P90X Extreme Home Fitness Review

One of the questions I get asked most frequently is what I think of the P90X program. Before I answer, let me say once again that my whole fitness philosophy is that you don’t need to buy anything at all to build a great physique, its why I have spent over 4 years building my free fitness website and doing all my free workout videos. Losing weight and gaining muscle isn’t rocket science, its straightforward but requires a lot of work and dedication. On my website I show you how to do it for free at home. I don’t like seeing people waste money on lots of supplements, gadgets, books, and DVDs. Having said that …

“Anything that gets people excited about working out regularly is a very good thing and people get very, very excited about P90X.” – Scooby Werkstatt

The most important thing is that you work out regularly – not what program you use. I personally have not used P90X but I can tell you that many people get very excited and enthusiastic about it and its rapid results. P90x is easy to use because you never have to come up with your own program, it tells you exactly what to do day by day. Its simplicity is its big selling point and also its biggest disadvantage. P90X is a really good beginner workout program but to advance beyond this is going to require that you put away your DVD player and do some homework. Don’t expect to look like Arnold, or even me, using P90X.

P90X programs and their scoobysworkshop.com free equivalents
Cost P90X Program Name Description My Free Equivalent
$140 P90X Extreme Home Fitness Basic beginner strength and fat loss program. beginner plan or my intermediate plan
$73 Power 90 In-Home Boot Camp Less strenuous version of the “Extreme Home Fitness” program, more like an aerobics class. walking, jogging, swimming or biking
$330 P90X Peak Results Package The “Extreme Home Fitness” program above plus supplements and some workout equipment. beginner plan or my intermediate plan
$70 P90X Plus – Workout DVD This is their advanced program. S61XL or my advanced plan

So, here’s what I would say. If you are the type who has no time or patience for designing your own fitness program and you just want quick results then you are better off buying the P90X program where you just pop in the DVD and follow along. On the other hand, if you are highly motivated and the type who enjoys learning and doing research to come up with an optimal training program to let you reach your goals, then use my free website.

If you do buy P90X, then please buy with the above links for 3 reasons:

    1. Its the same price as buying directly from the manufacturer after you pay their $20 shipping charge (amazon has free shipping).
    2. Amazon has the worlds best customer service and easiest to use return policy.
    3. By buying with the above links you help support my website, I get a small percentage of each sale. My website and videos are completely free so all people, no matter how poor, have the ability to build a healthy body and a great physique. Your support helps me continue my work.

If you do buy P90X, get the “Extreme Home Fitness” version rather than the “Boot Camp” or “Peak Results Package”. Book camp appears to be too lightweight and in the peak results package you are paying another $200 bucks for $40 worth of stuff you could pick up at Walmart.

Wanna talk results? Compare the success stories of people who have used my free website to the success stories of P90X and you will see that the results of my viewers are even better than P90X. Truth in advertising here though, one big reason that my success stories are more impressive is that they are over a longer time span than the P90X success stories. I encourage people to take a long-haul view of fitness rather than the quick-fix mentality that is so common these days because the long-haul vision promotes true lifelong fitness and health.

PS: As I mention, I have not purchased any of these programs. If you have purchased them and think my review is off-base, please let me know via my P90X blog post and I will correct any mistakes.

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  1. hey scooby just 1 question…they say that the biggest thing in this video is muscle confusion which helps to get ripped faster…why dont you talk about that?? isnt that true??

    1. I’d be happy to answer that for you. Muscle Confusion ™ is Beachbody’s trademarked name for their incorporating periodization into their workout plans.
      While it is by no means unique, it is a great thing to have. Basically the idea is that by mixing up your workouts it makes it harder to plateau. Periodization is incredibly useful for breaking through many plateaus, increasing performance, and is commonly included in long-term fitness plans for these reasons.

      HOWEVER, getting ripped faster has very little to do with periodization, or even exercise. Following a well-designed nutrition plan is ultimately the overwhelmingly dominant factor in getting ripped. Any fitness trainer will tell you that a 6-pack is ultimately made in the kitchen, not the gym.
      I’ve gone on too long, so here’s a maxim to walk away with:
      “Exercise is the architect. Food is the material. Sleep is the builder.”

      Hope that helps!

  2. P90X is really for people who just want to be healthy and fit. As Tony Horton has said “It’s indoor training for the outside world”. It’s definitely not for those who want to be body builders. It’s for those who want to be ripped, lean and strong with low body fat and rock solid muscle and loads of flexibility. It increases range of motion, speed and agility and strength. I personally use P90X and the Tony Horton One on One series and I love them for all the above reasons. I mean, your not going to find too many programs where they add yoga to their fitness routine. Yoga is “the fountain of youth” and that’s the point of it all. To be able to have a long healthy good life, not to look a certain way. As far as intensity, it’s a really tough program. Your really going to struggle HARD if your a fitness beginner and even if your not a beginner it’s still really tough workouts. The plyometrics workout leaves my floor with puddles of sweat and chest and back workout leaves me soar for days! And I don’t use the diet guide that comes with it. I stick to just eating fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, whole grains and healthy fats. As simple as that.

  3. Hey Scooby, really like your site and what you do helping people get in shape. I would agree with you that designing your own program is the best route but for someone who doesn’t have much time or is not interested in designing an effective program, then buying something like P90X that tells them exactly what to do is the next best thing. It leads to less customization though as being able to modify the program effectively as someone starts making significant gains in their fitness becomes difficult. Many people though, including myself, really like working out with Tony as he does a good job of keeping us motivated and consistent which is the most important thing. Just so long as they don’t do it for 90 days and then quit.

    Keep up the good work!

  4. I’m 22 and I’ve completed a few of these home workout programs (P90X, P90X Plus, P90X 2, and INSANITY). I have to say they are extremely tough to complete as long as you are always pushing yourself to the proper intensity. I have gone through the original P90X program a few times and it never gets any easier because I just get stronger and can do more weight/reps. I started out with my max rep for chin ups at 8 and am currently at 27 reps and can now also do over 100 push ups so I’m pretty happy with my results (of course if the proper nutrition isn’t followed then its all for nothing like this website states, but I had to learn the hard way haha). I have now outgrown these programs because I am satisfied with being lean with some muscle but now I want to add on some more. I’m looking into the advanced workout plan from this site!

  5. P90x really worked well for me, however I am not very experienced at weight lifting. I had not done much besides walking/jogging and rollerblading for the last 5 years. P90x really improved my personal level of fitness, however I can clearly see how it might not be very beneficial to someone who alreay leads a very active lifestyle

  6. So it’s pretty good for beginners but really overrated? That’s what I thought of the program when I saw their commercials, “P90X Will Kick your butt”. Is one of their marketing ploys, I don’t think those guys workout with Bodybuilders xD

  7. I’ve been doing P90X for the past 2 months and I do agree with most of what you’re saying. The results you gain are from doing it short term (3 months) rather than what you preach (long term).

    However, P90X is a great stepping stone for beginners and intermediates (athletes or not) and drives them to continue working out and doing physical activity just like what you said.

    P90X is great for building strength and muscle but obviously not to the extent of bodybuilders like you (Scooby). It’s for looking lean, “brawny”, toned and feeling great for the beach. I personally like it and will move on when done.

    The only thing I see really is that the program obviously costs money unlike your free videos and plans which by the way, are amazing so thank you! And P90X does have athletes and advanced intermediate bodybuilders doing it with success so it’s not only JUST for beginners and intermediate people as outlined by your plan.

  8. i got my p90x home workout off of utorrent and got it for free.
    so ultimately i finished a140$ program for free.

    honestly p90x changed my life,
    i went from a skinny kid benching 80 pounds, terrified to go into the gym because i thought i was too weak. after enduring 3 months of p90x i gained that confidence to go to the gym and now a year and a half later im ripped like no other. my lifestyle is all healthy i went from 148-179 pounds in two years. honestly without the p90x challenge i would no be where and i would know as much as i do today. i admit p90x didnt really teach me the basics of what the workouts specifically did. but after those hard 3 months when i started to go to the gym. i started watching videos like "scotthermanfitness", "scooby", and "sixpackshortcuts" and i just started learning "KNOWLEDGE!" from them i know what to eat and what not to eat and i thank you guys for that. i now plan to workout and stay fit for the rest of my life. i am now 1 year and 9 months into my journey at 19 years old :)

  9. Also, p90x is not just to look "big" or "swoll". Scooby himself says that he doesn't workout to get huge but for triathalon training and functional muscle. p90x is just that. Yoga increases the athletes flexibility, and plyometrics helps athletes who need to jump or have explosive leg strength. Cardio is also good for the heart, as scooby has said countless times. So if you want to look at p90x to get big (which is useless without strength and functionality unless you wanna be a meathead), this may not be what youre looking for. but if you are looking for functionality and flexibility, or even to get in great shape this is for you.

  10. if u go to the p90x site and almost every other site, the reviews are positive and people have been changed. The fact of the matter is that many people here are more biased after hearing what Scooby says (he has some pretty great advice), and they say "oh the videos get boring" or "oh its about lifting iron", and not the fact that p90x motivates people much more, as they are working with the people in the video instead of by themselves, and it keeps them accountable more so than many workouts. The fact that 90 days of P90x must be done before the "transformation" occurs, depending on how you look at it, makes people really not want to miss a day. Also, the p90x videos keep it quite intense compared to someone working out by themselves, with no one to push them or tell them exactly how much to rest. Though what scooby says about nutrition, working out, and resting is perfectly right, p90x helps bring it all together, and it helps make people work their hardest. (like askscooby and stuff, p90x also has a great online community). i am not being payed by beach body or anything to write this, but many of these comments didn't look at both sides of the argument for or against p90x.

  11. Ive done the p90x workouts. it gets boring fast and hearing tony everyday and workout program itself 6 times a week is too extreme. mentality and physically exhaustion. it causes you to overtrain FAST! keep in mind, most people who buy p90X are beginners! its not realistic. Your health and fitness should be a slow and steady progession for a more permanent and long term results! Scooby offers in his completely free site; amazing information, free workout plans from beginners to advance. Realistic goals and nutrition right from your own kitchen. Thanks Scooby for sharing your knowledge and compassion to fitness and health. You taught me so much. thank you!

  12. I completed P90x this summer. It was worth my money. My finance had broken his leg. We have four children so I was no longer able to get away from the house to do fitness. (previously I had been attending martial arts). I actually found myself looking forward to the videos.

    That being said I agree with Scooby it isn't a necessary thing. I could have likely done a plan that I put together and had just as good results. However, it did keep me active in a time period of my life that I may have not otherwise.

    P.S. I am still using the videos as a supplement to some of workout they are no longer my sole fitness rountine as I have resumed martial arts.

  13. First of all, I'd like to say how impressed I am with both your website and your fitness philosophy. I've done P90X multiple times and agree that the supplements that they push are unnecessary. That being said there are a few things which I think need to be noted.
    1. I think your review understates the difficulty of the workouts. As a former national swimmer and regular 5-6 time per week weight lifter, I've found that this program is intense and it takes a tremendous amount of effort and discipline to keep up with the workouts and even more for the nutrition.
    2. I have to disagree with your idea that P90X supports a short term mentality. If you've done the program or know people who have, you'll notice that the majority of those who successfully complete 90 days of the program (by succesfully I mean both the workouts and the nutrition) will go on to repeat and modify the workouts indefinetely. The workouts give you the tools to transform your body faster than any other program I've seen and those who are committed will not simply stop after the 90 day period. Also, as a side note, if someone is only willing to commit to a 90 day program, what will change their mentality to commit to a longer more strenuous lifetime commitment? Overall I'd say that P90X bites people with the fitness bug and once they start, those who finish, rarely go back and those who do not are unlikely to commit to any other program unless it promises faster, easier results, which to be honest are completely unrealistic.

    I'd like to finish by saying that I am not a P90X fanatic but that I think that it provides the best platform to launch into the fitness lifestyle. I continue to look for new advice and research to make my workouts and my body better and better each day and this is why I am grateful to have found your site.

    Overall I'd just like to say that doing P90X has put me in the best shape of any training program I've done and continues to do so every day. I

  14. A little over a year ago my roommate bought P90X. He adjusted the way he ate and it worked wonders for him. I did a couple of the videos with him and thought they were valuable. I think the key is really what kind of mindset you have. I personally hate working out at home. I just don’t do it. I have a very inexpensive gym membership and go 5 times a week. Being around other people motivates me to work… even if gyms are filled with terrible form. And they are!

    I have been consistently working out for about a year and a half. Now my roommate doesn’t work out and lost a considerable amount of his results. Does it work? Yeah I think it is a great “fitness program”. Like someone said earlier it leaves little for what to do after.

    So for the last 8, 9 months I have been paying attention to your website, which I find to be one of the most well rounded sites out there. Even vs. the sites you pay for. If you want programs check out LL Cool J’s book, no I am not kidding. Been trying it for a while. I did about 3 months of you rotation for ultimate weight gain and it worked wonders. Then wanted to try something else so I started that. After I finish I will return to some Scooby workouts. As you said earlier I really try and do whatever to keep me excited, cause sometimes it’s just hard to workout. That is the time I find most important to keep going. Usually I will pop back on here and check what’s new. All in all I greatly appreciate all the knowledge you have set up on this website, its priceless.

  15. P90x works. worth the every penny, funny how you contrast p90x and looking like "Arnold" who was a steriod and pot smoker…that said being said, im a huge fan of your site.

  16. I am just finishing my first round of power 90 (home boot camp). I did not know about this site until very recently, and was turned on to power 90 from a coworker who is a p90x enthusiast.

    The program was super easy to follow, and took me from almost zero daily activity and a completely sedentary lifestyle, to feeling healthy and optimistic about my health for the first time since I was a teenager. I believe this has very little to do with the actual program, and everything to do with exercising everyday.

    After 90 days I can tell you that the same videos get extremely boring. I have memorized the workouts and don't watch the videos anymore.

    I would not expect to get "buff" using these videos, but I have made significant improvements in fat loss and strength (I wont bore you with the "success stories"); and I am excited to undertake the next phase of my physical personal development.

    I am planning another 90 day program by Tony called power 90 master series, which is often described as "p90x light." However, with the discovery of Scooby's website I am very happy to have another source of education and planning material.

    I will also say that it takes a significant amount of personal discipline to stick with the program and exercise everyday. That must be true for any exercise regimen though. There is no magic solution to fitness except to work hard and exercise everyday. Then you will receive the dividends of your effort.

    P.S. I was able to borrow the DVDs, and I recommend anyone interested in the program do the same ;)

  17. My friends bought P90X, I saw it, it's not worth the money, a surefire way to get fit is to listen to scooby, consider that this is coming from a runner, soon to compete in a marathon.

  18. @gotimbrown123 In how many ways could I try to discourage people from buying P90X? I tried every way I could think of, I obviously dont want people to buy this.

    If the way I cover my expenses for my free website, videos and forum bothers you then you are free to find another source of free information or pay one of the many companies that charge $30-$50/mo for similar information.

  19. I'm very disappointed in you scooby. the only reason you wrote this article was to profit….i expected better. that being said, i still value your fitness advice very highly.

  20. Don't know about P90X but I've spent awful amount of money for buying fitness programs and,,,

    The only surest way is to eat right, do cardio and lift weight.

    I know people ask same question again and again anyway.
    You are a really patient person. I just admire you!

  21. Is P90X a bad workout? Certainly not, but I think they overestimate a little about what is possible for the average person.

  22. Cons:

    The Workout

    – As someone mentioned, its hard to get through it when you have heard every tip and every joke at least 45 times in the last 3 months.
    -After you are done, there is not much guidance on what comes after besides using the videos some more

    The Nutrition

    -The low carb period takes a lot of mental endurance to get through, the nutrition is often the first thing people stop following in the program, end up not getting nearly as great a results, and then bash the program saying it sucks when they did not adequately understand what they needed to do to succeed.

    Ultimately P90X is an amazing program that will get you to the point where your are fit enough and your body is capable of handling your intermediate and advanced body building program. You will also start off cut, so your gains will be much easier to see and you can "gain while keeping your six pack" as you say scooby.

    The worst about about it all is that to achieve the production quality, tony had to partner with beachbody and was therefore obligated to push their products. If you actually follow tony outside the program on his facebook page or blog, you'll quickly see he is a very big proponent of being natural (he hates processed foods and avoids eating things with a face) and always says that all you need to workout is your body, a couple cheap weights and maybe a pull up bar, a very similar philosophy to you scoob

  23. Hey Scooby,

    Here is my impression of what P90X does right and what it does wrong. First thing is first, P90X never claims to make you into a 240 lb competition body builder, it does however claim to make you "extremely fit." It does that quite well. From my experience with P90X (which includes doing an entire round of it following the exercise plan and nutrition plan to the t) I ended up in the best shape of my life, my body fat percentage was low (did not measure it) but I assume somewhere under 10% because I had, for the first time in my life, a visible 4 pack. That is very hard for me to achieve because I was very obese as a youth and that has left me with an abundance of excess skin that always ends up giving the impression of me having considerably higher body fat than I do in reality.

    Back to P90X, I'll list the pros you missed because i don't want to double count and have this end up being longer than it already is.


    The Workouts

    – Proper warm ups. In each video Tony does a quick roughly 10 minute warm up that focuses on the body parts that will be used in that workout. I often find that people tend to under warm up and that fitness programs regard the warm up somewhat in passing. I believe his emphasis of it leads to much less injuries throughout the program
    -Focus on joint strength. Like you said scooby this is not an advanced body building program so it does not assume a person has years of experience lifting. It uses lifts and movements that get your body slowly and adequately adjusted to lifting heavy weights. Often I see people jump on the lifting bandwagon and go out to high weight too soon and get injured. With P90X you use a lot of body weight excercises and low weight lifts which also aid in injury prevention.
    -Proper intensity forcing you to keep focus. Whether you are lifting or doing the cardio portions of the program, as long you follow along, you will have an elevated heart rate. The program is set up that even during lift days its almost as though you are doing cardio as well. This can be replicated by yourself and all has to do with your intensity and focus. However, often I see people lifting and taking waaaaaaay to long of a break between sets and losing the focus.

    The Nutrition

    -Although ultimately the nutrition plan ends up being almost identical to what you preach in the last phase. The first 2 phases include a low carb period and then a higher but still restricted carb phase. This is what leads to huge body fat losses but of course is not maintainable, which is why the last phase becomes adequate carbs. The intuition is that by the time you get to the last phase, you will have lost quite a bit of weight and have a much more elevated metabolism. This will make you happy enough to where even though your fat loss will slow down, your previous success will not make this slow down devastating to your morale.

  24. I have watched a few P90X Videos Out of straight curiosity to see what the hype was all about. Honestly My exact thoughts were "Scooby does a better job than this!" The program itself I found to have more effects and flash than it did knowledge. Thanks Scooby for sharing your wisdom!

  25. I have used the P90X program and it is really good…but you are correct in saying that you will never look like Arnold or you with that program. However, I have learned more from 5 minutes at your website than I did with 90 days of P90X.

  26. I'm really interested in your S61XL and advanced plan… I would be curious to see what you thought about SUPER SLOW. This is appealing to me as I have very little time during the week to workout.

  27. I used p90x for several months, but the repetition of the video is mind numbing after awhile and this is the case with all videos. Tony is great, but hearing the same jokes over and over and over and over and over and over and over again…you get the point… i'm definitely over it. I would think most people mute the video and put on music after a few months.

  28. A lot of my friends have bought the P90X and you're right, they are excited to workout… for the first month.

    I've yet to have a friend stick with it for over a month. I don't know if it's because they're bored with the routine or motivation is low.

  29. I only noticed the reference to "Werkstatt" now; is that your last name?! More clues to the mysterious Scooby :P

  30. I can see it. I use a combination of your workouts, p90X workouts, and do extensive triathlon training. It's a good system.

    P.S. Thanks for all your work. I would have never gotten into lifting if I hadn't seen your videos two years ago.

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