Weight Loss: Portion Control

Caution: You can always out-eat your exercise!

The AskScooby Forum has been really good for my continued education which is odd because I didnt anticipate that outcome at all! I started the forum as a way to help others but as it turns out, it has been an excellent place to refine my fitness ideas and continue learning. We have some amazing moderators on the forum who have challenged positions on many issues and caused me to critically re-examine them. Bodybuilding is a lifelong learning process, even I continue to learn! I always laugh when there are expensive eBooks and website subscriptions from hotshot 18 year olds who think that they know absolutely everything about bodybuilding.

Scooby’s quote for the day:

The more you know, the more you realize how little you know so if you think you know everything then you know nothing.

One area where my bodybuilding ideas have been challenged the most by our excellent moderators and members on the AskScooby forum is in the arena of nutrition. I had to make significant changes to my nutrition page. Two of the main areas where I did a nutritional 180 was on fats and portion control. I used to be a hardcore, “the less fat consumed, the better” person but have been reformed. The other area where I have been reformed is in the area of portion control. My stance used to be that you should never count calories because that would lead to deprivation which would lead to binging which would lead to failure. I used to think that as long as you at a healthy diet high in fresh vegetables and whole grains that you could eat as much as you want and you would still lose weight. What I learned the hard way was that …

You can always out-eat your exercise!

I would do two, three hours of really intense cardio a day, eat piles of vegetables but yet the fat only came off at a snails pace. I figured that with all the exercise I was doing that I could eat what I wanted and still lose weight, certainly all the healthy food I wanted. The only thing getting sore was my jaw from chewing so many vegetables. What I didnt realize is that eating healthy food and exercising a lot was only two thirds of the equation for reducing bodyfat, the missing part was portion control!
Reducing bodyfat requires:
  1. eating healthy foods
  2. exercise
  3. portion control
And portion control is not a horrible thing, dont think diet and deprivation. Portion control for many is making sure they eat enough! From my experience, most people fail in their quest to reduce bodyfat not because they eat too much but because they dont eat enough! At the start of their diets, they are excited, ambitious and eager to lose the fat quickly – too quickly. They drastically cut their calories which causes two problems, first they burn muscle and second they feel deprived. For a week or two they are really excited that they are losing weight so fast but then the feelings of deprivation set in until the tipping point where they go off the diet and binge. If you want to lose bodyfat, the proper caloric reduction is ten to twenty percent – no more. You cant rely on a table in a book to figure out how many calories you should consume as there are too many variables that determine how many calories your body needs in a day (your TDEE). You need a precise value from a calorie calculator so that you dont reduce your intake too much!
What I personally have found is that if I eat a healthy diet, and reduce my calories by 20% that I am never hungry. Note the emphasis on healthy diet. A diet high in fiber and complex carbs is key to losing weight without being hungry. I can guarantee you that if you cut your calories by 20% but eat cheeseburgers and potato chips that you wont be successful!
So portion control consists of two parts, knowing how many calories to consume and the second part is insuring that you consume that calculated number of calories. Your #1 tool in this task is a digital kitchen scale.

Before you can weigh it though, you have to take that daily calorie total you calculated using the calorie calculator and turn that into meals. This is where most people fail. You have several options:
  • You can use the meals that my calorie calculator or carb cycling meal planner automatically generate for you.
  • You can slog thru it the old fashioned way, looking up the nutritional value of everything you eat and adding it up.
  • You can use an iPhone application like “Lose It” to help you plan your meal
  • Use a free interactive meal planner
  • Buy access to a bodybuilding specific interactive meal planner, the best I have found is from Will Brink and you get lifetime access if you buy his eBook.
Once you have a meal plan for the day, weigh everything that passes your lips!

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  1. I am about to start the carb cycling idea you have suggested for best way to lose fat and still gain muscle but have two questions. 1). If its during school is it O.k. if i eat the first two meals at the starting time, eat the next 2 6 hours later, then eat the last two meals every 3 hours like your supposed to. I'm thinking I might want to do this because i don't really have time to eat every 3 hours due to football and school. Please say if you can if this is a good idea or not and why. Thx

  2. Hey Scooby and fans I have another question. I am 16 years old, 5 foot 9 inch, 140 pounds and very healthy body. I eat like Scooby says about portion control, but about three fourths of the time I become hungry again right after or in one or two hours. Got any ideas for filling and more importantly healthy meals/foods. I do all the tricks of eat in courses, or drinks lots of water but it does not seem to be enough. Thanks for reading this and please comment back if you have any ideas

  3. i just thought of a question i need answered..

    i want to gain muscle, and loose fat,

    and i want to grow bigger.. so how long should i stick with this food plan?so i dont loose too many kilos… im using the calculator on ur website.. my end result would be like 90-95 kilos. im 22 years old.. with a pretty fast metabolism, any advice you could give on how i should plan my food plan? when & how i should change my food plan and so on

  4. following up on the above message, im assuming you only used one tablespoon of italian dressing. which you probably didnt. because one tablespoon wouldn't fill a water bottle cap. eat less steak and eliminate the dressing completely. even the fat free kind has loads of chemicals and artificial flavors in it and is very high in sodium.

    (plus we italians don't eat "italian" dressing. make your own with balsamic vinegar and oregano)

  5. 1 cup 1% milk = 110 calories, 3 grams fat, 8g protein

    6 oz. steak = 320 calories, 12 grams fat, 112mg of cholesterol (37% of the daily recommended)34g protein

    italian dressing (1 tbsp) = 43 calories, 4 grams fat. thats 85% calories from fat

    half cup of oats = 110 calories, 1.5 g fat

    total= 580 calories, 20g of fat, 43g protein

    in my opinion, you ate WAY too much. and 32% of it was calories from fat. if you followed scooby's nutrition page, no way would you consume that much calories from fat.

  6. Hey Sooby, I loved the portion video with the scale. I took it to heart and I was wondering if you or some one else who reads this tell me if there is anything wrong with what I ate for dinner. 1 cup of 1% milk, 6oz of steak with a hint of salt, bowl of salad with italian dressing, not the creamy kind but the liquid, and 1/2 cup of old fashion plain oat meal with water. Thanks for reading this and please keep the VERY helpful videos coming. Thanks

  7. you don't lose muscle that fast. i mean if you don;t eat too much for a a few days you will not start burning muscle. it takes a serious deprivation for a long time for that to happen. but a week or two isn't a problem, from my experience.

  8. Measuring everything you eat is really helpful. It is very important to have a good understanding of what we eat. It's funny but many of us do not know how much we are eating.

    Pay attention at fatty foods. They never show exact count of calories at a glance. It's either "check our website" or "XXX calories per 100g" but the real content is 500g!

  9. Hans has really let himself go! Great video, I was surprised when I tried mix frozen veg for the first time with my small meals, 50 calories worth fills you up.

  10. @captain krak, thanks for the suggestion to bring him back! How appropriate that the fat gnome stuff his face with cheesy-poofs :)

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