Biking across Laos

Hey folks, I will be completely out of touch an unable to answer any questions until after the 6th of February. I have my backpack packed and I’m heading to Laos in 8 hours for some hardcore cycling. Gotta get ready for the Team Scooby Lifecycle in June which is 600 miles, after doing 80 miles a day for two weeks thru the jungles of Laos, the 600 mile LifeCycle should be a cakewalk.

Stay tuned here on my blog, I will be posting travel progress here.
While I’m gone, you experts please help answer folks questions on my YouTube Videos, on Facebook, and on the AskScooby Forum.

6 thoughts on “Biking across Laos”

  1. Hey Scooby wish you a lot of fun and a great time. Please give us daily briefings :-)
    Are you planning to workout in Laos too?

    Is hans with you? / Ist hans mit dabei?

    Grüße aus Deutschland!

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