Be Agile!

Fitness, and life too for that matter, is about being agile. When you find that you cant achieve one of your goals, dont just bang your head against the wall harder – take a deep breath, step back, and formulate another plan. This doesnt mean that you give up at the first sign of adversity but it does mean that you dont waste time in a no-win situation. Dont give up on your goal, look for other ways to achieve it – brainstorm, brainstorm, brainstorm!

So my shoulder started really limiting me about a year ago. Surgery didnt help but a simple medication seemed to. My training was going well and not only had I regained all my lost strength but I had actually gotten stronger on many exercises for the first time in a decade. Well, last week shoulder problems popped up again. Time to take a deep breath, step back and formulate another plan. First is resting the shoulder. Of course, I will continue to work with the doctors to figure out whats going on but ice and rest is the best first step. While I’m working on that, time to focus on another goal – my triathlons. Swimming is out but I can focus on running and cycling. I pushed my limits this weekend and did my first 15K and it went great. I will continue to work and get that up to 20K if I can. My cycling has always been good but this is a great opportunity to push myself. I just finished a long distance tour in Laos, I’m going to try a 200 mile race which I have never done. Who knows, I might even be able to do a half-ironman at some point :)

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  1. Thanks aris. Even though the guy in the video doesn't look like he knows much about it at a first impression, he actually has some pretty good advices.
    I'll give it a try after a couple of weeks to see how it goes.

  2. Scooby, I know I may be completely wrong here, but have you excluded the possibility that biking is affecting your shoulder?

    I am also interested in Ross's question and in your opinion about jumping squats (less mass because of the lack of weights but more acceleration, therefore relatively big force/weight).

    Barney, this is an interesting video that I came upon in the forum (Wolf's post for shrugs linked me to it), that may be useful to you:

  3. hey scooby i know this is the wrong post to bring it up but in your "squats" article you seem to be exclusively talking about the powerlifting-style barbell back squats.

    personally i find dumbbell squats with 20 LB'ers held down at my side (much like your skateboard ones) superior to barbell squats with 100's of LBs on the bar across the neck (which I'm capable of doing but I digress) as I feel it way more in the legs both during the exercise and the days after doing "safe" weight than getting sloppy trying to look like a hero to all the people waiting to use the power cage (most gyms only have 1 anyway)

    So basically my question is if your section on squats applies to all their variants. I hope you'll read this message and reply.

    (ps- im over 18, under 40, with no back probs me or my family :)

  4. Hey Scooby congrats on never giving up. I really admire that.

    My shoulder has been annoying me for a little while now everytime I do wide pull ups or wide lat pull downs, even with low weight.
    Ironically just today I was thinking of a way to "reformulate" my workout because of this injury.

    Thanks for the great advice and good luck with the race.

  5. This is really an important reading… Thanks, Scooby.

    >dont waste time in a no-win situation.

    Lot of people actually "LOVE" to waste their time feeling miserable about themselves and getting nowhere.

    Life always has no-win situations. Don't fight with tem.

    Just get around and try something different!

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