40 miles down, 85 to go

Its only 10:30am, Im doing ok for time – kinda. Almost all the elevation gain(3000-5000') is in the last 40 miles, so far just easy rollers.

One incident already. Stupid mini- van driver cut me off doing a right turn in front of me and I had to lock and slide. No signal or warning at all – I was looking in my rearview. They mis estimated my speed (25mph) or just couldnt be inconvienced by slowing down. Anyway they nearly rolled their minivan and I nearly gave them a face print in the side of their van. Gotta love cycling in the USA, that would never happen in Germany.

7 thoughts on “40 miles down, 85 to go”

  1. I have a mountain bike but only use it on roads – its SO much more comfortable than my road bike (and about 1/3 the speed)

  2. Martin, Firebrain

    yes, but very nice landscape and MUCH more pleasent wheather for biking than here in Germany in the moment. Still it's nice to go jogging here :-)

  3. Scooby you're a beast man. If i saw you riding your bike towards me, i'd be out of your way quicker than Moses parted the red sea.

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