ScoobySnack Protein Bars for busy people who want to eat healthy

I perfected this recipe for all you students and hard working folks out there who don’t have time to eat 6 healthy meals a day but want to maximize your ability to gain muscle and lose fat. These are healthy, cheap, and convenient. They don’t even involve cooking! The only problem with this is that they taste so good that you might be tempted to eat too many of them. These are meal replacement bars, don’t overuse them! Although they have lots of protein and healthy fats they don’t contain vegetables, fruit, nor as much fiber as I would like. These Scooby Snack protein bars are infinitely better than fast food or something out of the vending machine but not nearly as good as one of my quick healthy meals. If you like this recipe and want more protein bar recipes, consider buying the excellent bodybuilding cookbook that I reviewed.

ScoobySnack Protein Bars

Each bar costs about 60 cents and contains:

260 calories
35g protein
21g carbs
15% calories from good fat

Ingredients (makes 13 bars):

Metric Imperial
100% natural protein powder 400g 14 ounces
Organic rolled oats 200g 7 ounces
Fat-free milk (not low-fat) 250ml 1 cup
Natural peanut butter 100g 3 ounces
Organic honey 100g 3 ounces
Cocoa powder 30g 1 ounce
Organic ground Flax as required

I’m not making this up, this recipe is as fun to make as it is to eat. No cooking, no cutting, and its not that critical that you measure things. In short, its something that even I can make! You don’t need any kitchen gadgets, just a big mixing bowl. You don’t even need a kitchen to make these, you can do it in your dorm room if you want!

OK, ready for the instructions? Its pretty complicated!

  1. Dump everything in a bowl and squish it together with your hands. Only put about half the milk in to start and only add milk enough to wet the ingredients, it should be like concrete, not batter. Do NOT use a spoon, you will break it.
  2. Roll dough in your hands to make 13 hot dog shaped bars. To keep the dough from sticking to your hands, wash them first then wet them with cold water or cover them with a little olive oil.
  3. Roll in ground flax
  4. Put in refrigerator

Store them in a covered container in the refrigerator, they keep a week. You can also store them covered in your freezer, they keep for months there!

No more excuses for not eating healthy on the go, at work, or at school!!!

Stay tuned for my carrot-plum protein bars! Truly a meal in a bar. My test kitchen is working on perfecting this now :)

25 thoughts on “ScoobySnack Protein Bars for busy people who want to eat healthy”

  1. How did you calculate the nutritional info on these? I entered the ingredients into, and for 13 of them they came out with 270 calories, 25 carbs, but only 26 grams of protein.

  2. I don't understand how this can make 13. I made about 5 from the measurements listed, and they are relatively small, not something that looks like it will make a meal.

  3. Just made these, in the fridge now, I used linseed/flaxseed seeds instead of ground flax. I like a crunchier flavour so also used natural chunky peanut butter. Hoping they taste as nice as they were easy to make!

  4. I made these last night using the following ingredients, and your measures:

    Hemp natural protein powder
    Oat milk
    100% pure peanut butter
    Cocoa powder
    Date syrup

    They taste pretty good!

  5. Mr. Scooby!

    What could I substitude the peanut butter with? I'm not american so my tastebuds find it very unpleasant :I

  6. To make this vegan* I would replace the dairy milk with oat milk (note the extra fiber), and instead of whey I would use hemp powder (47% protein, complete amino acid profile, also naturally contains Omega 3 & SDA, which is great because flax seeds don't agree with me … )

    *not if you are an ethical vegan who doesn't eat honey. If you avoid meat and dairy for (e.g.) nutritional reasons, honey shouldn't bother you.

  7. @Marcel, you would have to use soy protein powder too obviously if you wanted to make it vegan. I might try it to see how it tastes.

  8. I just made a batch without honey and milk, substituting apple juice for the milk. They worked really well but I had to make sure to coat them well with ground flax for aesthetic reasons because mine looked like something that just left the body rather than something that is about to enter the body.

  9. @Gareth You are the first person to catch that! I stuck that in for a little subtle humor. I have a scale that can measure accurately to the 1/100 gram and here I am grabbing handfulls of stuff :) I thought it was hysterical, and its all about amusing ME :)

  10. @Randy, Thanks! I dont take myself too seriously. After I did my video I looked at some of the other "make your own protein bar" videos and nearly fell a sleep. My rule is, if it wasnt fun to make it wont be fun to watch!

  11. Soy messes with your thyroid gland and helps you gain fat. Soy is also a natural estrogen supplement which is not good if you're a body builder. Then there's the soy cancer link. I would just avoid all soy products. If you cant get cow or goat milk then get or make your own rice or oat milk. Also, make sure your protein powder doesn't contain rat poison(artificial sugar). As far as peanut butter goes, checking to make sure that peanuts is the only ingredient is a good first step but also make sure that there is a layer of oil at the top of the bottle. If the oil has separated then you know that they didn't hydrogenate the oil. I would grind the flax seed with a coffee grinder or something because if you don't do that you're basically wasting the flax. If you don't totally chew up the flax when you eat it then it's just going to pass through your system undigested so it's easier to just grind it.

  12. haha great! Im already eating ur lentils and salsa recipe. Im going to make this recipe too.
    thank you man!
    greetings from Argentina

  13. haha, nice one Scooby. But i want to know what the hell the measuring scales were for. Most unused cooking implement ever!! :P

  14. Scooby, YOU ROCK! Thanks for this post and all the others. I am sick of pious gas bags that are so high on themselves they have no fun with their life or workout. You are obviously a successful man but you have not lost a sense of humor and personal side. Thanks for all you do for the common American's like me who don't want the crap, but want to get in shape. THANK YOU SCOOBY!!! BTW, Great recipe!

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