AskScooby Forum update

Evilcyber has been working feverishly getting the forum back up, we are hoping that it will be up by 3pm EST today but it might take longer. The forum software is extremely complicated, please be patient. Check here for updates or on his blog at

8 thoughts on “AskScooby Forum update”

  1. Dear Mr. Scooby1961,
    Is riding a razor scooter a good form of cardio?
    Or is just walking a better form of cardio?

  2. @Stormrider You saw through this whole charade. This whole thing is just a publicity stunt! We are waiting for the CNN trucks now. Since they did such a great job of taking Professor Mark Haubs project and morphing it into the "Twinkie Diet" they can help us drum up publicity as well.

  3. Storm, you don't trust a half-naked man that talks with his garden gnome and another that sounds like a WWII German scientist? ;)

  4. hmmm sounds like an inside job… Probably from evilcyber to divert traffic to his blog (hence the "evil" part)… or someone else beyond suspicion… LIKE YOU!

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