Why I do shirtless videos

I get this question all the time. I’m not showing off, in fact, I’m kinda embarrassed about it because there are about 10,000 bodybuilders with better physiques on YouTube. So why? To show I practice what I preach! Would you trust my advice as much if I didn’t keep myself in top shape all year long? If I were fat would you listen to my advice on nutrition and cardio? If I wasn’t muscular and strong, would you listen to my workout advice? If I was fat 51 weeks a year and just got lean for one week for some show, would you listen to me?

The fact that I have a pretty good body for a natural 50 year old isn’t *proof* that I know what I’m talking about but its a good indication. The fact that I have had a good physique every week in the last 30 years isn’t *proof* that I have my act together, but its a good indication.

The next time you see a personal trainer on YouTube who is covered in baggy workout attire, ask yourself why. Did they just get into good shape once 10 years ago and then let their body go to pot? Everybody wants to be healthy and look their best, if they cant do it themselves then how can they possibly teach you how to do it?

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  1. I always assumed that the shirtless thing was all part of the educational aspect. It's a good anatomy lesson, seeing the specific muscle groups working. It helps to teach both focus and form.

    Matthew, London

  2. @Robin, interesting. I didnt even know Bill had a new book out. Its clear he's trying to get a piece of the P90X market with his book, I wouldnt be surprised if there are follow-on products if the book does well.

  3. I certainly see your point!! Especially after looking at the new Bill Phillips book…I was a huge Body for Life fan and did very well with it (then I was introduced to scooby-youtube) But I have to say, I am curious as to why he isnt showing off his physique like he used to. Makes you think who you are going to give you money to. I didnt buy the book.

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  7. So what's the deal with the hats? We all know that your nutritional and exercise advice has utterly failed your hairline. Is this the tradeoff to taking your advice?

    I'm bald already, but for those with a head full of hair shouldn't be tricked with the not-so-settle use of the hats.

  8. Hi Scooby,
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    Thanks a lot!

  9. John Peterson (JPski)

    Is this because of that guy who stated, "Do you ever wear a shirt?" Would a businessman wear Jamaican shorts to a business meeting. This isn't relevant, but where did you get the name "Scooby?"

  10. Your reasoning is well founded, and it does an excellent job illustrating what a good program will accomplish over time.

    However, if you're trying to educate people, I think its a distraction and doesn't add to what you're trying to teach. I'm sure not everyone feels that way, but to each his own- some people like gradients and sound effects on PowerPoint slides, too.

  11. There should be more like you and the world would be way better. One who _knows_ and _does_ what he speaks about. Too bad that you represent only 0.001% or so of this kind of people. Thumbs up!

  12. Wow – I think that you are a very good teacher. The fact that you always explain, analyze and come towards conclusions while leaving room for discussion is just amazing. I love your work. Ever since I found you on Youtube I have started to exercise regularly… giving me the inspiration I need. Thankyou man!! Thank you for being honest – more honest than most people out there who are only interested in selling some expensive product. Your videos make me happy :-)

    /Lucas, DK and UK

  13. yeah practice what you preach. no one wants to take physical fitness advice from a fatass. keep on doing your thing man!

  14. Absolutely true! And your physique is a good model to copy :)
    May you live many more healthy years.. still looking this good :)

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