Remove your weights, or else!

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Love this sign I found on a leg press machine in a gym I visited today! Its clear and concise. The only thing more annoying to a serious bodybuilder walking up to a machine and finding a dozen nickels and dimes on it is for a 70 year old man to walk up to the same machine and find it still loaded with 100 pound plates. Fair is fair, everybody leave it stripped when you are done.

9 thoughts on “Remove your weights, or else!”

  1. I hate it when I have to strip down some monster's bench press weights. Yes, we know. You can press 200+ lbs. How about using that super-strength of yours to put the weight discs back after you are done?

  2. Haha wouldn't it be funny if there was a typo on that sign and they missed the "s" at the end of weights :P


  3. I go to my college's gym so maybe it's a bit different, but I appreciate people leaving weights on. If I am benching I always strip everything off, but I like it when someone leaves the curl bar with 2 10s on each side (65 total). It's easy to add an extra 10 or two if you want more, and if you want to do less you can easily take off a plate. I guess it's partially because we're not TOO different strength-wise. From the looks of it this is on a leg press machine which I agree should be unloaded since there are a lot of 45s on it and that's tough to unload for beginners.

  4. I'd be a happy customer of that gym!

    1/2 of the time I've spent at some gyms has been putting weights back because someone thinks their mothers work there. The only thing worse is having to park in someone else's man-juice because they were too lazy to use a freakin' towel.

  5. lol, this is why I go at 6:30am. I can leave all my weight on all my diff things. Do everything I want to do and break it all down and be out of there before the next guy walks in.

  6. and by the way i've never seen a legpress machine before so i'm just doin sit down and stand up excercise! i really admire your shape and hope to get the same in the future ^^

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