Home workouts Laos style

Bodybuilding is not a big sport here and there are no bodybuilding supplies or weights available anywhere so those devoted few gym rats need to be very resourceful. Here is an outdoor home gym I passed on today's ride. A bench press setup built of wood and the barbell is a thick stick with concrete molded to each end. Their dumbbell was two 3 pound coffee cans filled with cement with a big piece of rebar embedded as the handle.

Next time you find yourself grumbling about your gym, keep this gym in mind :)

8 thoughts on “Home workouts Laos style”

  1. From Ireland…I remember years ago, my cousin (aged 17) made his weights bench by welding scaffolding poles together and he made the weights using tractor weights and wood. Worked brilliantly.

  2. Cool weights, although they do look like something Fred Flintstone would use. Enjoy the rest of your adventure.

  3. Scooby Im wondering if you could resist to start a short chest workout? Could you? Come on you couldn’t right? :-)

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