LifeCycle 2011 day 3

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Day 3 of the 600 mile charity ride “LifeCycle”. 80 or 90 miles, pretty easy today with beautiful weather.Maybe its because I live live in California so Im biased, but today was really beautiful. My favorite part was around Lake San Antonio because it has rolling golden hills with huge, majestic live oaks complete with long moss “hair” swaying in the breeze. At points, it forms a tunnel over Jolon Road -nothing like it. 

Lots of sun today.  Since it was a short day, I laid out at a few of the water stops to help hide my “cyclist tan” that occurs even when you use SPF50.

As I mentioned before, I have a mtn bike when 99% of folks have road bikes and I wouldnt trade! I made a handlebar modification – of course, I would never ride an ordinary bike :) It lets me ride completely upright or even when standing vertically. While all the road bike riders are staring at the pavement 50′ in front of their bikes, I am comfortably looking around at the glorious scenery. They arrive with sore backs and stiff necks and Im comfy and fine. Ya, it has a slight speed penalty, but I call it “high effeciency” – I get much more exercise per mile than they do :) Im in no hurry, Id rather get more exercise.  Besides, today we had to go along several horribly bumpy sections of hwy 101 and I was very, very happy to have full suspension.

At Pasa Robles now in camp. Uploaded a new video this morning, gotta love the iPad :)

If you havent seen it, here it is, its on chin ups: