Quick Healthy Minute Meal

You “dont have time to cook”? You “cant afford healthy food”? Poppycock!! Here is a recipe that’s really healthy, easy to make, dirt cheep, and FAST! Even students can make this. It takes about a minute per serving which is much faster than standing in the line at McDonalds and much healthier.

Lentils are another wonder-bean. Tons of protein, fiber and vitamins. There is a reason that many people who dont want to eat meat or cant afford to eat meat choose lentils. Now lentils by themselves are pretty bland, kinda like cooked cardboard BUT add my secret ingredient (fresh cut salsa) and it gives zing and zest to them! Not only that it adds more vitamins from the fresh vegetables in the salsa.
To make the lentils
  1. rinse 2 bags lentils and look for rocks etc
  2. add a big container of fresh cut salsa
  3. cook 20-30 min
  4. put in individual microwavable storage containers and freeze

At the end of the video I show you how someone more talented than myself could make their own fresh-cut salsa :)

22 thoughts on “Quick Healthy Minute Meal”

  1. John Peterson (JPski)

    Dear Scooby,

    You're so positive and helpful, but you also point out bad things like bully boys who throw their towels on cardio equipment and boys who die tragically young for being so zealous, but not getting the right support.

    Thank you for the recipe, and if you get a moment can you tell us what your name Scooby means? Is Scooby short for Scooby Doo? I am a year younger, but I want to get big like you.

  2. If it tastes good should i spit it out ? =)

    Seriously, OK 2 bags of 1 lb but how much water fot that ?

    thank's Chef !

  3. Scooby! I've been following your workout and nutrition guides for awhile now and want to say "keep up the AWESOME work!"

    I'm going to medical school next year and I know I'm going to be short on time and short on funds (lol). I bought all the ingredients for this today (~$5 and I live in a metropolitan city) and I was amazed at much soup this recipe made! Not to mention it tastes great!

  4. Great video as always, Scoob. Ross, I think the high sodium Tamim is talking about is from the salsa, which often has very high sodium.

  5. @ Ross

    thanks for the info. i was just concerned about the high sodium amount in salsa (which i love to eat). i agree with you, this is a great recipe!

  6. also, if you look at the label above, the lentils have 60g of carbs and 120% of your daily fibre needed….. you don't need the extra brown bread :)

  7. @Tamim

    bagged dried lentils have zero sodium. its the canned stuff that does. in the video he is using bagged lentils not canned. so no sodium. lentils are by far the easiest beans to cook, they take about 10 minutes, unlike kidney beans which take an hour

  8. F'd up you posted this today, I had lentils and salsa at around 2….. and egg whites and salsa at 11, then salmon and vegetables at 5….. still havent eaten since 5 though….. i probably should huh? time to copy scooby's recipes….. again……

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