Day 6 of LifeCycle, Lompoc to Ventura 

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Day 6, Lompoc to Ventura 

88 beautiful miles today on awesome roads with wide shoulders. Although we never saw the sun, the ride along the coast was amazing. The hill up out of Lompoc was just enough to warm up and the hill down to the coast a fun ride.  People are still amazed that Im doing this ride with a full suspension mountain bike with teva sandals, and caution streamers.  

My achilles are still very inflamed and painful from having my seat too high on day 2 (the 108 mike day).  I can walk if I take baby steps, cycling is easier but Its still painful. Im determined to cycle all 545 miles so Im icing my achilles for the last 66 miles tomorrow. I plan on starting very early and taking it easy.

When I get home, cardio is going to have to be swimming for the next month to let my achilles recover.