Music and Bodybuilding

Is music motivational or distracting? It can be either so be really careful! Music plays an incredibly important part in focus and it can make or break a workout.

We have all seen this many times at the gym, the person who seems to be endlessly fiddling with their MP3 player or iPod/iPhone. They seem to lose track of time and take enormous breaks between sets or don’t seem to be working out at all. They really want to hear that great song but they just cant find it.

The time to make a music playlist is before your workout, not during!

If you find music helps you focus and give you a good workout, fine, but here is my rule. No futzing with your music player at the gym – period! When you start your workout you push play, after that you are not allowed to touch it again for any reason. You can either leave the ear buds in your ears or take them out – those are your two options. Why am I so uptight about this, because its incredibly easy to de-rail focus! Without focus your workout will be a waste of time and you wont gain strength or mass.

Personally I dont have the time or patience to download and make playlists, too much work. Oh, and lets not forget the cost of buying all that music. A much better option for people like myself is to use streaming music. If you have a smart phone, you can download an application that lets you listen to a zillion different commercial free “radio stations” and then stream the music to your phone via the data connection. Pandora and Shoutcast are two such free streaming radio services. Pandora annoys me with all their commercials so I stick to shoutcast myself.

People always ask what I listen to when I’m working out, personally I like high energy stuff but many people like classical or jazz. The type of music doesnt matter, its whatever can drive you with intensity and incredible focus thru your workout.

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18 thoughts on “Music and Bodybuilding”

  1. I would love to see some of these implemented at my gym!! Especially the music rule and re-racking of the weights. Some of us are still a bit too girlie to get those weights off. Im not going to ask anyone for help to move them, so I end up using other machines.

  2. scooby THANKS for this website!!! continuous radio stations for every genre!!!! i have been missing out :3 good luck in your workouts!!!

  3. unitedsmith is the only guy who feels me. forget that electronic nonsense. i need the rock! \m/

    i like some other people find my mp3 player gets in the way when im lifting weights, but its necessary for doing cardio. except on sunday it died on me when i planned on going for another 45 minutes. really had to dig down to finish that cardio session /-:

  4. There was an SNL bit on this. Danny Mcbride was the trainer and the couple just sat there, ipod buds draped from their ears and not working out at all.

  5. I use my ipod and listen to Heavy/Thrash metal, mainly due to the bass and drums which i feel motivate me alot ! I do fiddle with it time to time ( HANGS HEAD IN SHAME ! ) but now will stop this completely :) Another great post Scoob !

  6. @Alex, honestly I hate the confinement that all headsets have which is one of the many reasons I prefer to workout at home! I can blast whatever dang music I want!!!! AND I dont have to wear a stinkin' shirt :) … or shoes for that matter, I HATE wearing shoes.

    I know, I've always been a rebel and trouble maker :)

  7. Trance/progressive works for me. From day one.
    So glad you seem to like it too Scooby. I can say you have great taste in music ;)

  8. @Gareth Yep! The funny thing is that these folks dont realize whats going on. If you videoed their "workout" and played it back to them, they would be surprised and embarrassed – or at least they should be :)

  9. For cardio, music is essential for me. For weights, i find it distracting.

    Talking of iphones, at my gym there are two guys who appear on a regular basis but i'm still trying to work out why they come. They constantly play with their iphones and in the few moments that they actually use the weights, they sort of wave them around in what becomes an almost hypnotic rhythm. I always find it so entertaining!

  10. i use a normal radio in my trainingsroom. But i dont need music for a good workout, without music can i better focus my on the exercices.

  11. I totally agree that fidgeting with your Mp3 players is annoying when you are working out.
    Eletronic music ( house / Trance ) mixes are sweet because they all pretty much last at least one hour ( the duration of the workout ) and they are entertaining.

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