How to choose a good gym, tip #1

Tip #1 to help you choose a good gym.

While taking a tour of your prospective gym, look for signs posted in the cardio room. If you see a sign like this rationing use then RUN away from that gym as fast as you can!! Any time limits means the gym has oversold its memberships and the gym will be unusable at peak times. Gyms you cant use are not a bargain at any price!

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  1. oh and there is no sign up sheet. i have no idea of why they put those signs up. i was a member back in the early 1990s and they had signs like that and waiting and sign up sheets, but it hasnt been that way for a loonnnnggggg time now.

  2. i go to 24 hour fitness and have never had to wait for a machine. ever. it might vary per gym location, but i frequent 5 in my area and its the same at all of them: no waiting.

  3. i got a groupon membership to anytime fitness for 2 months. its 24 hours. i get there at 5:30 and the entire place is mine. nobody there, not even staf members. its like i have my own personal gym. i could workout naked. last night i stopped [email protected] pm and it was me and 2 other people. so nice!

  4. My gym is only $16 and so clean never wait for any machine except very few times. I guess i got lucky with it

  5. Most of the GYMs I know (here in Brussels) have become social centers where noisy music and people talking and having fun are all you can get. For cardio, the best is going to any big park where you are your limit.

  6. The gym I have chosen in Mid Wales may only have two treadmills, two walkers, two cycles, two rowers, four weighted machines and 30lbs of free weights, but it has no restrictions on use bar money. You could train there for ten hours (at a cost of £36) and no one would object in the slightest

  7. Hi there. I generally agree with the tip. It's all true. However, 20 mins is ample time to do your cardio when you know what your doing. Key is the intensity. So I agree that you should avoid overcrowded gyms at all cost, and what Scooby pointed out is good indication, but if that's all you can get – don't be discouraged – just increase the intensity of your cardio.

  8. I still cant believe there is a 20 min limit, that basically means you can use the machines for warmup only and not cardio.

  9. The gym I go to is pretty big I suppose, theres always lots of treadmills free and benches to use in the dumbbell area even from 5-9pm during the week…

    still only has one squat cage though, and there's always a bunch of gorillas lined up to use it and do their quarter-range squats with too many plates on the bar…

    Im saving to buy my own treadmill (dont wanna get a cheap one if im gonna run on it almost everyday) and I already have some dumbbells and barbells and about 200lbs of plates in my basement, so I can cancel my membership

  10. @Charles Those would be the same reasons I would use a gym. I love the flexibility of being able to exercise in the comfort of my own living room, blaring any kind of music I want to hear.

  11. thank you (again), scoob!!! that sign comes from 24 hour fitness, and that's why I stopped going there.

  12. I think I'm probably spoiled. I only use the gym for the pool, steamroom, and hot tub.

    I don't need a gym for Scooby's S61XL Mass Gain Program!!!!!

  13. yeah i totally agree! i find it really absurd when i encounter such rules at a gym. how in the world is 20, 30, or even 45 minutes of cardio enough?! i believe gyms must go by a minimal standard of ethics, just like other institutions involved in health and well-being.

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