Scooby vs Vince DelMonte – Expectations about muscle growth

Ali on facebook brought it to my attention that I had been included on the “20 most influential fitness people” list:

At first I was honored to be #18 on the list, then I appalled when I noticed that my nemesis, Vince DelMonte, was #12! I dont like the idea of even having my name in the same article as Vince DelMonte! Arrgh!

Vince Del Monte has been #1 on my list for over a year, my Hall of Shame list for the intentionally exaggerated claims and intentionally deceptive ads he uses to make millions selling his eBook.
All my videos and website are given away for free because I want to give back to the sport which has given me so much. I have been giving on average 20hrs a week for the last 5 years after hours and on weekends to provide unbiased straightforward information to those wanting to get into shape. As hard as I try, I cant seem to counteract the big, bold (and ridiculous) marketing claims of the Vince Del Monte’s of the world – people keep sending him money because he makes the ridiculous promise

41 pounds of solid-steel muscle in 24 weeks!” – Vince Del Monte

Human nature is unfortunate. People believe what they want to believe and young men want to believe that they can transform their body just like Taylor Lautner did if they buy the right products. The fitness industry is huge and their high paid marketing people have done their job amazingly well. They have brainwashed an entire nation into believing that what Taylor Lautner “accomplished” is normal and possible. Every male in high school believes that Taylor added 30lbs muscle in 6 months and that they should be able to also so they gladly shell out $47 to Vince Del Monte who will tell them what they want to hear. Then what happens? Of course they fail to add that touted 41lbs in 6 months or anything close to that but rather than feeling furious at being taken as they should, they blame themselves. It must be their fault – they didnt workout hard enough, they didnt have good enough nutrition, they had poor genetics, etc. We have a whole nation of people feeling like self-conscious, inferior, failures when in fact they are not! How cruel to needlessly give so many teens low self esteem just so they will buy more books/supplements/products – how do these marketing people sleep at night???

I see the effects of this all the time. A half the emails I get are damage control from these unscrupulous marketing people. The emails take the form:

“I’m a hard gainer, what supplements do you recommend I buy …”

PILLOW-SCREAM. I always follow up by asking why they think they are a “hardgainer” and why they think that they need to buy supplements and its always because they have some horribly distorted expectation about muscle growth. Its funny, people so want to believe that they can add 41lbs muscle in 6 months that they scream at me for telling them the truth – you can only expect to add 5-10 lbs muscle in a year!
So back to the fact that I’m #18 on the list and Vince Del Monte is #12, the reason why is clear. Vince Del Monte tells people what they want to hear even if its not possible and people gladly pay him $47 for that. I tell people the truth for free and they wont believe me. Sigh. Maybe its that people dont value things they are given for free. Perhaps I should charge $30/mo for my website, maybe then people would believe me :(

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  1. Absolutely right on. His physique is not even that amazing. If he says one can gain 41 lbs of lean muscle mass in 24 weeks than why doesn’t he go ahead and do that to show and amaze all of us over here?! Why doesn’t he follow his own program for 24 weeks, give us some before and after shots/videos and wow us all? Keep it up Scooby.

  2. Sorry, this article is full of lies. I have no respect for you as a coach. Vinces programs are gold. They are cheap! Just bought an awesome stength and size for 7 bucks. He’s an approachable, friendly guy. He answers all questions. The only reason you hate him, is because you know he’s better than you.

  3. vince del monte is trash. he has a garbage body. not aesthetic, disappointing, and disgusting. the reason that he has the gall to parade around like a muscle god (which he isnt) is because his clients are all weak, uneducated little cockroaches that swallow the fat cock of lies he spouts. the sad part is, even if he ever did steroids to actually gain 40lbs in 6 months, he still doesnt look like it. he has a sad physique, ugly muscle and is overall an unimpressive person.

    1. i hate vince so much his advertising scams he goes on so much about how much he charges for one to one coaching hes the size of a twig he loves himself and goes on about aload of crap i hate who he is ahhhhhhhhhhhhh i wouldnt pay you a penny skinny vinny

  4. haha, this is page is such a bullshit, you’re very jealous and stupid. I’m a Vince delmonte’s client, and let me tell you, his programs works! and i tell you this by my own experience, yeah, i’ve gained like 20-25 kg thanks to Vince, not only ’cause his programs are great but because he inspires me and teach things about live good and ok with yourself and by that, helping others to feel good with themselves. I’ve learned from him things beyond the physical area.

    1. Remember that 40 pounds is NOT ALL MUSCLE THERE IS SOME FAT GAIN. Actually most of it is fat. I gained 10-15pounds of muscle in 6 months while cutting earlier this year. But I did carb cycling which works.

    2. How long did it take you to gain these 20-25Kg. How much of it was muscle; fat and water respectively?

  5. Scooby ignore that ignorant poster, you’re totally right, the man has an impressive physique but there is no natural way of gaining 40+ pounds in that ammount of time. Keep doing what you’re doing Scooby, you’ve really helped us who actually research the facts and do not fall for scams like this.


    1. How long did it take you to gain these 26Lbs? How much of it was muscle; fat and water respectively?

  7. cheers for scooby! for the most honest and selfless online coach on the planet! i mean come on, zuzaa light on the first place? doesn't the fact she, as i'm told, was a pornstar have to do anything with it?

  8. It took me sooo long to find an article like this. Most of the links were fake and spam links to websites run by del monte. My bullshit-o-meter was flashing like crazy when I heard 41lb in 6 months. You'd have to lose that much muscle in a short time to put that much on. THANK YOU for being the voice of sanity, so glad I found your site.

  9. So when i read this, i was thinking "THATS EXACTLY WHAT I TRY TO TELL OTHER PEOPLE! IT IS NOT POSSIBLE TO GAIN 41 POUNDS OF MUSCLE IN 6 MONTHS!". So i tell a lot of my friends to "go check out this awesome dude, named scooby. Yes his name is scooby. He will tell you what to do for free!". But nobody believes me. Actually, i would have been just as ignorant as them if i have not done intensive research on muscle building. I try to tell my friends this guy is legit, but only half believes me. But PLEASE DONT CHARGE MONEY FOR YOUR WEBSITE, I WILL BE SAD! I WILL END UP WITH SAGS AND FOLDS! Thanks Scooby. Keep up the pure awesomeness that you always make

  10. Scooby you are doing a great job!

    About the 20 most influential people on the internet, no one said if the influence is good or bad. You Scooby are good and pure influence, and Vince's influence is bad and evil. Because you want to help, and he doesn't. Keep up the good work!

  11. If "41 pounds of solid-steel muscle in 24 weeks" is true, Vince himself can't have been on that program for that long. I mean, he looks like any other guy flogging their crap on youtube!

    Anyways, the list says "(In no particular order)", and is mostly filled with fake-boobed chicks with abs & douchebags, I wouldn't worry about it ^^

  12. @lance I died laughing when I read you comment!

    "Why hasn't Vince gained 41lbs more in the past few years.
    Under his system he should weigh in around 275 by now"

    Obviously its because he is happy with his current physique and doesnt want to get any bulkier – LOL!

  13. Vince Del Monte is a self-satisfied monkey! Reflecting on his claims should make everyone realise what a fraud he is…

  14. I just went over to Vince Delmonte's youtube channel and there are a lot of people making comments challenging Vince himself saying that "Scooby says you can only gain 5-10lbs a year". And Vince's response is "well tell Scooby to join MY program!" Vince is such a fraud! Young teens don't know better and Scooby, you are totally right! Teens only want to hear what they want to believe. They want to gain lots of muscle super fast in a short period of time. I have been using your advanced weight lifting workouts for 6 months now and I am getting a lot of compliments in how big and muscular I am getting. Thanks Scooby! You are truly the best! Love your all your videos and your website! Everything you say is like the Bible to me! :)

  15. Hey Scooby, I came across your blog and website by accident on the 24/12/2009.

    I used to be a reasonable sportsman with colours in Triathlon and long distance running; I was 5.11 and never exceeded 72 kgs (at that stage). Since then I gained weight every year and became in my own mind unhealthy.

    I did exactly the opposite to what you propose, believed that the next piece of revolutionary exercise equipment was going to change my life, the next snake oil remedy was going to make me cut.

    After reading your advice on the blog and webpage I came to the realisation that the first enemy is all the misinformation out there, the second is the believe that we – I have my act together.

    Using your rationale I have gone from 111kgs down to 88kgs – but everyone says a magical transformation.

    In my mind that is the payment, you have helped more people with your honesty than any of other combined – but quite frankly I do believe that you could merchandise more as you will have at least one more client in Australia – me

  16. Why hasn't Vince gained 41lbs more in the past few years. Under his system he should weigh in around 275 by now.The reason he is so popular is that skinny and overweight be alike are looking to change.I have done endless hours of nutritional research over the years.Todays weight loss guru's are nothing more then modern day snake oil salesmen. Congratz to you Scoobster!

  17. @Scooby, Exactly. Not that I think Tony Horton is the best fitness person in the world or anything but he does have a large fan following and influence on many to want to get fit. The reports from that website are nothing more than bias. All the lies that Vince Delmonte (I hate him) throws at people are clearly false and won't get them anywhere anyways. You however with your truthful facts and info are setting people free to achieve great physiques and ultimate fitness. While that being too, your intentions are good and you are not manipulating individuals such as Vince Delmonte is doing. Being a good human being and knowing that people value your information and see you as an idol is far greater than the report of one particular website :)

  18. scooby…I could not agree with you more!!! Del Monte is a fraud, and is only out there to steal money. His job is to feed people lies to profit, while you actually have a very credited engineering job.

  19. Scooby, even if you are on the end of the list, I believe in you and I thank to you, not to this one who is on the top of the list. And I thank you not because of everything you are offering to us is free, but because everything you are offering is the truth and only the truth! I also thank you that everything is for free. To be honest I don't have money to pay for these things and I'm glad that you don't charge us for all the information. I think that there is no importance for anybody if you are famous or not, if you are on the top of such kind of surveys. I admire you for everything. And I don't think that you are only good at fitness, I think you are a good person in general. God bless you. :)

    p.s.: Excuse me for my English. :)

  20. Scooby this is just the opinion one particular website…and even Tony Horton should atleast be on this considering how famous P90X is yet he's not mentioned. In my opinion if it was in order i would rank you #1 and Tony #2! But please do not charge 30 a month!!

  21. What is the old saying "the truth hurts" and "there is a sucker born every minute"some people prefer to believe in fairy tales.40 lbs of pure muscle in 6 months and a pot of gold at the end of every rainbow if it were only true.

  22. While I do agree with most everything you say everything you stand for, you also can't deny that at least some of the blame goes to the people as well for not being critical or objective about the avenues they take. The bs claims made to them never really tell them "don't go anywhere else and don't do research" , it's just they have such "Bill Clinton" charisma the people forget they have a brain :)

  23. In addition to the list being in "no particular order", I take consolation in the fact that the list is titled "The most influential …"

    Influential can be good or bad, both Hitler and Churchill were influential :)

  24. Scooby- keep spreading the truth about real expectations in fitness. I'm always having this debate with my younger brother who buys into all the quick/easy muscle gains claims from garbage print. Most of this garbage is written by former bodybuilders trying capatilize on their so called expert advice.

    I always stress to my brother that fitness is a long term commitment.

  25. Common who on the web gives so much accurate information and that too free!!!
    All people want now a days, is instant gratification, you on the other side have shown us a safe, sure and foolproof way to fitness. Thanks for your work Scooby!! You are an inspiration for us. I would pay for your site even if you charge but i doubt if some of us could- the people you are really helping.

  26. Dont worry about Vincent Del-lie-a-lot Scoob. U have influenced a lot of people who really appreciate your and Han's hard work. And the people who listen to your nemesis entertain the worst delusion in bodybuilding: that there is a shortcut :)

  27. Scooby I can see how frustrating it must be for you, don't give up! You have inspired me so much and Im making great progress down to your information. We live in a generation where people want things now! So when you tell them you won't achieve what they strive for they hate the truth. Thanks Scooby great write up!

  28. Dont worry Scooby! Those who choose to believe in what they want to believe in deserve the results.

    I think a lot of people are being naive when it comes to this. They find the best looking guys in the gym and ask them what exercises to do if they wanna look as great. Then, they'll do those exercises without knowing what the purposes of those exercises are! What these people are missing out here are the hard work and experiences.

  29. I'm a long time follower and I believe you Scooby. After lifting with good form for over an year now I'm getting stronger by the day. Sometimes in periods I'm putting much more weight on in each set than normal and that's GREAT.

  30. If one does not understand something mostly money is the reason behind it. A nice example from scooby. But what is better than having a reputation to be honest and straigth forward ? Stick to this, Scooby, that's one main reason we admire you;_) T Vecchi

  31. Hi Scooby, if you'd write a handsome e-Book, and sell it for 20 Bucks or so, I'd buy it!
    Maybe you could just copy some contents from your website / films.
    Kind regards,


  32. Scooby, chill! Have you noticed what it says in the text:

    "The 20 Most Influential Fitness People On The Web



  33. You are right Scoob, that is the good honest truth, people WANT to be lied to. They want to be told it is easy. The fitness industry has made these beautiful terms like "hardgainers" and how a supplement helps. I mean how many adds do you not see going "IF you ARE a HARDGAINER then you need THIS" But in my opinion it is not the responsibility of market people it is the responsibility of every individual to make his/her own choices. You know this better then anyone Scoob if you want real knowledge you have to go out and SEEK it. But people sit back and let knowledge come to them so of course they get taken. Salesmen lie it is a part of their jobs. Our jobs are to search for the truth as an evolved race

    You are also right about that people appreciate something they pay for over something free. It is the whole "you get what you pay for" mentality, but in the corporate world we live in we pay for the opposite of what we get.

    But please do not change your site. It is for those who seek, you know, you are like noah, you have built and we are coming let the non-believers drown if they so wish it themselves.

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