UP and down and UP again

Laos is many things but it's certainly NOT flat. Every day is either up, down, or up and down. Makes for slow cycling. My longest day has only been 120km and average about 100km but it's the elevation gain that slows things down – that and being sick all the time. Biggest day had 2000m (6000 feet) of vertical gain – that's over a mile straight up.

Today was about the flattest so far and even today probably had 3000 feet of climbing. This photo is overlooking the large reservoir immediately to the north of Vietienne.

9 thoughts on “UP and down and UP again”

  1. I wanted to post this on your blog aswell, I heard you had BIRTHDAY today :) happy birthday scooby! Love all the inspiration you have given to me and my girlfriend. I can't wait to mail you my success story in a year or so ^^
    Thanks for all the effort you put into everything.
    Cheers from Norway

  2. Scooby you look so healthy ripped and happy :-) You definitely have to do some Vids about travelling and fitness!

    Grüße aus Deutschland!

  3. i agree with aknel. lookin super shredded with the obvious fat loss, tan, and shadow.. like 3%bf status.. post more pics Scoobasaurus!! :D

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