All you can eat/drink!

Just landed in Seattle after 2+ weeks in Laos and the first thing I noticed was OBESITY. I dont think I saw one fat person in all of Laos so it was a shock to see Americans again

Perhaps the free refills on sodas and the gigantic cup sizes has something to do with the difference. You dont see self serve fountains like this in Laos!!!

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  1. cheap and fast sugar utterly scares me. I love sugar as much as the next person but I avoid it like the plague.

    I could never maintain a healthy lifestyle. And all you can eat? Maybe twice a year!

  2. Same goes for Italy. Being heavy on butter might be as detrimental for a healty body as free caloric drinks refills :)

  3. No such thing as free refills in Ireland. If you want more, you pay for it. We're a very obese nation too though.

  4. At least they have the tab for water there (secondary button on the lemonade selection).. It's still the choice of the people whether they want a drink, or diabetes.

    I'm all for education, like Scooby provides. Regulation isn't the way, however, and eliminating unlimited refills would just cause a backlash from those who think they know better than health experts and government agencies who would have them stop being such fatasses.

  5. I've come to notice that on many places when I go out to get some food, the only thing you can have to drink, is soda(I work as a truck driver).. I hate soda, I want milk, guess what? Alot of places don't even have milk at all just soda soda soda… No frigurator in the truck(not any other kitchen stuff either).. Ofc I always bring my water bottle with me, but still.. Should be able to buy healthy food/drinks just about anywhere =/

  6. One soda is bad enoug,but unlimited refills= big belts. No fat people in laos. Remember when a 300lb american was an oddity,circus its the norm.

  7. Just personally, I'd rather excess food and that some people were obese than diarrhea and malaria. But then again, who the hell am I?

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