On way to Laos for 2+ weeks of intense cycling

Waiting for first flight which is 12hrs. Here I am with ALL my baggage, just on backpack with wheels. Only 25% is clothes and toiletries, the rest is photo gear ( two camcorders and a full size tripod) and the rest is protein bars and protein powder! Im not a big fan of meat so Ill be eating primarily rice, vegetables, fresh fruit and supplementing my diet with protein powder.

After the plane door opens in Laos, Ill have to actually wear long sleeve shirts for malaria/mosquito protection so this may be the last normal photo, from here on Ill be wearing nasty, hot, uncomfortable shirts. How do folks tolerate them?? :)

12 thoughts on “On way to Laos for 2+ weeks of intense cycling”

  1. Scooby,did you get thru the xray machines faster sans shirt??? Have fun in laos,its still a communist country I think,yikes!!!!

  2. Scooby! Soak yourself in mosquito repellent or you'll get the Dengue Fever and you won't be going anywhere. How much would that suck?
    Mosquito repellent, mosquito repellent, mosquito repellent!

    Have a BLAST!

  3. Id be so scared of getting Malaria. Why don´t you do it Forrest Gump style and just drive through the US? Or is it more dangerous in the US than in Laos?

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