannot tell what the other item is.

  14. hahaha "I felt so guilty buying this stuff. Everytime I would put something in my cart I would glance around first to make sure nobody was watching."

    Hey scooby, can you tell us what do you eat in a week? I mean, you "food agend" or something like that. Would be nice..

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