Announcing the summer 2010 Success Stories!

Congratulations to this amazing group of people who made incredible transformations! People often ask why I put so much work into my website and videos and then give them away for free when I could easily charge for them – this is why! These success stories are my payback. Bodybuilding changed my life for the better and when I see that I have been able to pass the favor on to the next generation, its better than any paycheck! You dont have to be rich to build a healthy and amazing physique, you can do it working out at home without buying anything! You dont need expensive supplements, expensive eBooks, expensive newsletter subscriptions, or expensive exercise gadgets – everything you need to build an amazing physique is available for free on my website!

I got over 70 entries for this summers weight loss and muscle gain success stories and it was a very, very difficult task to narrow it down. If you were not selected, its not necessarily because your results were not as good – often the stories I didnt select were even better! It was usually things like blurry photos, photos without faces, different pose in before and after photos, anomalies in reported weights, or an unconvincing story.

Weight Loss Success Stories

Timo lost 42 pounds!
age: 22
Hamburg, Germany
before: Jan 2009
after: Apr 2010
before wt: 207lbs
after wt: 165lbs

Read his weight loss success story!

Vince lost 85 pounds!
age: 22
San Pedro, CA
before: Feb 2009
after: Jan 2010
before wt: 251lbs
after wt: 166lbs

Read his weight loss success story!

Trace lost 35 pounds!
Ruston, LA
before: June 2009
after: April 2010
before wt: 215lbs
after wt: 180lbs

Read his weight loss success story!

Brandon lost 26 pounds!
age: 26
Toronto, Canada
before: Apr 2009
after: Aug 2010
before wt: 216lbs
after wt: 190lbs

Read his weight loss success story!

David lost 65 pounds!
age: 20
Youngstown, Ohio
before: Dec 2009
after: July 2010
before wt: 225lbs
after wt: 160lbs

Read his weight loss success story!

Michael lost 71 pounds!
age: 23
Perth, Australia
before: 2/2009
after: 7/2010
before wt: 260lbs
after wt: 189lbs

Read his weight loss success story!

Brian lost 26 pounds!
age: 32
New Milford, NJ
before: Jan 2010
after: May 2010
before wt: 204lbs
after wt: 178lbs

Read his weight loss success story!

Matthew lost 15 pounds!
age: 30
San Antonio, TX
before: Mar 2010
after: June 2010
before wt: 160lbs
after wt: 145lbs

Read his weight loss success story!

Dominic lost 118 pounds!
age: 24
Roscommon, Ireland
before: Feb 2009
after: May 2010
before wt: 294lbs
after wt: 176lbs

Read his weight loss success story!

Muscle Gain Success Stories

Tampa, Flordia
before: 8/2009
after: 6/2010
before wt: 130lbs
after wt: 132lbs

Read his muscle gain success story!

age: 19
New York,
before: Aug 2009
after: June 2010
before wt: 115lbs
after wt: 135lbs

Read his muscle gain success story!

age: 19
before: 6/2007
after: 6/2010
before wt: 165
after wt: 180

Read his muscle gain success story!

age: 17
La Vernia Texas
before: 6/2008
after: 6/2010
before wt: 155lbs
after wt: 178lbs

Read his muscle gain success story!

age: 16
Etobicoke, Canada
before: 6/2009
after: 7/2010
before wt: 110lbs
after wt: 128 lbs

Read his muscle gain success story!

To Enter My “Contest”

People often write and say how helpful my website and videos were in completely transforming their bodies and lives and say they will donate when they can afford it. I always tell these folks the same thing – I would much rather have them tell me about their success story than donate! I love it when you share your success stories because it inspires others to follow your footsteps! Each success story inspires ten more people to succeed. There is nothing as inspirational for someone out of shape than seeing a ‘before’ picture that looks just like them, reading the bio and realizing that they too could be a success story without having to buy a single thing – just old fashioned hard work and sweat.

To be included as a success story:

  • Use scoobysworkshop’s training advice and videos for a minimum of 6 months, preferably a year or longer.
  • Take shirtless before and after pictures taken 6 months to 2 years apart with similar poses, please include face in photos. (If you have lost more than 70lbs, you don’t need shirtless photos.)
  • Email your before and after pictures to with the subject line “Success Story!” and please include the following information:
        • your first name
        • your age
        • your city and country
        • when the before and after pictures were taken
        • your before and after weight
        • a paragraph about yourself and your training. You can talk about strength changes, size changes, performance changes, changes in mood, changes in energy, changes in life outlook, your workout routine, your nutrition, your health, what worked well for you, or what didn’t work well for you, obstacles overcome, how you found the time to workout, the support you did or didn’t get from friends/family, etc. Don’t worry if you don’t write English well!

Submitted entries become the property of llc

Once every 6 months, I will pick winners to get a free scoobysworkshop T-shirts. Workout hard this winter and show us what you’ve accomplished in the spring! On 5/1/2011 I will select winners from among all the entrants and post them on 6/1/2011.

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  1. @Humhead, no unfortunately. Last time I had some 50+ year olds, this time the oldest of all the submissions was 32 and he appears here. You older folk, go for it!!!

  2. @karan As I say in this post, if you were not selected please dont feel bad. In many of the cases, those I didnt select had even more amazing success stories than those I did select! It most cases it was just a problem with photo quality.

  3. y m not thr scooby
    r u selecting them
    i posted ma pics too
    ok i will be thr next tyme
    n yes recover soon frm ur injury
    lots of luv

  4. very good all of you!!

    am about to start my own story.
    I have learned so much with the help of scooby

    am not really overweight or skinny so I dont think ill enter myself.

    I have been working out and watching scooby for about 2 months. But my diet is not that great for about two or three weeks i have been studying hard to eat correctly.

    thanks scooby!

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