Every day is leg day…

… At least when youve had shoulder surgery :) Here is my unusual 3 day repeating workout:

day 1 – 40 min workout

  • leg press 540x10reps
  • 2min rest then repeat

day 2 – 40 min workout

  • hanstring curl 160lbsx10 reps
  • calf raise 360×8.
  • 2min rest then repeat

day 3 – 30 min workout

  • leg extensions
  • assorted crunches
  • rest 2 min and repeat

Oh, and of course 60 min cardio a day. right now Im restricted to sttationary bike and power walking ( because I am a good, obedient patient) but tomorrow the stitches come out and the boxing gloves go back on so to speak. I celebrate tomorrow by going for my first run since the 12th(the day before surgery).

Ive been working my passive range of motion but am waiting for the inflamation to subside before I start physical therapy exercises – I cant wait to hold a dumbbell again even if it is a one pounder :)

6 thoughts on “Every day is leg day…”

  1. I Was wondering Scooby. I have a cold now for 3 days, and still did my workouts. But today I have a little fever, and I think its better to skip a day or 2,3

    Whats your opinion about this subject?

  2. Holy molly !
    Keep it up scooby !
    I finally decided to slow down my motion ( 4 seconds up, 4 seconds down ) and I feel my muscles are working so much harder !

    Have a good recovery ;)
    Cheers from canada

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