Scooby needs your help!!

I need your help! Please send an email for me!
I have spent the last decade showing people how they can get lose fat, gain muscle, and get in the best shape of their lives without spending a dime. I have worked tirelessly to bring fitness to those who thought they couldn’t afford it. I give all my videos and website information away free.
The below despicable organizations are using my popularity to sell expensive books! They are using the keywords “scooby gain muscle lose fat” which is what many people use to find my website and have deceptively named their websites:
They want it to look like I am endorsing and promoting these websites and their products. I AM NOT!
Using my name and popularity to make a buck is despicable, especially when my primary goal has been to bring fitness to everyone for FREE. It goes against everything I believe in.
Please let these people know what you think of them!
On each of the above website, please dlick on the “Contact Me” link to send them an email and let them know what you think of their slimy sales tactics!!

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  1. Greetings Scooby,

    I didn’t know how best to contact you so I thought just to leave a comment here.

    All I wanted to say was thank you for everything you have done with your website and YouTube account in helping us mere mortals look all lovely muscly. It is so refreshing to see someone act so selflessly and not try and plug their own products to help the masses get all fit and healthy.

    I’m currently using your intermediate workout plan and diet techniques to try and get a little bigger and stronger and I am already seeing some minor results!

    I am so grateful for your website and your deep insight, I’m damn sure without it I’m sure I’d working up a sweat for nothing!

    yours sincerely


  2. scienceisenlightening

    Business does not = integrity.

    That is why you are so amazing Scooby / Hans.

    You really care about people by sharing your wisdom. And the fact that you aren't profitting off it make me honored to be a fan of yours.

    – Antonio

  3. Emailed both. What a SAD way to try and make a buck. Basically every dimwit with HTML skills can claim they have the magic recipe, sell it dearly, and promote their garbage using the name of the one guy who is trying to spread good awareness. Keep the patience scooby, their trash won't last long.

  4. Too bad the person spamming my current video with his silly "Broscience" comment couldnt do something useful and spam Edwin Nijhof!

  5. Scooby, I'm sure it's annoying, but I wouldn't worry about those turds. Anyone who has heard of you and is Googling to find you will know those sites are not yours. They only have scooby in the URL and nowhere else on the sites. Anyone with half a brain will know you're not involved. If we email them, we'll just end up getting tons of spam, and they won't really care what we say. They're turds. Legal action is the only thing that will shut them down, and it might not be worth your time as they aren't using your photo, full name, or duplicating parts of your site.

  6. hey scoob i emailed the scumbags saying
    "Using someone else's name, popularity and reputation for your own personal gain to make a few bucks is despicable and wrong, especially when its someone who spends a lot of time and effort producing material to get nothing in return financially.

    Shut your site site down"

    Cheers for all your help and advice

  7. But this is not spam! What they're doing is completely legal. They do not use the image of Scooby or articles.

    They use only the keywords that are not owned by anyone. There is no way to win them in court.

    But like I said. We can push them to the bottom of the google results.

    Start link to real Scooby page using the keywords "scooby gain muscle lose fat" etc.

  8. Can you contact the web provider?

    if all else fails just DDos the site until the host gets rid of them!

  9. Many people here mentioned about suing them.

    That's practically useless. Scooby will have to hire very expensive lawyers and if these sites are outside of US, then more expensive international lawyers…

    What we can do is to e-mail and ask them why they use Scooby's name.

    We received so much from Scooby. Let's do what we can to help him.

    If you ever find funny commercial sites using his name, just ask them why and tell them to stop it. And tell about it to Scooby.

  10. People simply should start reporting their website directly to a Clickbank the resource they are selling their book through. After enough complaints they will get in serious trouble.
    Simply report that they are selling a scam.

  11. I gave them a piece of my mind, I cant understand how pepole can do that they have no morale what so ever.

  12. Since Matt found the domain provider maybe its possible to prove to that company "GoDaddy" that they are stealing your property and they might do something to him

  13. First site is registered in Singapore.

    InfoBizz Technologies

    Blk 685B, #02-0302
    Choa Chu Kang Crescent
    Singapore, Singapore 682685

    Registered through:, Inc. (
    Created on: 16-Mar-11
    Expires on: 16-Mar-12
    Last Updated on: 16-Mar-11

    Administrative Contact:
    Nijhof, Edwin [email protected]
    InfoBizz Technologies
    Blk 685B, #02-0302
    Choa Chu Kang Crescent
    Singapore, Singapore 682685

    Technical Contact:
    Nijhof, Edwin [email protected]
    InfoBizz Technologies
    Blk 685B, #02-0302
    Choa Chu Kang Crescent
    Singapore, Singapore 682685

  14. Scooby, I've bought up as many domain names that I can think of with my company name in them. Just to protect myself, then linked them all to my website. Something you might want to think about.

    Get your own domain name for this place too!! Its a blogspot, which has its own set of issues. All this should be protected and on your own domain!

    Have you thought about maybe an affiliate link to somewhere like netrition .com to help pay things? Id certainly order my protein powder thru here to help with costs.

    Just some things to think on.

  15. matthias_solberghe

    Scooby I sent one of the OTHER sites an e-mail and I started asking them to remove youre tags and stuff and at the end i told them they should look out for any hackers because I would'nt want anything to happen to there site…

  16. I know how to beat them – use their own weapons. We need to raise your site in the results.

    I have a blog. I added a post with links to your site. I used a phrase "scooby gain muscle lose fat" which has been stolen. If many people will do the same. Their site will falls in google results. And Your will be on the top.

    There is only one true Scooby!

  17. I couldn't think what to tell them until I thought of the appropriate fitness industry invective and told them to "cram it up your cramhole!".

  18. I did it for you, mate. The fact that you state one can effectively train at home without no money paid, that's so rare nowadays when everyone's trying to make money on everything. I hope those people who use your name will burn in hell.

  19. Unless they're using your image or actual website name, there's nothing you can do to them. If they were that would be where infringement comes into play.

  20. Unfortunately there really isn't anything you can do about it. Linking their pages here is just going to help their google rating on searches, not to mention all the extra hits. As you've said they really don't have any morals, they are just trying to make money. They don't care who they hurt or how. They will do anything they can to achieve their goals. Even if those sites get taken down they can create new ones that do the same things in a matter of minutes. Just the dark side of the internet.

    About the only thing you can do is post that you don't endorse anything that isn't on your specific domain names, and warn people that there are other scam sites taking advantage of your name.

  21. Hey Scoob, I left messages on both contact e.mails. I played dumb and asked, "what is a scooby? Like a scooby doo thing?"

    Now let's see what they say!

    If they don't respond by tomorrow, we'll call them out for the scammers that they are!

    Hans Rocks!


  22. Scooby! don't link their website directly (instead do www DOT loosefatscoobygainmusclefast DOT com). You're giving them a higher rank in the Google search engine if you're linking to their website! also remove the labels/tags of their website!

  23. Scooby, can't you easily sue them? But to be honest I'm not surprised. You're probably the best source anywhere regarding bodybuilding. Although I do agree this is wrong but this not fair. It will always be like this. Don't get too worked up about it scooby. You're much better than them.

  24. Scoob, this is a tactic used by creeps to help their website get more hits by gaming Google. By injecting the word Scooby into the website a bunch of times, Google will rank their website higher on search results if, say someone searched for the phrase "scooby bodybuilding". It's totally despicable.

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