Quick Healthy Minute Meal

You “dont have time to cook”? You “cant afford healthy food”? Poppycock!! Here is a recipe that’s really healthy, easy to make, dirt cheep, and FAST! Even students can make this. It takes about a minute per serving which is much faster than standing in the line at McDonalds and much healthier.

Lentils are another wonder-bean. Tons of protein, fiber and vitamins. There is a reason that many people who dont want to eat meat or cant afford to eat meat choose lentils. Now lentils by themselves are pretty bland, kinda like cooked cardboard BUT add my secret ingredient (fresh cut salsa) and it gives zing and zest to them! Not only that it adds more vitamins from the fresh vegetables in the salsa.
To make the lentils
  1. rinse 2 bags lentils and look for rocks etc
  2. add a big container of fresh cut salsa
  3. cook 20-30 min
  4. put in individual microwavable storage containers and freeze

At the end of the video I show you how someone more talented than myself could make their own fresh-cut salsa :)