How to achieve goals you think are impossible

No question, I woukd have quit at mile 70 had I not told the world I was doing 120 miles today! My knees were in excruciating pain from the road bike with clipless pedals that I hadnt been on for 9 months. I was wounded from the minivan cutting me off. I was cold. I was filthy from changing my tire on the muddy shoulder. I didnt want to climb the 2850′ mountain between me and home. As I touched on in my motivation video, stating your goals publically can be a powerful motivator – worked for me. I was not willing to admit defeat. The last 10 miles up the peak took two complete hours. I had to alternate a few minutes of cycling with a few minutes of limping. The pain seemed better than the shame of quitting.

It took me 10 hrs to do 110 mikes, mainky because of my knee. Next time I will do much better. I better if I am to complete 200 miles in 17.5hrs!!!

By the way, ya gotta use good judgement and not push for goals so unreasonable that you injure yourself!!!

Now soaking the knees, aaaah

8 thoughts on “How to achieve goals you think are impossible”

  1. Really awesome man, you are an inspiration for us all!
    you should make a post about this on the forums as well if you have the time, in the forums there is way more ppl discussing and i believe, since it's pretty much all about you, i mean the forum, post in there as well, i dont know if everyone from the forum reads your blog, but i find it really inspirational for me, you post great stuff…
    sorry for bad english, its not my main language!
    thx for all scooby

  2. Lol! You even have your iPhone in the bath! you always make typos when posting from your iPhone too, an endearing idiosyncrasy, man. I find a hot bath and Ibuprofen helps my joints after lots of leg work (ie. 3 hour taekwondo sessions!).

    Keep up the good work. You are the voice in my head that says "every calorie counts" when I'm eyeing up the chcoloate bars in the shop.

  3. Yup, and good judgement is possible only by knowledge, experience and critical thinking.

    You have taught me so much. I wish more and more people will learn from you!

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