AskScooby Forum is back up!

Thanks to the heroic efforts of EvilCyber over the last countless days, the forum is back up!
We are having some minor technical troubles with the domain forwarding, EvilCyber will inform you if there will be any short, temporary outages to fix this. I listed both the primary and backup URL for the forum above, if you cant access the forum via one, please try the other.
Evilcyber and I are working together on some very exciting and positive changes for the forum.

4 thoughts on “AskScooby Forum is back up!”

  1. How do I get a visible v taper from a front view? I am a pretty skinny guy but am well defined and use a lot of Scooby’s advanced training and am having a hard time creating that v taper in the front. My back looks pretty good and has a definite v but looking straight at me I don’t have those lats that make me look like I have wings or a v taper at all. Please help!!!

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