Idea to give my website more credibility?

What do you think of the idea of *pretending* to charge a monthly fee to give my website more credibility? People tend to value and trust things they pay for more than stuff they get for free because we are so used to good things costing more than poor quality things. This subject was brought up several times here on this blog and on facebook today.

The idea would be to make people think my website costs $29.95/mo but that there is some problem with my software and they were able to get in for free. I still am able to provide my website for free but have people value it.

What do you think? Good idea or something that will backfire? Im a straightforward no nonsense kind of guy and it feels very wrong to me. Balancing my gut feeling that it is wrong is the knowledge that more people would believe me and wouldnt give money to tge fitness scam artists. I dont like the idea but wanted to hear your thoughts.

One option I DO like is actually charging for my website some small amount (say $5/mo) and donating 100% to the American Heart Association or some other well respected charity. The only way I could consider charging even this small amount is if I gave 60 days free. One of the main reasons I started my website is to show those with no money at all how they could develop killer physiques. That is still my most important goal. There are lots of people who cant affird $5/mo and deserve to have the knowledge required to build healthy, killer bodies if they are willing to read, study and sweat. Health and fitness shoul be for everyone regardless of financial means

Comments? Suggestions?

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  1. Scooby, as one of those people who cannot afford $5/month, I wanted to say thank you from me and my family for giving us all free information and providing us with something that you never had to give.

  2. I would also recommend a redesign. I would also add donate buttons all over every single article. You will be surprised how much you can gain through a donation. Even direct donations to organizations…

  3. Scooby, please do not charge for your website. I am a college student almost entirely putting myself through school, and I am poor at s**t. I have $38 to my name at the moment. It may sound ridiculous to some people, but there is no way I could afford $5 per month.

  4. About the fake charging, I'd say most of the people looking for these sites are teens and don't have credit cards so SOME of them would just look at it and close that tab

    As for the donations, you could always add a donate link somewhere so people can donate any ammount they like.

    Anyway, eventhough it's free, it doesn't mean it has no credibility..

  5. Hey Scooby, I don't think it is a good idea.
    No one gonna think free things have less credibility. If you have try your best to provide the best, even free things can be more valuable than the paid one.

    I am 17 years old already, but I don't know how to do online transaction. This problem is not only my problem, I know that $5/mo is very affordable; in fact, people outside US find it a bit difficult to do online transaction.

    Maybe I can do online transaction when I was around 18 with my own credit card. If your mission to helps poor teens, you are on the right track.

    When things become commercialized, I find that it gets dirtier. I can guarantee, lots of teens will become very dissapointed.

    By the way, I learn a lot already about nutrition and exercise, thanks a lot for it; soon I promise will become your success story.

    I really don't want you to charge anything. Thanks.

  6. Scooby, you are a good guy in any sense. Choose the 5 Dollar modell ! Choose a good Nonprofit Organization that is near to your heart. Feel good about that. Everybody can take all out of your site in the first 60 days and if he is not willing to pay the 5 Dollars in the future good enough. You would to good for more poeple: Bodybuiling is nice but not the most important thing on this planet.

  7. If they think they need to pay to get something good they're only going to spam the forum with "What supplements do I need to buy?", screw that.

    Also, I don't want to pay for a forum, I don't care how good it is. A forum is a forum, and the basis for any good forum is that it's free!

    Not to mention paying for things on the internet are always a hassle. They either require you to have a credit card, or a paypal account, or this, or that, blach!

  8. hey scooby,

    i understand your concerns and your desire to give your knowledge to as many people as possible. but you can't do good by force, as we say it in romania.

    and by charging this website you will give up on some viewers who can't afford to pay, but they have managed to came here and follow your advices on their own, without any tricks or whatever. are you willing to give up on them for those too snobs or too dumb to know what's best for them and who instead of thinking with their own heads follow only the advertisements?


  9. Very bad idea Scooby! This site is based on making knowledge free and through your website many people with little money were able to get their dream bodies. Especially teenagers (like me).

    Charging a fee is everything but your website and your concept.

    I think you let that list get into your head far too deep. Just ignore Vince DelMonte and this whole list. He might be ranked higher but who cares? At least you're no liar.

    If you charged money you'd probably lose a lot of followers and it will put off a lot of people.

    So seriously, very bad idea.

    Kind regards,

  10. Hey Scooby, I love you, but, don't charge. And don't worry about credibility. We find you perfectly credible.


  11. Hey Scooby,
    Your site is THE reference point and guide for so many people around the world exactly because it's free, no bs whatsoever, only relevant and factual information. I really admire your work and dedication – did you notice there's no site like yours on the internet? That's for a reason – your philosophy makes it unique. My humble opinion is that you should keep it that way. Charging even a small amount would drive many people away since 1)the site would become like others good but requiring subscription websites, 2)many people dislike the idea of paying online or don't have the possibility (think teens and non-Americans), 3)many (including myself) would trust much more information provided free of charge because so often when you pay a subscription fee you get some hocus pocus or unchecked/false/bs info.
    If you want to support a charity cause you can promote it on the site and encourage people to donate, not only to the charity but to your website as well. I personally am going to donate to your site when I receive my first paycheck.
    Take my greatest compliments and I hope that some day you become the #1 most influential fitness person on the internet – that would mean many more people will have improved their health and physique because of the inspiration that you provide.
    Greetings from Bulgaria and take care:)

  12. Hi Scooby,

    the internet is meant to be free. That's the whole concept behind it. Exchanging Information for Scientist and doing Research. Putting a barrier in front of your site would be bad marketing. Especially young people are used to getting things for free on the Internet. You would loose a big part of your visitors.

    What you could however do is implement the "Free" Marketing Modell. Give some part of your Videos away for free, lets say 50% and charge for others. The more your collection grows, the more Videos you can give away for free. That way the website will still be free but you will have the opportunity to collect some money.

    Monty Python had a big success with this. They Uploaded a big part of their videos to youtube and sold a lot of DVDs because of it.

    Chris Anderson on Free:

    best regards

  13. Scooby, you can't win them all. Don't waste your time trying to compete with scumbags. Keep your focus on providing quality, free content to help those who need it. If you're getting overloaded with the responsibility of rehabbing people's expectations, start pointing them to the forums and let only select people answer their questions – people you trust not to make new readers feel stupid. Possibly a private board with limited access?

    Over time, the tides will shift and more people will get it. You can't sell snake oil forever because eventually everyone knows what you are selling is BS. I know it's been years, but it's going to take many more years for your message and its value to reach far enough out that it becomes the norm. I think the best thing you can do is hold the line and keep up the good work.

    Now with all of that said, I'm totally in favor of fund raisers or products that help you cover your costs. You should really put a fat donation button on the front of the page – top and center – with the text from the Support Scoobysworkshop page. I didn't even see that page until I had been using your site for months.

  14. Scoob…I stumbled onto your site about one month ago and was surprised that all of it was free. With your help I'm working hard at getting into better shape. If there was a fee, I would have moved right on no matter how small it was. I'm in the marketing and advertising business and know that you have a very tiny window of opportunity to grab a user's attention. Getting someone to stay is like walking a tight rope. you can fall off with the slightest gust of wind (monthly fee). The way I see it is that half of the people wouldn't mind spending the tiny amount and half would run away. The way you've done it… you get both halves.

    This is not to say that you don't deserve to get paid for what you are doing… a man's time is valuable. You have done the legwork and research.

    What if you contacted the manufacturers of the products you use and sell space on your site to promote them… I don't mean clutter it up with banners and adds.. but maybe have a "Products I use" link.

    I dig your site Scoob, you're changing lives!


  15. @ M.E.Oskarsson AKA Magnus, I like your idea of the international ambassadors but I need to figure out how to implement it. I'd love it if I could organize and sponsor clubs focused on fitness worldwide.

  16. @simonpollo and captain krak, Thanks :)

    I'm and engineer and dont have an artistic bone in my whole body so when an amazing artist like captain krak (I've seen his work) likes my quirky design, its the highest compliment!

    Engineers like things with elegant simplicity. The question I always ask is, "what is the quickest, fastest, and clearest way to convey the information". I hate flashing banners, animated GIFs, and all other distracting stuff that slow readers down. I know the colors are boring and the design tired but I was more interested in readability and contrast than proper color palettes.

  17. About the website design: Don't bother wasting time on changing it and make it look like any other fitness blog. I truly like the quirky design – it shows that the website is pretty much a one man show with no financial interest behind it. I value that more than all the colourful P90X Hollywood layout…

  18. Scooby,

    First, your most valuable asset is your honesty to the community here. I think pretending to charge is not at all consistent with what has endeared you to your community. My response to pretending to charge is an emphatic "NO!".

    Second, if you want to charge to cover costs or enable yourself to provide more valuable content to your community then go for it. I'd be happy to pay for the content you provide. But I would not charge money just to try to gain credibility. You've got credibility already! You've got thousands of people who visit your website and watch your videos. Part of your charm is you are genuine and have no agenda but to share accurate information with people. Don't change that about yourself!

  19. Scooby, do you want to increase your fanbase or / and do you want to make some money?

    To increase your fanbase just keep doing your great work, dont change anything, you are already beeing worshiped by so many!

    Do you want to make money? You absolutely should do! You have the possiblity to but do it smart and decent and talk open about it. You should do good money with this work you do! (and maybe spend some amount for charity)

    Try to use youtube as described above. There should be potential.

    Use light ad-sense on some of your pages.

    Search for serious sponsors that fit to you. Remember that organic plain whey you found recently? Try those or equipment manufacturer you already link to to cooperate with you.

    Try more to promote discreetly your free donations. Take a look at

    Give those admirer that donate to you a virtual crown in the forum/chat and there will be some that will ;)

    My 2 cents.

    Scooby, you're the King!

  20. That will backfire painfully and you'll lose your number one selling point – you make no profit out of doing this.

    Even if all proceeds DID go to charity, people would look past that and (1) assume you're taking a cut (2) only see the fact they have to pay, then move on.

    It was your non-profit, i'm-not-in-this-for-gain streak that caught my eye originally, and many others too.

  21. SCOOOOOOOBY AAAAAAAAAHHHHHH (pillow scream) i have made an account only to answer (sorry for my english im spanish) the ONLY thing i would do to give more credibility to your website is put even more success stories not only the winners after a few months.
    From my point of view people dont believe you becouse you say the TRUTH, when i go to my class i find many people who go to the gym since 3 o 4 years and dont have ANY idea about bodybuilding, and i always recommend your website and after a few days they tell me that have proove your workouts and they never been so sure in their entire lifes, so keep that in mind men, the thing that makes you different from others are your non business dedication and that you alway say the truth, those pages that cost money are easy to realize that they will say lies just to recieve more money selling supplements or new dvds.
    By the way i have realize that people almost always want to have a great phisique and wont have any problem to do stupid programs like the p90x or vince del monte (aaaarrghh) because people only want to have a great phisique if it doesn't take too much effort.
    The best way to promote your website is through youtube and you do it already.
    If your great website cost money it wont be great, men.
    TRUTH and DEDICATION… dont need more credibility.
    Just do you a favor..stop to think how many people have you help.
    Keep it up men
    Auf wiedersehen

  22. Scooby, Please keep your site the way you've had it. Your site has helped SO many (including myself) and I love your site for the key reasoning that you don't charge anyone – anything! $5 a month is small, but it's still charging everyone money when this site is noted (and depended upon) to be free of charge.

  23. Interesting idea.. but stay the course.. you've done some seriously wonderful things and helped countless people … whether they admit it directly or not. I also am an engineer so I must relay 2 important engineering mantras I have to say to myself daily: 1) KISS , 2) If it's not broke, don't fix it.

  24. Hello Scooby,

    I would avoid a false payment idea, mostly because it seems spammy. Instead, it sounds like you want to drive up your authority. Try offering to do interviews, partner with health-based organizations, etc… If you can get cite-able mentions, it will drive up not only your authority offline, but increase your SEO value online.

    Your advice is wonderful, and you are very much seen by those of us that listen to you as a respectable source of fitness information. See if you can offer that same truthful advice to your local paper, local news site, etc…

  25. No good idea in my oppinion… but if you get a better design website give you more credibility, sorry but is real… many people look the website and "first impression counts a lot".
    can i sugest 2 free blog with good info and great design?

    I think one of your ways in Popularity grown is viral . Keep it up, make a free ebook with specific tips on the subject, let people redistribute this by email, you job in Facebook is a example in marketing… keep good job

    Thanks for all free good info….

  26. if someone is stupid enough not to appreciate he great value of your site… LET THEM BE STUPID!
    There are way too many dumb bodybuilders already..

    lets not make the stupid look good also!

    there are thousands of people who have more than half a brain who are really greatful for your efforts and are putting this in practice.

  27. i wouldnt pay for website, sorry but no. i wouldnt pay for any info on bodybuilding. can get it in bits and pieces and in videos across the internet

  28. Scooby, I agree with the rest not to charge for the site. Now here's my suggestion regarding increasing your website credibility:

    You've got plenty of fans all over the world, use us as ambassadors for your site, we dont make any money either but we support you all the way.

    One thing that you could do is in the website, have a gallary of Scooby's Ambassadors including a small picture, name, age and country. This will make a unique visitor to your site understand what impact you have had on us and that we support your philosophy. This will indeed give you credibility.

    Another thing is to capitalize on the Ask Scooby Forum, in contrast to Vince and those other fitness gurus, your fans can interact and help each other out. Make sure to market your forum a lot more than you do now.

    As an entrepreneur myself, I invest heavily on marketing and I like that you have various of different social media channels to communicate with budding bodybuilders all around the world. Dont forget Scooby that YOU ARE SUCCESSFUL!

    / Magnus

  29. Scooby,
    You should take pride in seeing you are the ONLY one on the web who offers such detailed training/nutrition plans for free. I bet people will remember you for a long time, they might even name you as the most influential web trainer there ever was. That's gotta count for something…

  30. People I respect (thats you folks) have almost unanimously suggested to keep things just the way they are. Case closed, I wont charge a fee for my website and donate it to charity.

  31. I wouldn't do it if I were you, Scooby. Although I'm here in Japan, I still manage to recommend your site to everyone that I know that is interested in fitness. I link your clips to my Facebook and do everything in my power, and for free, to get folks to your site.

    You've become really popular lately and by following the same path you stand to become even moreso. With your ethics unmistakably and firmly in place your endeavours will only gain momentum and not lose it.

    That said, if you charged for the site, I'd pay. :)

  32. I definitely don't like the idea of even charging a small fee. When I stumbled across your site, I couldn't believe all the information that was there and that it was free. I value it because I see that it is real and the truth.

  33. As a PS to my earlier comment–I remember last time I donated having to search around to find the donation link. I suggest making it at least a little more prominent ;)

  34. I think the problem with charging any amount is that it has the potential to corrupt what i thought was your central mission, to provide the info so that even the poorest teen could develop the physique they wanted. For many kids, $5 is probably not an insignificant amount of cash. On the other hand, i wouldn't mind paying for all the great advice you provide, now that i know of its honesty and integrity. The dedicated and, dare i say, intelligent people who come across your material will come to appreciate your credibility.

  35. Scooby, don't do it. I don't have a problem with you charging a fee–if you charged a fee, i'd pay it. I've been following you for years and value your website far more than I would any gym membership. I do have a problem with the lack of straight-forwardness by making some kind of pretend fee. You have great credibility now. My opinion is that there are morons out there that will throw their money at del monte and his ilk no matter what. Keep doing what you're doing. If you want to charge a fee, do it. And if you do, I don't think you should have to donate it all to charity. Maybe 50% or something. Time and money go into making your site. There is nothing wrong with getting your expenses paid for all the hard work you put into Scooby's Fitness. But the pretending bit just seems silly and would hurt your credibility

  36. I don't think you have any problem concerning your credibility. Anyone who is willing to invest a bit of time to read your articles and watch your videos (and probably look at other 50 year olds) will see that you are spot on with your advise.

    Clearly the supplement industry has an interest in proving your nutrition advise wrong. Don't let that bother you. You are like the one good guy out there who provides professional fitness advise simply for the love of it. Stay that guy!

  37. Hi Scooby,

    Don't charge unless for financial reasons the site is too costly to maintain. If you are concerned about credibility don't worry. This is like the Microsoft vs Linux situation. The herd follow Microsoft who tells them that paying a lot of money is good and the only way. Then there is Linux that just gives you no bull computing quality and ….free.
    Scooby you are the Open Source champion of fitness!!!

  38. Sorry I have to agree with the majority,it would make you look and sound like everyone else out there.Now days everyone from the government to the corporations nickel and dime the average joe from the cost of buying a coffee to heating your home.

    Stay strong Live long
    Scooby Baba

  39. Bad idea, scoob. If anything I think it would take away from your site. You know what would be a really easy way to make your site seem more "credible" is to redesign it a bit. Add some nice graphics. Make it more visually appealing. Make it look very professional- as if it is run by a corporation. High end graphics scheme done by a professional designer. It might cost you a few bucks but it would get you what you want.

  40. Hey there Scooby!

    Pretending to charge will flush you down the toilet, that will backfire. Major!

    What you can do, (maybe someone in this comments section have already said that, havent read them all) that can give you more credibility is to talk with some organisation like American Heart Association. See if you can make some kind of partnership that they recommend your website and you tell people to donate money to the organisation. Its a win-win situation I think.

    I am 29 years old and my new years resolution was to loose my overweight. I was 97 Kgs heavy and I am 175cm tall… Thanks to your FREE website I have kept my fighting spirit and I am now at 73 Kgs. Thats 24Kgs!! Proof enough for you? ;) You kick (lard)ass!! I have been searching the internet for inspiring websites and everything that cost are a nogo and yours is really the best. You could improve the layout, though. The function is perfect its just the looks that could get some upgrades. It looks a bit 90s… =) But I know that is a lot of work.

    Thats my 2 cents!

    Bye from Sweden

    PS. If your next "Tour the Hans" goes to southern part of Sweden, I will definitely give you a cool t-shirt! =)

  41. Hey scooby.

    In my opinion you would not only lose a lot of fans, but the ideology behind the hole site would also be lost. You once wrote at your youtube channel:
    Bodybuilding has done a lot for me the last two decades and I want to give back to the community in my own little way. Bodybuilding has become such a big-corporate moneymaker that people seem to have forgotten that at its core, bodybuilding is a very simple, inexpensive sport. You dont need to spend $$$ on supplements, expensive gym memberships, or fancy equipment to build an amazing physique. You can do it at home with an inexpensive weight set from a garage-sale.
    I think you should stick to this!

    Kind regards

  42. It has taken Scooby years of sweat and hard work not only to obtain this knowledge but to put together this website and all it's tools and videos.. I personally think as I have said in my previous comment he should consider charging, but give people a very lengthy free trial, say… a year completely free. you cant ay fairer than that.

  43. A friend of mine put on a self development seminar for free with the intention to spread the life changing knowledge he had acquired and help people, nobody turned up. A few months later they did exactly the same thing but charged for it and they literally packed the place out, people value something much more if it actually has a tangible value attached, I personally think this is a good thing because people need that leverage, If you pay for something your far more likely to use it than if somebody just gives it to you for free, because in your mind it has no value, especially in the society we live in today… $5/mo for the shear amount of knowledge and the invaluable tools you give is nothing, you have worked incredibly hard and sacrificed a lot to acquire this knowledge and I would gladly pay (as would many others) and I don't have a lot of money to give either but I would pay it because you deserve it! I don't think some people quite realise quite what it takes you to do this, and it is quite clear as I read the comments that some people already take for granted what your doing for them. I think you should consider charging a yearly subscription but give people an absolutely free, no commitment trial for X amount of time, this way it has value and you are being as fair as you can possibly be.

  44. scooby paji,

    Your site is valued, the only thing to be considered is to advertise it. Leave that to your fans here. You have thousands of follower all around the globe. within 10 hrs of a good video posted by you have 10000 of views. Keep up this work. Most of us are students and can't afford 5 dollars. We share with lot of ppl what ever we learn here in your website.

    I have already refereed your site to many of my frds and take my words, all of them gave good reviews to your website because you talk with logic and sense. Thts all we want, to know what we are doing.

    I wrote sometime back in one of your blog. We call u as our Scooby Baba :)

  45. "I'm a straightforward no nonsense kind of guy and it feels very wrong to me."

    You said it, so don't undermine your own principles. You won't "increase the credibility" of your site that way, especially since there is no problem whatsoever with you or your website's credibility. The problem is that some others have false credibility.

    I also wouldn't visit if there were a charge.

    Keep up the good work!

  46. I mean, you have quilty site here, and trust me, it WILL slowly become one of biggest communities of BB. It probably won't be the biggest, because people are stupid.

  47. paying is for stupid people that will quit within the month. This is how the story goes: Stupid fatass who eats 10 donuts a day and eats junk will say "It's all gonna change tommorow, Im gonna join this webite and start working out". And he will quit after less then month.

    Scooby, bodybuilding is a way of life (as you said). I used to be really fat and I knew its time for change. I quit eating bread and drinking soft drinks. As time passed by I quit on french fries and then I looked up some healthy recipes on Youtube and *poof*->I found your videos and since then I am hooked.

    Just ask yourself how much people visit your site who are living healthy for more than 6 months? How many people are here who KNOW that they will live this way for their whole life? Paid sites are full of people who " need to train to loose weight" and then they will put it back on when they loose it because they think they are done with excercise for their whole life.

  48. I don't think it's a good idea…
    I think you are quite famous, you don't need to use tricks like that. I would be very disappointed in you. You said you are an Old School guy…
    Maybe it would work, maybe you would be more popular than ever, maybe more people would hear you voice, but I think you would lose yourself.

  49. I don't like at all. I would be very disappointed if you did :( Here in Denmark much of the advice are free, but are all over the web and you have put it all together in one place :)

  50. You could just add some ads to the sites? That's what everyone does and with views on the vids like this you could make some good money.

  51. My thoughts are the same as the rest. Don't charge for the site and don't create a "pretend" fee either. The site is excellent as it is.

    If you don't want to earn extra money from this work – then that's fine. However, if you DO want to earn from your work (or even donate it to a charity), then the best option is to create a "premium" content section where die-hards like us will sign up without blinking in order to support you. This "premium" content could be nothing more than perhaps a separate mailing list where you write a email now and then summarizing what is already there in the main website.

  52. LOTS of amazing points already said here. If you want to make money keep the format as that is what people are responding to.

    Don't fix what's not broke… Format is already great. If you wanted to charge for something make it something IN ADDITION to what is already here. In this case an exclusive "VIP" club with specific content only available to members… So people get all you offer now, but those that "want" to pay get get exclusive member only content. OR have MOST of the content free and the higher or more specific stuff be member only. So those that can't afford to pay still get TONS of great stuff.

    You can definitely make money as Igor suggested via youtube and also sponsoring a product isn't a bad idea.

  53. Pretending to charge will backfre.

    $5/month looks cheap and you would probably LOSE credibility. No-one wants to pay any amount of money anyway..

    I don't think the solution is in money. I think it's in publicity. I remember you said once in a post that if you were to go on a TV show you would lose confidence and crumble… But I think this kind of publicity might be the next stage. TV. News. Maybe magazines (which I know you would hate due to the consumerism in them). Maybe sit down and brainstorm a few ideas. I'm sure if you got into a one on one interview for some TV news thing your following would go up twofold. Just have a think about this medium. But anything involved with money is just a no go in my opinion.

  54. sorry scooby. these ideas sound fishy. you totally deserve all the money you could possibly get for what you do, and for being a good guy generally. but like others have said, if your website cost money, i would have given it no thought and looked somewhere else. my fitness journey started years before i found your site and i dont think it would have stopped if i never found it.

    i still look other places anyway, like you said, be a skeptical thinker, gather as much information as you can, and mix it up

  55. Scooby I'm a teen and I have absolutely no money and my parents would never in the first place allow me to purchase anything at all from the internet. Yet your giving me an opportunity to still achieve my goal of a great physique and ultimate fitness with your free website. Sure you might reel in more people to your website if you charge but its at the risk and cost of other people's misfortune who will no longer benefit.

  56. (continued from above)

    but when i watched your first video and began to understand your concept that bodybuilding and how a healthy lifestyle shouldnt be about big name brands and expensive shiny weights, or a pantry full of expensive supplements, or any of the nonsense that all the magazines and other websites portray- i was hooked. i gave up the idea of bodybuilding requiring a lot of money, completely disconnected the mental thread between health and wealth that the commercial bodybuilding industry had so forcefully implanted into my mind, and completely changed my whole philosophy about nutrition and weightlifting. these positive lifestyle changes lead to even more positive changes in my life, all of which stemmed from my new love of fitness and lifting. and it was all because of the free info i learned from you!

    and obviously im only one of the many who youve helped! please, dont change anything. theres no need, and in my opinion this small change your considering will ruin your reputation as the 'guru of cheap, home bodybuilding' to any potential/future users of your website, especially new youth users who may stumble upon your site.

    seriously, youre site is like.. the last one which hasnt given in to the concepts of modern/mainstream/supplement stuffed/overpriced/over rated bodybuilding. youre literally helping change an entire young generations' perspective on the sport!

    sorry if this all seems a bit overboard.. but i cant believe the scooby who's video i watched a year ago (which motivated me to put down the cheeseburger and pick up the rusty dumbbell in my basement) is actually considering changing something that is already completely perfect.

    [email protected]

  57. Don't pretend to charge Scooby. Even if you followed through, being that you have a forum and what not eventually someone will spill the beans to the rest of people about how it actually is free. "Omg I love this website and its free too!!" Or something of the sort is eventually going to come out. As far as the $5/month although I wouldnt pay for it, I do think its a good intention of yours to donate to the American Health Association but you realise by doing so your conforming to the wrong things and subconciously teaching people that paying for something makes it better. Don't sacrafice your respect and reputation for something so small such as the website response of stayfitbug.

  58. am i reading this correctly?! wow.

    scooby, you have built a very successful website with (in my opinion) the best collection of bodybuilding and nutritional info available on the internet. you have built a forum with nearly fifteen thousand users. your youtube channel has over one hundred million total views with over one hundred and fifty thousand subscribers. and in the short time youve been on facebook you have gotten over ten thousand fans. and its all growing steadily and rapidly, every day.

    why? because you are a no BS, to the point, easy to understand, smart, direct person and convey all of your info in an easy to comprehend, straightforward, and downright entertaining fashion. For free. The saying 'if it aint broke, dont fix it' comes to mind…

    personally, i owe the fit and healthy body ive built over the past year all to you. i randomly stumbled upon your youtube channel a year ago, and was lead to your website. and if i saw anything to do with cost or read the usual gimmics about how 'it usually costs, but right now, try it free!!' i would have filed it with the rest of the nonsense fitness websites that are just looking to make a quick buck, and it would have been deleted from my browser history forever. but its not even about the money!! i mean, 5 bucks isnt much to anyone, and any person looking for great bodybuilding info would be lucky to be able to read through your website for that price.

    (continued below)

  59. seriously, this is a quality site, where i can find all the infos i need bout bodybuilding, it's helpful dude,but i dont think monthly fee is a yes.I know it's not for your own, but it would be adding some hassles to some people.

  60. I completely agree with Igor.
    Relax Scooby do't get too worked up about it
    The people who deserve it will eventually find their way to your website

  61. Don't charge anything Scooby, the big reason and I and alot of people go here is because it is free, even putting a small barrier to entry will instantly cut off ur user base.

    I do have an idea though. Let's be honest, if you seriously have gotten 100 million views on youtube, you have to have become a youtube partner which would then yield you at least .1 cents a view, assuming that you joined the program at 50 million views, that would still mean you have made around $50,000 from your videos. That isn't alot, but it is definitely something. So here is my idea, just like you always tell us about your amazon store, you should just tell us exactly how much you make per view on ur videos. Then you could say that your site partly acts as an advertising tool for your videos. This wold get the "its free…..whats wrong with it" people off your back. If you are not a partner then apply, become a member, and follow my advice from there.

    I know ur not doing it for the money, but I also know that you can make money doing what ur doing without having to go out of your way to make it. So its a win win, the people that think ur up to something are happy, us supporters get a free site, and you get to give back to ur sport while at the same time making some money without compromising ur reasons for doing it. Full disclosure always leads to more trust with internet folks

  62. I think it's far more important to keep increase the quality of followers of your bodybuilding philosophy, rather than the quantity.

    I know it's your goal to spread the knowledge, but let's face it – using marketing tricks to promote it, will only increase the number of dumb people.

    Imagine this – what kind of a man would be attracted to a site just because it's not free? That kind of attitude is usually accompanied by impatience and/or unwillingness to commit yourself to (un)necessary research. Two traits that pretty much guarantee ultimate failure in bodybuilding.

    So, the question that needs to be asked is – do you want to attract people that will probably ultimatively fail in using your knowledge BY jeopardizing your completely clean credibility?

    Scooby, you DO have credibility. A slow one to grow, but a completely clean and straightforward. Take your own advice and "don't try to rush things and take it one day at a time… the results will eventually come".

  63. i personally started visiting your web-site because its free, i would donate money to some association, but i'm only a 15 year old teen, and don't have assess to credit card or any other way to pay online,

    i think smart people who really wanna get killer physic already know enough to understand that this web-site has great information, more values, than most of other sites that takes money

  64. I wouldn't bother either. Not that i wouldn't be willing to pay for your obviously tremendously helpful website, but exactly like Sean said you can't please everyone.

    Anyone that has a the ability to read or watch youtube vids will eventually end up on your site one way or another.

    The one thing that people need to start understanding is that expensive diets, machines, weights and whatnot only have effect on the weight and health of their wallets and bankaccounts ;)

  65. I don't like the idea, even the $5 is too much for me, I would probably stop visiting. That's not meant to say your site has no value, because it has great value. I just wouldn't pay for free information.

  66. I wouldn't bother, Scooby. You'll never please everyone, and I think that the smart people who are serious find their way to sites like yours that offer valid info at low to no cost.

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