Boycott Optimum Nutrition 100% natural protein powder

I have been recommending Optimum Nutrition 100% Natural protein powder for over a decade now but I can no longer recommend it. Optimum Nutrition, are you listening? Do you care? In the old days, they really used to be 100% natural, then they reformulated, and reformulated again until we have this:

What in the heck is “Rebaudioside A”? Doesnt sound natural to me! What about “Aminogen TM”, last I checked, you couldn’t trademark nature. How in the heck can they call this product “100% Natural” when it contains trademarked compounds??? What are they hiding in that trademarked Aminogen that they dont want us to know about? Legally, they dont have to disclose whats in it.
Help me find a new natural protein powder to support and promote on my website. Please post links in your comments to 100% Natural products.

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  1. Kerri Weisgerber

    Lecithin is usually GMO soy. I don’t see how they can get away with calling themselves “100% natural” when this is listed as an ingredient.

  2. I know this is an old message, but just wanted to mention the protein powder I just ordered recently. It’s Jarrow Formulas Organic Whey Protein Powder. It’s only 17g protein per serving and a little more expensive than other protein powders, but I love the fact that it’s 100% organic.

    I also found a really good 100% organic protein bar called Organic Food Bar, Protein. It has 22g of protein per bar.

  3. My favorite is Natural Whey by Kaizen naturals, taste fresh and milky, mixes well, and great price $12/LB
    Kaizen Naturals products are made from 100% New Zealand Whey, which is considered to be the healthiest, cleanest and purist protein supplement in the world.

    The dairy used to produce Kaizen Naturals Whey is sourced from healthy, grass-fed, and hormone-free New Zealand cows that are antibiotic-free, GMO-free (free from Genetically Modified Organisms) and are routinely screened for chemical contaminants including pesticides and heavy metals. check the link for nutrition fact:)
    Surrey, BC, Canada

  4. All that is is stevia which is about the only healthy non toxic sweetner and aminoacids provided by a third party.

  5. Hi Scooby,

    A good protein powder in my opinion that’s completely natural and lists all there ingredients is Progressive Harmonized Protein. It is relatively expensive compared to most proteins but it is 100% natural and all their materials are from New Zealand and processed in Canada. I don’t live in the USA so I’m not sure what American stores sell it but it is on if your keen on ordering online.

    The companies original site is below if your interested in reading up on their products;

    Another great company is You can formulate your own products to your needs and put in exactly __what you want__ in your protein powders or you can use their mixes (which are better then 99% of mixes you can buy at a store in my opinion). The shipping is a little expensive but the material is from mostly the USA with a few in Canada/Belgium/Sweden/New Zealand and overall it will be cheaper in the long run.

    Hopefully this helps! :)

    1. Scooby it is still on your website as recomended too and I could have ordered it from Amazon by just chance I found this link too please remove the older one from your website where you recomend this shake.

  6. I bought Optimum for the last 3 years. Thanks for letting us know about that. I shall never buy any of their products again! Should be illegal to call the product 100%…

  7. Hello Mr. Scooby,

    I can understand that very well. I myself am looking for a product that eliminates artificial crap. Here is my discovery:, 4b0bd1e7d711a, 4ad7467c2105c9_6, ProVista-bio-bio-protein-100 —

    I would be interested in your opinion as much.

    Best regards


  8. Mister Scooby!

    Since you are very smart man and really promote healhty, natural ways to fitness and health, i really recoment you to see this video. It helps i think to better understand, why it is more harder to find in stored food that is not chemically altered.

    With best,

  9. I have been using a product called Kaizen Naturals for a while now. There are a few ingredients in it that I am unsure about and I try to avoid anything with soy in it but it seems nearly impossible, especially if you are on a tight budget. The product is not too bad over all considering the price I pay is about $45. I was wondering what you think of it though. Here is the link and you can order it from here if you're interested.

  10. This is the reason I do not take any supplements at all. I workout 5-6 hours a week and 3-4 hours of cardio and all I take is a well balanced and strict diet.

    My diet consists of:
    Carbs coming from – beans, lentils, wholegrain foods.
    Protein from – Tuna (in water/brine), chicken, lean beef occasionally to balance diet.
    Nutrients from: Lots of vegetables and fruit and cannot get enough of the stuff.

    By the way everything I eat comes from whole foods nothing is processed (apart from the tuna but that's because it's a lot cheaper than buying the tuna steaks)

    This is my preference because I love to cook and always make nutritious meals in advance when I'm busy.

  11. i decided im not buying protein powder anymore anyway. i dont need it. i eat enough meat and egg whites.

    personal preference really. im not trying to convert anyone. milk tastes better to me before i put a scoop of mystery powder in it

  12. I drink Glanbia Whey Protein. The only ingridient is 100% whey protein protein. No sugar, no artifical flavors, no cocoa… Nothing. Only 100% whey protein. I´m from brazil, and here is the only cheap and natural whey protein. Do you know something about it? All I know is that Glanbia is who manufactures the raw material for the optium nutrition. Sorry for any english mistakes.

  13. Six Star and Solgar were also rated with the fewest or no heavy metals in CR, but Six Star doesn't have natural, and Solgar contains a good amount of fructose!

  14. Problem is Scooby, you're the one who pointed out the issue with toxic heavy metals in whey. I checked out the CR test done last year and O.N. Whey was the best of the 14 tested as I recall. I know, I hate it too when my favorite products get reformulated, but most people do want it sweet. I've been using Designer Whey Natural unflavored for years. They recently introduced natural flavors sweetened with stevia. I guess O.N. has to compete. I'm planning to switch to it since CR rated it the safest in regards to the heavy metal content.


  16. For those in Australia, this is the product I take, WPC from:
    100% Natural. Loving it so far, it pretty much has no taste. Blend it with bananas, berries, green tea powder or cocoa and it tastes pretty good. Or, if you have no time just mix with water, quick and easy.

  17. Scooby, it'd be wise to do some research first before staging a boycott. At the end of the day, your readers showed you proof that the 2 listed ingredients are natural. A simple google search would show that Rebaudioside A is a Stevia plant derivative.

  18. body tech Whey Protein Isolate WPI Unflavored

    Ingredients 100% Whey Protein Isolate

    What more could you ask for : )

  19. @scooby

    Here is the link to a study on the effect of proteolytic enzymes on whey protein digestion

    this blend of proteolytic enzymes is now known as Aminogen.

    The first time I saw this Aminogen term was on Sci-MX whey protein … and it says "digestive proteases from aspergillus niger and aspergillus oryzae (Aminogen®)"

    I hope that clears everything ..

  20. True, Stevia is natural as far as I know. But why any flavor? I would rather have 100% whey protein and add my own flavor as needed.

  21. Why do they insist on make this SO COMPLICATED! All I want is a product with an ingredients list that looks like this:

    Ingredients: Whey Protein Isolate, Natural Flavor.

    I dont want anything else!!!!! I dont need it sweetened. I dont need supplements mixed in. I just want WHEY!

  22. @Waleed. Please post a link that shows the ingredients list of Aminogen and a nutritional label, I couldnt find one anywhere.

  23. Just to make things clear for everybody here :

    1) Aminogen is just a commercial name for an "all natural enzyme" they extract for a strain of algae. This enzyme accelerates the digestion of protein

    2) Rebaudioside A is an all natural sweetner>

    so I'm afraid I'm gonna have to agree with the manufacturer's claim and say it's still 100% natural.

  24. Scooby! I think I e-mailed you about this a couple of years ago. I was asking about stevia in ON's Natural Whey products. Apparently Rebaudioside is a byproduct of stevia (made by coke i think).

    Right now I'm drinking ON's Oats and Whey. It has more calories but it has NO Stevia/Rebaudioside. It does have cane juice but I guess that is in fact 100% natural at least.

  25. Hey Scooby How about this DYMATIZE ELITE. They write they are free for aspartam, no sugar, no artificial flavor. what do you think about it? its not exepensive

  26. Scoob I had Optimum Nutrition 100% natural protein bottle which I purchase 5 months ago, and since I'm using the bottle to fill it up with coins I notice that it already had these ingredients. Since I'm stop using it and got something worse should I get Optimum Nutrition 100% natural protein and just limited it to 3 scoops in the entire day? The more I loot at it, we don't know if any of those organic powders are organic at all. Who knows if they are telling us the truth of how they are gathering these powders. I'm thinking of goin back to Optimum Nutrition 100% natural protein but what do you think?

  27. @Franco can you provide more details, I know that artificial flavor is not good but what else does it have that is dangerous? and can anyone provide me with a better protein product.

  28. By the way, I am serious about this boycott! Optimum Nutrition either needs to remove "100% Natural" from the name or they need to remove the AminoGen and Stevia from the product.

  29. Let me get this straight, you want someone to take milk, chew up the protein with enyzmes extracted from giant fungus fermentors, and suck all the water out in a vacuum kiln and expect it to be "natural"?

    I'm trying my hardest to be polite here, but perhaps your expectations aren't realistic.

    Have you considered making your own Yoghurt?

  30. @Dan If the quantity of AminoGen is ridiculously small then they should just remove it from the product. Its NOT natural, plain and simple.

  31. now sports makes a 100% natural mix. ingredients: Whet protein, soy lecithin. that's it. tastes great with natural cocoa.

    @ gabriel.. eas is a terrible brand, check dangerous chemical studies.

  32. Blue California has isolated Rebaudioside A, a pure compound derived from Stevia rebaudiana and responsible for stevia’s sweet taste — but not its distinct aftertaste. The natural sweetening capacity of this pure compound makes it ideal for the food and beverage industries. Currently, FDA only approves stevia-derived sweeteners as a dietary supplement. However, many leading food and beverage processors teamed together to encourage a change in status. Rebaudioside A can be used in products such as protein powders, nutritional bars, beverages, cereals, desserts, yogurts, gum, candies, chocolates and any other product that can benefit from sweetness without extra calories. Blue California offers unique contract manufacturing services such as microencapsulation, extraction processing and complete R&D solutions under strict ISO-9001:2000 (Quality Management), ISO-14001 (Environmental Management) and cGMP standards. Blue California manufactures kosher-certified, standardized botanical extracts and specialty ingredients for functional products.

    I drink the EAS 100% Whey Protein, its healthy but it does have both natural and artificial flavoring, but at least they advertised it lol.

  33. Rebaudioside A – The steviol glycosides are responsible for the sweet taste of the leaves of the stevia plant (Stevia rebaudiana Bertoni).

    So it's natural.. next time, try google :)

    and for the 100% natural protein, I use IVI stuff.. but I don't know if they are available in USA..

  34. Scooby, those ingredients that you are complaining about are the last two listed, meaning that they are the smallest amounts, compared to all the other ingredients. I agree that they are false advertising somewhat-but the amount of those ingredients is ridiculously small. And considering that this is the cheapest and most accessible option for me (and most average people), there is no way that I could support boycotting this.

  35. The one product I know is excellent is "Whey To Health" by the company Source Naturals. Trouble is that its really, really expensive because its organic. If consumer demand picks up, I'm sure the price will drop

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