Egg Whites and Eggology

Has anyone bought any egg products from the company “Eggology”? Jon and Gareth on facebook brought this company to my attention and it looks like it might be a really good and inexpensive source of protein for people.

Here is Eggology’s egg-white product.
What I especially liked is that they have organic egg whites as well. Perhaps I could have saved lots of hate mail had I found about this company earlier, my video “Egg Yolks, Toss Them Out” won me the wrath of an angry public :(
If you have purchased any products from Eggology, please let me know what you thought of them. How was customer service? How was the quality of the product? Did it stay fresh and usable till the expiration date? I will be ordering some myself but I like making sure that people are universally happy with a product before I recommend it on my website.
Here is the video I got slammed for:

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  1. They sell this item at and the cost per gram of protein is ridiculously high! Somewhere around 13 cents or so. In my experience, store bought 100% liquid egg whites are cheaper at 4 cents per gram (Even the free range egg whites from Trader Joe's that are around 5-7 cents I think). In all of Ronnie Coleman's videos he uses Eggology egg whites for his meals, if that means anything. Personally, I have found all egg white products to be the same with some little differences. If it is 100% egg whites, it is IMPERATIVE to shake the carton before consuming (I consume then in liquid form). The other is that the 99% egg whites do not mix easily with cocoa or anything else for flavor. They do taste better and cost significantly cheaper, but the 1% part makes it more of a health risk long term. Probably still safer than a protein powder though.

  2. Looks like a great product, I think some who critiqued it here didn't read "Eggology is pure, fresh, organic, cage free, tested for salmonella & listeria, kosher, pasteurized, USDA approved, and environmentally friendly."

    I mean, we can talk about whether the pesticides trace into egg yolks or not, but why not just have the chickens live cage free and fed organic?

    We don't always fully understand what will happen to our body from chemicals beforehand (perhaps the studies beforehand were compromised by corporate influence). One thing we do know however, is that the following is not a positive trend, and it most definitely results from the crap put in food:

    "Among Caucasian girls in the United States, 1 in 7 has now started developing breasts and public hair by the age of 8. The figure for African-American girls is 1 in 2. Many doctors and researchers have begun to revise downward the age at which puberty is considered "precocious" – to 7 for Caucasian girls and 6 for African Americans."

  3. Scooby: I posted my first comment before I watched your video, so here's a second one based on it.

    If what you said about pesticides is true, the pesticides have to go through 2 mediums before it reaches the eggs – chicken feed, and then the chicken. Let's also not forget that chicken's have their own detoxification system – the liver, and the kidneys primarily.

    Although I sometimes watch your vids and read your articles, I have my reservations over your claim on pesticides in yolk. Do you have evidence that traces of pesticides can be found in the egg yolks when chicken are fed with feeds that aren't organically grown? A scientific evidence as such will clear all my doubts. I mean, really, you can't just tell people what you 'feel' is right just because you think it is and not back up scientific evidence, right? You might mislead the public here. And I certainly do not wish to see remarks like 'I take my stand, believe it or not, whether you want to'.

    There are just so many factors to think about when it comes to pesticides and food. Are they using water based or oil based pesticides? Will you find pesticide traces IN the vegetables (many will say yes, I know)? If so, will it damage vegetable cells' DNA? If it does, would it affect the animals which are taking it as feed? Or will their detoxification system gets rid of those traces? Will it affect the animals cells' DNA? Will traces end up in the chickens' reproduction organs? Will it end up in the eggs?

  4. @lance, I still dont know what the cost per gram of protein is – its hard to tell from their packaging. Thats why I asked those specific questions in my blog post so I could figure out its exact cost as compared to fresh eggs, chicken, and other protein sources.

  5. eggology and egg white international don't ship to canada. thanks guys! i know Toronto is much closer than Alaska is…. but its ok, we don't need to eat properly up here, so who cares?

  6. I fully support a person stance on veganism. the thing about eggs is, there is nothing cruel about eating them. the egg is expelled regardless. they lay one daily. its completly different than slaughtering an animal. and to be technical, the white part of the egg is not an animal product so to speak. the whites are what the chick eats while in the shell.i use to have 3 hens, got my eggs free daily. i loved it.
    @Kevl, i do the same thing when i eat egg whites. its a great balance when the daily fat intake is getting high. 1 whole egg with a 1/4 cup whites makes a huge omelette.

  7. Marcel: By eating eggs and drinking milk, yes, you are sourcing them out from animals but you are not killing anything that's alive. It is cruelty free.

    I'm pretty much a pseudo vegetarian myself, and my main source of protein intake comes from eggs and milk.

  8. Marcel is actually right, but for bodybuilding, can you name a valid alternative as protein source?

    I'm vegetarian, and i know that if you dump also fish and eggs you will never have enough proteins as you should when training a lot.

  9. I'm a vegan, so I choose no to participate in the consumption of animal products. It's an alternate perspective and philoophy of life and not dogma. Supporting the factory farming industry is contrary to my principles of harm reduction. Eggs may be useful in the journey of accomplishing excellent fitness–but they're certainly not necessary. There are many significant cruelty-free alternatives. Check them out, if you have the time.

  10. The ONLY bad thing about the yolks are that they don't really contribute much to your fat loss efforts. Yolks not only contain protein, they also contain vitamins and minerals. I hardly toss out the egg yolks, unless if I'm having too much fat in my diet on a given day.

  11. thats pretty pricey. i can get 16 oz of pure egg whites at the store for $2.50. i can also get 18 eggs for $2.25. i prefer whole eggs. eat 4-6 a day

  12. That's kind of disgusting. I still prefer regular eggs. You don't know if these are even processed or not so I wouldn't trust them.

  13. I really liked this video when i saw it. I have one egg yolk once a week as a treat but otherwise i never eat yolks. More people should pay the premium, not just for health issue, but help support your local organic farmers!!!!

  14. Vincent: Less than cooking them would. Pasteurization will slightly denature the proteins, causing them to be slightly cloudy, instead of clear. That said, the instant you cook with them, the proteins are denatured anyway. Denatured proteins still contain all the vital amino acids to rebuild muscle, they're just broken or tangled up in ways that render the physical property of the food different.

  15. 13 gramms protein in a 133gram serving? :/ good idea but with shipping etc would be costly, good old proetein shakes for me still! :D

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