What does Scooby say at the end of his videos?

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People often wonder what I say at the end of my videos and why. What I say is in German

“Alles Klar? Auf Wiedersehen!”

“Alles Klar?” Means, do you get it? Do you understand?
“Auf Wiedersehen” Means goodbye, until we see each other again
So why do I speak German at the end? I worked in Germany for two years and loved it. Some German phrases are just more compact than their English equivalents so I like using them. In one video, I got a comment from a viewer saying “Who is Peter Zane?” I puzzled and puzzled and died laughing when it occurred to me that they thought “Auf Widersehen” was “I’m Peter Zane”.
I thought this would be a great place to keep track of all the funny things that people think I’m saying, please add your own to the list!!!

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  1. Якунин Сергей

    I learned german in school so I understood your german words at once wondering “Is he german by origin?” :) By the way-a good explanation of that german Alles Klar was given in the movie “U-571”!

  2. greetings from canada scooby!! id just like to thank you for all the great tips,they made a world of change to my muscle gains…Auf Wiedersehen

  3. Hi Scooby,
    Alles Klar also means “All done” or “everything complete” in Dutch, Afrikaans and Flemmish. So it works well in 4 languages :) Bargain! I thought at first you might be from Dutch decent or something.
    Anywho, love your site and YouTube channel. Keep truckin’.
    Tot later ou grote (Later big guy).

  4. Hallo Scooby,
    danke für die Erklärung! Wo in Deutschland hast Du gearbeitet? In welcher Stadt?
    Greetings from Germany and thanks for making videos that are so educating and entertaining at the same time! Auf Wiedersehen!

  5. It sounds to me, "alle kudasai, alle desu, alle desutte!", in Japanese. Which means in English, "Give me that,that one, that one!". ;-)

  6. I take "alles klar" to mean "everything clear." I'm also more imformal when not wearing a shirt.


  7. wait a minute, i thought since you go by "scooby", that at the end of ur vids you would say 'i'm peter zane', (thats your real name) it is right?

  8. @George It is definitely not a nod to Arnold Schwarzenegger. I know he is the hero of many, but I put Jack LaLane ahead of him :)

    I would speak french at the end of the video but I dont speak a word :)

  9. @Martin and Lab74, this is exactly what I meant by saying that I loved German because it is so compact. Depending on the tone and situation, it can convey many different meanings – each might require several sentences in English to explain. My favorite is the Parent-Child snarling version of "Alles Klar", that basically means – "You BETTER have been paying attention or I WILL tan your hide young man" :)

  10. ahahhahahah I'm peter zane lol that is great, you should through that in at the end of one of your videos;)lol

  11. Martin, Firebrain

    Hi Scooby,
    I really appreciate ( being german ), that you say "Alles klar" and "Auf Wiedersehen" at the end of your videos!
    Alles klar ist used as "Did you get it?", but also people use it as "Are you O.K.? Is everthing going all'right?"

    kind regards from Munich, Martin

  12. @ Ottotherobotto
    It depends in what situation it is used and how you tone it pronounce it. Born canadian but got raised in germany lived there for 27 years. My english is bad but my german is fluent.
    Greetings to all from Calgary alberta =)

  13. hahaha i always thought Alles Klar meant All is clear?? Kinda makes sense and synonomous to do you get it/understand? Auf Wiedersehen i thought it meant all feet are sane

  14. Perhaps the person thought "I am Peter Zane" as it sounds similar but also that you are a body builder and there is a famous body builder with the last name Zane, Frank Zane whom I am referring to.

    Or just coincidence =)

    I wasn't sure but I assumed that the phrases meant something along those lines.

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