Gym ‘Accidents’

Its human nature, people hate to admit they are wrong and that they did something stupid that got them hurt. When people get hurt in the gym they call it an ‘accident’ in an effort to make it sound like it was something completely unforeseen and beyond their ability to prevent. 99% of gym injuries are not accidents, they are injury caused by using too much weight and bad form.

Accident An event occurring by chance or arising from unknown causes.

When I see people at the gym or see youtube videos of people lifting I cant help it, I pidgeonhole them into one of three boxes:

  1. They have good form, I’m going to compliment them on it
  2. They dont know what they are doing, thank god they are using light weights
  3. They are using way too much weight and have horrible form, they are going to get seriously injured – soon.

Unfortunately, very few are in box number one. Maybe once a month I will see someone whose form is so good that I go over and compliment them on it. In that same month I will see dozens of people using such horrible form that I can guarantee you they will get injured soon, form so bad that I wince and look the other way because I dont want to be watching when the ‘accident’ happens. Most often these people just mysteriously disappear and I never know if its because they moved or because I was correct and they got hurt bad. About once a month though I do get positive confirmation that I was right, they come into the gym with a cast, brace or sling.

Lets look at one of my favorite examples, the bodybuilding wonderchild, Lorenzo Becker who added 100 pounds muscle in a year – (I wonder how he did that, hmmm). By the way, I’m not picking on Lorenzo, he’s just one of many public figures who popularize this kind of bad form which countless teens emulate. He uploaded a video last month where he says, and I quote:

“I am back after a long time, and a lot of shit, this year hasn’t been as productive as the others…. lot of school work, a scooter accident, a deadlift injury …”

An accident? No. An accident is when a meteorite smashes your car on the way to pick up your 10 million dollar lottery winnings. Take a look at any of Lorenzos videos and watch his horrible form, he consistently uses way too much weight. Now a smart person would say. OK, I blew it. It was my fault that I got injured doing deadlift because I was doing something stupid but I have learned my lesson and wont do it again. What does Lorenzo do? He calls it a “deadlift accident” and rationalizes that it was something completely beyond his control and just keeps using his horrible form. As soon as he recovers, he starts working out again with his trademark bad form. Check out his form on the bicep curls here (time 1:20 – 1:40)

How long before he has another ‘accident’ and rips biceps tendon rip or throws out his lower back with his bouncy, swingy, jerky biceps curls? Now many would criticise me for not going up to people who I can tell are going to hurt themselves and correct their form before an injury happens. Have you ever attempted this? If so, you know exactly why its not possible. People lifting too much weight and using horrible form are not the kind of people who are receptive to advice, especially when it involves using less weight! Its only people who ask advice who are receptive to suggestions.

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  1. Wow, I always thought you were over exaggeration when I saw you giving bad form demos in your videos. Evidently I was wrong though…This clown's every bit as bad!

  2. Is he a bodybuilder or the hunchback of Notre Dame? I can't tell. It's a shame because he obviously has good genetics to get that big so quickly – even considering he's on the juice. What a waste of a body.

  3. A scooter accident … No surprise ! I have a funny picture in my head of Lorenzo trying to swing his body during a scooter ride to the gym … :)

    Maybe this guy swing himself all the time in every activity of his life

    This is the true story about is back accident (forget the deadlift accident) : Lorenzo has dropped on the floor a pill of "S vitamin" and made a bad move to try to pick it up. That's it :)

    * Sorry for the mistakes of my text. I am from Quebec and am not truly bilingual. Greetings to Sir Scooby, his killer arms workout is absolutely crazy. I include it in my workout.

    Small parenthesis : The nutrional value of the lentils is amazing (not bean, lentils !). I think that this non-animal food is the most proteined after tofu.
    Look at this :

    Keep the Weight friends !

  4. This is why working out with a buddy/trainer/mirror/video camera is so important… how can you look at that video and NOT cringe over the inverted pendulum motion….

  5. @Aaron, IMHO you chose the wrong person to listen to. Taking advice from a full-ROMer like that will get you injured every time.

  6. Jonathan, this is really a nightmare video. It teaches a lot but I'm in full tears ;-(

    But it's really difficult to give an advice to others unless they are ready to listen.

    Scooby, thanks for teaching us the danger of using bad forms and too heavy weights. We want to be healthy, not injured.

  7. Why bother to dance around the fact that he uses illegal steroids? Is he in any competitions/does he have some kind of modeling job? If not, what's the point of him using steroids besides his own ego?

  8. @Abhinav and @smiley81589. When you cheat on the last few reps, its called cheating. When you use so much weight that you have to cheat on the FIRST rep, its called stupidity.

    A much safer option to cheating is to use a spotter to help you do some extra reps with good form.

  9. I think that part where he's using "bad form" is him doing deliberate cheat curls–they're a way to get those extra reps in when your biceps are totally fried from your previous sets, or you want to overload the muscle. Obviously good form is key, but if used sparingly they can be used towards the end of the workout to really take the biceps to failure

  10. I think its so sad that somebody who are natural working out hard and it takes a long time to get a strong and massive physique, and there are a "cheater" like him who use steroids and he get that physique in 2 years. But, of course he will pay that price later. But its still unfair.
    Sorry for my bad english.

  11. he shouldnt have used steroids at that young age it will have even worse health complications!!! also he will peak way younger than most, you wont hear from him again after a few years probably. almost all natural pro competitive bodybuilders emphasize quality risk free form. he's only grown from that crap because of the steroids he is taking. heck he would probably grow a little opening a soup can! you are SO right about people who lift lots of weight not taking advice. I must admit i do shoot for the occasional 1RM bench press on the smith machine and may cheat a tiny bit with form

  12. Good post Scooby, this video is such a great example of how to injure yourself seriously. I was shocked by his horrible posture. I'm a physical therapist and I predict that he will suffer a disc prolapse in his neck if he continues this style of weightlifting.
    Besides it's beyond my comprehension why a 17 year old boy ruins his health by taking steroids.

    Keep it up Scooby, gute Arbeit ;-)

  13. Notice how his trapezes and upper back are way more developped than his chest ?
    He looks like a hunchback…

    Seriously, 17 years old ?

    That's quite young to start screwing up your life…

  14. @ martin, Doh! Someone just pointed that out on the AskScooby forum too and I do feel like a complete idiot. The whole reason I wrote about this today was that Lorenzo irked me when he called it an 'accident' and as you correctly point out, I misread that, he said 'injury'. Upon reading again its not clear to me if he is taking responsibility for the injury and knows it could be prevented or not. The fact that he is back to his horrible form leads me to believe though that although I was an idiot and misread what he said, I was lucky enough to be right :)

  15. Scooby, i dont know if it is you that wrote the quote down wrong, or when you read switched up "scooter accident" and "deadlift injury".

    Either way, it stands "deadlift injury", not "accident". :)

    Alles klar?

    Big fan from Norway, training hard and studying to become a mechanical engineer!

    Good luck to you with your shoulder injury in the future, hope you can get back to lifting heavy(ier) weights again!

  16. something wrong with the kid…
    yay yu big… but gosh!. i feel bad
    you're doing it wrong and youre back messed up;bad posture.
    i'm 18 5'11 245lb football player and not that big…but at least i get my stuff right
    (pillow scream time Scooby!)

  17. He kinda looks like the hulk or something. Besides, you've always talked about small, consistent gains. I wouldn't do steroids, don't wanna mess up my body.

  18. @elretoespartano, it happens all the time which is also the reason I dont do it. People using too much weight "know it all" and you cant correct them. They have watched videos of steroid chugging pros and "know" that to build big muscle you have to swing big weights – the bigger the better. These people are firmly convinced that 'cheating' a bit and using much heavier weights than they can control is required to build big muscles and nothing you say can change their mind. Trust me, after a few years that kid will see you at the gym – he will be the same size and you will be in much better shape. Only then will he say to you "I'm frustrated with my progress, what am I doing wrong". Thats the time to spend some time with him and give him advice.

  19. Actually Scooby your physique is more physically fit in my opinion and way more proportional :). This guy seems like he can't scratch his on back

  20. Yea… the fact he is so big and ripped makes anyone 2nd guess bad form.. hell even myself at first was like "wow he must be doing something right" But as previously stated.. adding 100lbs of muscle in year… more than puberty I would think. Also he's only 17.. keeps that up for another 2-5 years.. he won't make it to 25 without other injuries.. let alone 50 without cybernetic arms :P

  21. I can't tell you how much I appreciate this post, while I don't claim to be an huge body builder I am a frequent gym goer. I really make a point to watch my form by, for example, studying what you do and I see people constantly on the edge of seriously injuring themselves by 'accident.'

  22. By the way, Lorenzo could pick me up with one pinky, I acknowledge his physique is superior in every way to mine. He's also young enough to be my GRANDSON :)

  23. I actually experienced the last paragraph. A really skinny guy takes one of the dumbbells I was using for shoulder press (16 kg, 35 lb) to do concentration curls. I tell him "I think that's too much weight for that exercise", he says "nah, it's ok". Starts doing the exercise with horrible form, swinging all his body. I tell him again "You can get hurt doing that, you know?" and he said "I never got hurt doing it, why would I get hurt now?"

    End of the conversation (obviously) and the very last time I said anything to anyone I hadn't met before. My motto for these ocassions is "I'm not the one who will get hurt"

  24. @Ben perhaps the answer to your question is the same as to the following question: "How did he add 100lbs of muscle in a year?"

  25. Scooby, why is it that his form is so jerky yet his body is sooooo massive? Honestly, it doesn't look good. It looks weird

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