Starting long journey home

I'm smiling for TWO reasons here. The first is that I'm within 39km of completing my trip. The second is that for the first time in two weeks I had a normal poo! May not sound like much of an accomplishment but when you've been as sick as I have while cycling, its reason for a party :)

Now starts my 72hr flight home. I have a 16 hour layover in Bangkok, a 6hour layover in Tokyo, and a 4 hour layover in Seattle. About as horrible a sequence of flights as it's possible to come up with but it's the only way I could get this really good airfare – the price of cheap is 72hrs of airline agony.

5 thoughts on “Starting long journey home”

  1. hey scoob (can i call ya scoob?) just wondering how you posted on the internet while doing this and the tour de hans?

  2. and while you're in Bangkok you might even get the chance for a relaxing, yet relatively inexpensive massage, just to give your muscles some relaxation. definitely try to have some of the local food, its is VERY, VERY good =D (and cheap).

    cudos to you for having such an iron will! hope you'll have a good travel home!

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