3 Minute Abs

washboard 6-pack abs

This is a 3-minute ab workout that will give you a strong core for better sports performance and also protect your lower back from injury in everyday life.

Contrary to popular belief, there is no such thing as spot fat removal. If you a big belly, you can’t get washboard abs by doing this ab workout, or any other ab workout. It breaks my heart when I see overweight people at the gym doing 30 minute ab workouts, what they really should be doing is 27 minutes of jogging and this 3 minute ab workout. This 3-minute ab workout will make your abs strong, losing weight with good nutrition and cardio will make your abs visible by removing the fat covering them.

This workout is for those wanting flat, tight abs like a marathon runner. If you want big, powerful abs with big ridges and deep valleys like a pro bodybuilder then my killer ab workout is what you should be doing instead of this 3 minute ab workout. If you are not sure which workout you should be doing, then please watch this video “Big Abs, Flat Abs” where I explain the difference.

The 3 Minute Ab Workout

For best results, do this every day or every other day. Set a timer for 3 minutes and stop when it goes off. This workout consists of three exercises: crunches, planks and bicycles.

crunch Start off by doing as many crunches with good form as you can. Use slow controlled crunches lifting your shoulders up toward the ceiling. Don’t flap your arms or nod your head. To see proper form for crunches, watch this crunch video. When you cant do any more with good form …
left plank Do a plank on your left side. Put your left forearm on the floor and then straighten your body as straight and rigid as an I-Beam. Hold this as long as you can without sagging. When you start to sag …
bicycles Do bicycles. These are great because they do your obliques and abs at the same time. Lift your shoulder to your opposite knee while keeping the opposing shoulder on the floor, then alternate. To see the proper form of the bicycle, watch this video. When you cant do any more with good form …
right plank Do a plank on your right side. Put your right forearm on the floor and again, hold your body straight and rigid as an I-Beam. Hold this as long as you can without sagging. When you start to sag …
Start all over again, no rest!!!!

Now lets talk about how you adapt this 3 minute if you have a really strong core. Many people could do crunches with good form for 5 minutes and the 3 minute timer would ding before they got a chance to do the other 3 exercises. For you people with abs of steel out there, you need to do weighted crunches and bicycles. Hold a weight behind your head like this with you head gently resting on the plate, choose a weight so that you can only do about 30s with good form.

That’s my 3 minute ab workout. Strong abs are critical for optimal performance in every sport out there but more importantly, strong abs are important to support your lower back and prevent injury in every day lifting. And remember,

6-pack abs are made in the kitchen, not the gym!

Please read about the 3-minute ab workout on my website

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  1. Thnx, scooby. You are always very helpful. Visit my blog about bodybuilding: muscledtuga.blogspot.com

  2. ok on your website i cant find a question place to post questions? anyway i hope i get answered here. it seems all your plans are for losing weight, but i dont need to lose weight im actually underweight, but i have no abs. so how would i get abs without losing weight? answer at [email protected]

  3. My name is ofer and I am 46 years old. My entailer life I was struggled with over weight not because I am "fat guy"- because I didn’t pay much attention to healthy way of life. Now in the past 5 years I topped the scale like 243 lb and my height is like70.1 inch. I was obese fat and heavy. I couldn't look at my self in the mirror not to mention that I didn't take my shirt of even in the beach. It was that bad…
    One day I was climbing the stirs and I was heavily birthing I felt my heart pumping like mad, and I couldn't take my breath properly. At that moment I deicide that this is It I am not going with this way of life anymore –this is the end of the fat! Period!
    I start by the concept that as much as you know, the better your chances to successes to achieve that goal-get rid of the fat!
    I started to cross the internet by looking for every piece of information about loosing the body fat and I stumbled on your movies in YouTube. Well, that was inspiring!
    I Start to follow your advises and guess what? I started to loose weight!
    Now I am like 8 month after and I am like 78 kg! Imagine 32 kg less! And I am not hungry I am not feeling weak or worry, the truth- I feel great….
    Scooby you doing Holly job. God bless you for doing that.
    And don’t pay attention for the slender out there its pure envy that what it is.

    Take care-ofer

  4. I also noticed at the gym. that the overweight people who are new to the gym life spend a lot of time on the abd machines.I so badly want to go to them and explain that what they are doing isnt top priority. But i dont, i would hate to come of like some total A-HOLE and scare them off of a life changing choice they have made. I love doing planks, they are a true beautiful pain. my daughter and I have plank compitetions to see who can hold the longest. she always wins. i try to cheat with my knee as support but she always catches me :)

  5. Scooby isn't it important to also show lower back exercises with this as this is the opposing muscle. This helps prevent injury. If you don't it's like working your biceps and not your triceps.

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