Scoobysworkshop Mugs and Shirts

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I just ordered the scoobysworkshop shirts that are going to be given away in the success stories contest, the AskScooby Forum member of the month contest, and the Facebook member of the month contest. These shirts will only be given away to award winners, they wont be available for purchase. If you want one of these exclusive free shirts, you have three ways to get them!!!
There are a number of other scoobysworkshop shirts designs available on cafepress if you want to buy them. There are some mugs and hats with the same designs and cafepress ships everywhere in the world. The designs on the shirts are a bit smaller than I would like, its a limitation of cafepress. The hats I will probably remove as I dont like the way they turned out. The mugs are cool.

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  1. nice idea though i am from egypt and i have no chance to win one of those but my greatest gain is watching your helpful videos

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