T-Shirt design contest for Scoobysworkshop.com

Please help design the next scoobysworkshop T-shirt! I know a lot of my viewers are really talented artists and graphic designers, here is your chance to help my fitness outreach and help yourself at the same time. The winner of the design contest will get a 30 second spot at the end of one of my videos where I show the winning design and interview you. You can plug your graphic design business, or just say ‘Hi’ to your friends. You also get the first 10 first T-shirts, autographed by me if you want.

These shirts will be given away as prizes for people on the AskScooby.com forum, for scoobysworkshop success stories winners, and given away at natural bodybuilding contests.


  1. 100.00% of the artwork in your design must be your original artwork and may not be a derivation or alteration of artwork found elsewhere. Please dont submit something you found on the internet and altered, you will get me in lots of trouble :(
  2. Designs may use one or two colors (preferably one) which will be silkscreened onto black, white, grey, red, or blue shirts. You can specify which color shirt your design should be used with.
  3. Designs must be 3800 pixels wide by 4800 pixels high and in jpg, bmp or gif formats
  4. Designs must be submitted by 1/01/2011 to [email protected](.)com with the subject line “T-Shirt Design Contest”
  5. The design must include the URL “ScoobysHomeWorkouts.com”
  6. Design can be either front, back or both and must fit within this area.
  7. Shirt must be in good taste, nothing your mother or grandmother would blush upon seeing.
  8. All design submissions become the property of scoobysworkshop.com llc
  9. Submit as many designs as you want, no limit.

How Winner Will Be Chosen

Five finalists will be chosen by me based on the following grading criteria – 100 points is maximum:

  • 40 points for cool design. This should be a shirt that when people see, they say “Wow, cool shirt!!! Where did you get it?” It should be a shirt you would be excited to wear to a club or to the gym.
  • 40 points for messaging. The shirt must promote home workouts and encourage people to go to my website where they can learn to get in shape for free. The messaging can be blended into the design in a subtle fashion as long as it is readable from 6′ away. When people get up close enough to read the shirt, the winning shirt would leave them thinking this – “Gee, I think I will checkout ScoobysHomeWorkouts.com and see if I can really build a great physique for free”
  • 20 points for cleverness or humor

Example, here is how I would judge the following two entries:

The one on the left would be disqualified immediately because it didnt follow the rules. Design must be at most TWO colors, not full color. The second shirt I would grade as follows: Design gets 10 out of 40 points, design is cute but not cool. I wouldn’t be caught dead with this shirt on in a club. Messaging: 35 points out of 40, pretty good at telling people what the website is about and what they can expect. Cleverness and Humor: 15 points out of 20 the ‘flex appeal’ thing is clever. Overall design score 60/100, not bad.

Members at the AskScooby.com Forum will then vote for their favorite design from among the five finalists from 1/1/2011 to 1/15/2011

Of the top two vote getters on the Forum, I will choose the winning design on 1/16/2011 and announce the winning design on my Scooby1961 blog.

Contest details also on my website