Finally a politician who understands fitness – Aaron Schock

FINALLY, we have one politician who understands health and fitness! Congressman Aaron Schock gets it! One person cant make a majority, but one person with a knowledge of fitness and health in congress is infinitely better than none. One congressman who understands that promoting exercise and good nutrition is the cheapest form of “universal health care” there is. Go Congressman Schock! I’m rooting for you!
You might ask about Arnold Schwarzenegger, yes he was the most famous bodybuilder of all time. The difference is that Congressman Schock is into fitness for health, Arnold was into bodybuilding to get as huge as possible (using steroids, then legal) and win Mr Olympia. Professional bodybuilding has nothing at all to do with health.
So Congressman, want to do a video with me on my youtube channel promoting home fitness?? :)

8 thoughts on “Finally a politician who understands fitness – Aaron Schock”

  1. Meh, He is a republican. However, it is nice to have someone who is into health in politics, but he supports a lot of other horrible stuff..

  2. @omatsu123, its true! pro bodybuilders are probably some of the least healthy individuals on the planet second only to 340 pound football players.

  3. He will be on the cover of mens health for June. Very fit fella. When you realize the cost of healthcare to treat the morbidly obese and the fact that many are on disablity it is a huge drain on our system.

  4. >Professional bodybuilding has nothing at all
    >to do with health.

    I laughed so hard that my laptop is dirty with my coffee!

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