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As part of recommending a new protein powder, I am trying everything – egg, whey, soy, hemp. I am looking for not only high quality protein that is appropriate for bodybuilders but products that are natural and/or organic. Part of the reason I no longer recommend Optimum Nutrition products is that their “100% Natural” product is not 100% natural in my book anymore.

After trying pure protein powders (no sweeteners, flavors, or anything else added), a universal truth has developed – all protein powders taste pretty bad in their natural state but each has its own quirks. None of them taste good if you dont doctor them up. My preference is to buy the natural product and doctor it up myself with things like banana rather than let them do it at the factory with Stevia and other “natural” things.
As I write this I’m eating a very green bowl of oatmeal. Oatmeal with hemp protein in it. Without sugar, I could barely hold it down. Amazingly with a very small amount of something sweet (fruit or jam) it tasted OK. Chalk and algae is what hemp tastes like in its raw form.
Soy protein has its own unique problems. The worst of which is that it turns to glue. It really reminds me of that child safe glue that they use in kindergarten which kids are not supposed to eat but they always do. Dont ask me how I know this but to me soy protein tastes very similar to that kindergarten construction paste. Again, with a little doctoring it becomes quite palatable.
Isolated whey protein we have all had but few of us has had the real deal. If you get it without any sweetener and without any flavor, it is a different beast. Of all the types of protein powder, plain isolated whey has the most neutral flavor but nobody would call it good tasting. Because of its neutral flavor, its the easiest to doctor up.
Egg protein I have real problems with. I have a cast iron stomach but I have a real hard time with egg protein, I can barely keep it down. Not only that I seem to have problems digesting it. Because of my incredible fiber and bean consumption I have a lot of gas but egg protein turns me into a Pratt & Whitney turbojet. I’m going to have trouble doing an egg protein justice in my reviews.
Bear in mind, this is just my initial impressions on TASTE. I’m making no judgements on protein quality nor have I factored in cost yet.

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  1. Protein powder is a convenient way to easily add more protein to the diet. It can be used as an ingredient in a morning smoothie which makes a nutritious breakfast for those who cannot tolerate solid foods in the morning but realize the importance of consuming a healthy breakfast. Thanks a lot.

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  2. Hey everyone. I was recommended this protein powder and have been using it for about a year now. I'm not knowledgeable about all the small, hard-to-pronounce ingredients but the label itself says "More natural, contains no artifical flavors, sweeteners, or colors" and says that it is "laboratory tested and assayed." In one scoop, (their serving size is 1 1/2 scoops) there is 30g of protein, 2g of carbs, and less than 2g of fat, 0 saturated fat. The protein is Health 'N Fit's "100% Whey Pro-Amino." Feel free to Google it and read up more on it.

  3. I eat 5-6 meals a day all of which are high in protein and fibre.
    I would consider myself a good cook which helps greatly to keep a good diet tailored for body-builders.
    I won't lie, having powder would help to reduce my calorie consumption but I am a very active person, I play sport 2-3 times a week, lift weights 5 times a week and have my cardio on top of that.

    I just feel committed to stick to my natural whole foods diet. Down the line if my lifting increases to 6-7 times a week then i would consider powders but for now I'll stick to my tasty diet.

  4. Bio Chem 100% Natural Whey

    ingredients: 100% whey protein, xanthan gum, natural flavor

    Your choice of strawberry, veggie, chocolate, vanilla- and they taste delicious.

  5. Riccardo: It's difficult to get 200-300g+ of protein eating only high protein foods. That would be 7-10+ chicken breasts or cans of tuna a day. This would put you way WAY over the calorie limits for most diets.

    These are among the densest proteins, as well, so if you're like scooby and consume mostly vegetarian fare, you're going to be eating buckets of beans and soy and nuts.

  6. I dont consume any supplements including protein powder. High protein natural foods is all I consume and they taste great.
    I could see who this would be more difficult for people how lack time and cooking skills.

  7. there are protein powders that are all natural by brand name Nutrilite, check it out its all natural soy and whey.

  8. Hey scoob

    How about doctering help prtein with some organic natural cacao powder and fruit?

  9. I had the same trouble with egg white protein. Quite a painful experience.
    I have been making 6 oz pudding cups with a scoop of whey protein powder and skim milk with gelatin packets. 3 packets of gelatin powder per 48 oz of milk & 8 scoops of powder works well. choose your flavorings and sweeteners. don't burn milk. warm milk slightly, mix in pre-dissolved gelatin. stir in ingredients well. pour into 8 oz containers with lids. refrigerate.
    taste much better with 2% or whole milk, but you know…….

  10. Hey Scooby,

    Thanks for the overview here. On that same note, what are your views on the 1g of protein per pound of weight and what happens if you take more or less of that daily? I havent found a text on the subject that would make a definite point on it.

    Always a fan,


  11. glennthepiemonster

    scooby watch out for ANYTHING soy unless its organic the rest is all GMO and can cause health problems i heard soy is bad for testosterone also? good luck finding an organic protein powder! keep up the good work

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