Product Review: Whey to Health organic protein powder

Finally an organic protein powder! I have been waiting decades for a product like this and when someone from my facebook fan page posted a link to “Whey to Health”, I immediately ordered it! Why was I so excited about an expensive, organic protein powder? I’ll tell you why. Because my diet has very little meat/chicken/fish I tend to rely upon whey for my primary protein source. The recent report from Consumer Reports Magazine, the most trusted consumer advocacy organization in the nation, found an alarming amount of toxic stuff in protein powders. Dairy and poultry products have the highest concentrations of pesticides, antibiotics, and hormones of all food products in America. The advice to consumers has always been that if you are going to spend extra money on organic products, do it on dairy or poultry products. Until “Whey to Health” came out this summer, there was no way to get organic whey! There was organic milk, but my nutritional plan could never allow the carb and fat calories which come along with organic milk.

So enough of why I was so excited, now lets talk about the product itself. Before I gush about it, let me say that I have no association whatsoever with Source Naturals, the makers of “Whey to Health”.
In my view, this is the highest quality protein powder available, period. It is unflavored whey – just whey. No sweeteners, no flavors, no nothing except whey. Its not chocolate, its not vanilla – it tastes like whey so don’t expect it to taste like a candy bar. For those who have never tasted pure whey before, its very neutral – neither tasty nor gross. This neutral flavor makes it perfect for making your own inexpensive and healthy protein shakes! It takes on the flavors of what you mix in with it. If you want a chocolate shake, add a spoon of pure cocoa powder to the above basic shake recipe. If you want a strawberry shake, add some strawberries to the basic protein shake. Personally, I would much rather add my own good natural flavors than suffer with the horrible artificial flavors found in most protein products. If you have ever tried an inexpensive strawberry or vanilla flavored protein powder, you know how horrible artificial flavors can be – that aftertaste is enough to cause me to make faces.
OK, now the two negatives – its high cost and mix-ability. Because this product is natural and isolated by filtration (this is good), it does not mix well with liquids – it globs up. This is not an issue if you make a shake but if you like mixing it in water and drinking it, be prepared for a less than tasty experience. It will not dissolve, period. The way I eat my whey is with my cereals. I eat a lot of oatmeal so what I do is cook the oatmeal then mix it in afterward. Its important to let the oatmeal cool to eating temperature before mixing in the protein because I worry that the boiling oatmeal will decrease the quality of the protein. I have no proof of this but in my view, why risk it? Dont cook with the protein powder or otherwise heat it up.
Even though this protein powder is really expensive when compared to others, its actually quite cheap when you consider that people often shell out $3 for those horrible pre-made protein shakes full of chemicals and toxins. By making your own protein shake with this organic protein powder from Source Naturals, not only is it cheaper but its the healthiest thing around!
If you would like to help support scoobysworkshop and my free website, videos and forum you can buy “Whey to Health” here and I will get a small percentage from Its currently $23.43 (plus shipping) from amazon on the above link and from my research that is the lowest price. If you find it cheaper anywhere else please let me know! Please look at the shipping costs too before deciding if its cheaper or not. This protein powder is very expensive and I want to find the absolute cheapest source for my readers – and myself! If somebody can find a cheaper place to buy this from, I will use that link.

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  1. How do I get you another protein to review? you said it yourself that milk is a wonderful source. I have a pure (non-flavored or additives) milk protein concentrate strait from the dairy to the USDA certified plant that turns it into pure non-denatured (non-GMO, etc) protein powder in its natural 80% casein 20% whey mix found in milk. Loaded with calcium and BCAA’s as nature intended. It’s a dream come true and is cold filtered to maintain all the goodies but no bad stuff (ie 21G of protein per serving but <1G sugar or carbs). Would love your thoughts. Brian

  2. Hey Scooby,
    I just recently purchased a bag of GNC Amplified Wheybolic extreme 60. I got it because it has least amount of carb and sugar- for 3 scoops, it gives 280 calories, 7g of carb and 60g of protein and only 2g of sugar. (i only use 1 scoop after workout) I'd like to get your opinion on this isolate whey. I'm using this this in conjuction with the carb cycling routine from your website.

  3. I forgot to mention: whey protein from goat milk has pretty much the same quality as whey protein from organic cow milk, but it is about 5 times the price than what I am using now…not a viable option.
    Regards, Dan

  4. Hi Tyson, it is worth noting that the whey protein isolate from Reflex-Nutrition comes from cow milk that doesn't contain any hormones or heavy metals. Still, I totally prefer grass-fed / organic stuff…but it is very hard to get in the UK.
    Cheers, Dan

  5. @Daniel

    that stuff sounds alright, but a whey (whether isolate, concentrate, etc) is only as good as the animals it comes from. if the cows producing the milk aren't organic fed with pesticide and antibiotic/hormone free food, then the whey is anything but organic. most better quality whey uses very clean and trustworthy manufacturing methods, but the whey is only going to be as good as the source- the animals. the stuff scooby recommended not only uses CMF processing methods as well, but the real selling point is the fact that all sources of the whey are organic, and pesticide/hormone/antibiotic free. The stuff I mentioned in my previous post is not only pesticide/hormone/antibiotic free, but raw vegan certified. Therefore, organically sourced and contains no animal products or biproducts.


  6. I have started to use "Reflex Micro Whey", which is basically 100% whey protein "isolate" (rather than a mix using the cheaper, less pure "concentrate"). I have a fragile GI tract (IBS), so a protein supplement is very important to me.

    The whey is isolated using the CFM technique (Cross Flow Microfiltered), which means it is not superheated, and as a result the protein quality is preserved. The other advantage of the ceramic micro filtration process is that the resulting whey is virtually fat- and lactose-free.

    This particular whey product contains naturally-occurring peptides and amino acids (including BCAAs), but in this case they add a digestive enzyme complex to help breaking-down the proteins (great anabolic absorption…more nitrogen, whoooo ! :) ). Oh, and they add some probiotics as well to help replenish the gut flora.

    My only reservation would be that this product contains artificial sweeteners and some emulsifier…but I don't think it is a big issue. It doesn't taste particularly good (Vanilla in my case), but it mixes well (I use a shaker).

    At just under 40 GBP (UK pounds) for 2.27kg (5lb) delivered to my door, it was a pretty good buy too ! (it is the cheaper I could find)

    The "Reflex" whey is made in the UK, using renewable energy (electricity) and the tubs are made of recyclable material. It is not manufactured under organic standards though.

    Hope this helps others making informed decisions !
    Cheers, Dan

  7. Hey scooby, this stuff looks great!
    a friend of mine is a raw vegan, and pays very close attention and put a lot of research into what he eats and everything puts into his body. Being active, he too wanted to find something that would give him added protein while still fitting into his raw vegan nutrition. This is what he found, and recommended to me:

    i eat meat and dairy myself, and being a member of your forum- i know that its always better to get the majority of my protein from whole foods and real meals- which is what i do. But its always handy to have some whey around. I have a tub of optimum natural whey, but my friend talked me into also buying a tub of this stuff. Obv organic/specialty foods/supplements are always more pricey, but this stuffs worth it in my opinion. Certified raw/organic, and it mixes well and tastes great with anything ive added it to!


  8. Here locally, there's a bulk food store that sells pure whey protein isolate (not listed as organic). It, like this, is just the pure whey protein isolated by filtration. It sells for about half the price of this stuff, and that's generally what I buy. I have an old tub of a flavored whey protein that I keep around, just to put this stuff in. Buying in bulk means no handy tub, but it's better quality stuff than you get from pretty much anywhere else (except this stuff, I'd wager).

  9. Hey Scoob, Im from Australia :)
    I bought a 3kg or about 6.5 pounds of Aussie Isolated Whey last month. I agree its a bugger to mix! The taste and smell reminds me of the formula milk we used to feed the calves and lambs with. Its a very "dairy" like taste. After all its made from cheese bi-products no?

    I dont think these guys ship overseas but check it out if some of you are Aussie. :)

  10. So far, the best price seems to be at – the price is $17.73 and free shipping with orders over $100. Thanks to Jason on the fanpage who found this low price. I know nothing about, has anyone had any experience with them either good or bad?

    Help me find folks the best deal on this protein powder!!!

  11. Hector on the fan page had a great question about the number of portions, I should have put that in my review. It has 28 portions of 8g each which for me means that the $17 canister would last for 8 meals or $2.12 a meal for my protein.

  12. @Some Guy, those are some good leads! Have you personally ordered from any of those places? From personal experience ordering electronics I know that just buying from the cheapest link on nextag or similar low-price finders can be very problematic as many are a bit on the shady side.

  13. at 23 dollars, it's not that expensive for us europeans! for a decent bag of 5lb whey, i payed 28 euros! including shipping

  14. Scooby, you should make a deal with the manufacturer! Maybe there is a discount for you and your fans up for negotiation if there will be a few buyer amoung your fans ;)

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