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Losing weight is a billion dollar industry in America, there are thousands of devices and programs you can buy that promise to get you “6-pack abs fast” but they don’t work! If it were as easy as buying a pill, shake, or ab machine then the shopping malls across America would be filled with men who have rippling washboard abs-of-death and women wearing size zero dresses. What do we see instead? Obesity everywhere!

There are no shortcuts to 6-pack abs!

You can’t buy 6-pack abs but I will give them to you for free! Are you ready for the secret? Losing weight and getting 6-pack abs is as easy as one, two, three!

    1. Exercise a bit more
    2. Eat a bit less
    3. Drink lots of water!

Those three things are far, far easier than you might imagine! You dont have to make drastic changes to lose weight or get ripped abs, just minor course corrections. In fact, making minor corrections rather than drastic ones can be MORE successful because its so easy to do and stick with. You added the fat very gradually over years, it doesnt take much of a change to reverse the trend and get ripped abs.

Lets start with #1, exercise a bit more. This is KEY to your success. If you do just 25 minutes of cardio a day, it activates your fat afterburners to help melt the fat away. It doesnt have to be anything fancy, brisk walking is fine if you dont feel like jogging. By doing just 3hrs of cardio a week, it puts your metabolism into overdrive so you burn off more calories even when you are resting. So thats #1, do 25min of cardio a day.

#2, eat a little bit less. No diet required here! Use the simple substitution method. Just choose TWO things that you eat often that you know are unhealthy and substitute something healthier. Thats it! Anybody can make two simple substitutions! If you drink coke every day, substitute water or a diet drink. If you have french fries with dinner every day, substitute a baked potato. Thats it! Nothing drastic, nothing difficult. Those two simple substitutions will be very easy to live with and start you on the path to losing fat. So thats #2, make two simple healthy substitutions.

#3 Drink lots of water! Drinking lots of water can help you lose weight, especially when you drink it right before meals. Research suggests you can lose fat 40% faster if you drink two 8oz glasses of water before each meal. [Journal Obesity February 2010]

Thats it! Losing fat and getting 6-pack abs is as easy as 1-2-3. #1 Do daily cardio, #2 make 2 easy substitutions, and #3 drink lots of water! Easy as 1-2-3! Did you note that I didnt even mention ab exercises in this whole video? Thats for a reason! Getting abs is 95% bodyfat reduction!

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  1. sir you said a very good thing that abs exercises wont show you abs only loosing fat in your stomach will show you body abs

  2. One random thing I came across, that may be helpful for anyone who (like me) spends too much time in front of the computer – switch to a standing desk. You don’t need to get any special furniture, just pile stuff under your monitor and keyboard until it’s at a natural height for you to use while standing, then get rid of your chair. Your feet will hate you for the first week or two, but after that it feels perfectly natural, and it gives you some free (very light) exercise during the day, as your body is constantly making small adjustments to maintain balance, etc. Plus, I think it keeps your metabolism/energy level higher… it sounds silly, but it really does make a huge difference with minimal effort.

  3. Great website.. One thing though.. You said to drink water right before meals.. If we do so, it dilutes the acids in the stomach and delays the process of digestion of food..

  4. Excellent advice Scooby, Thanks. I’m on the program. I would delete the part about diet soda though, there is evidence that suggests diet soda not only makes the body want more food, but the aspartame also turns to formaldehyde in the body! Water is mo bettah Brah! :)

  5. Thank you so much… this article helps me realize that i dont have to change my whole life to lose weight!! i will definitely try this and i was wondering instead of eating three big meals a day if its better to eat 5 to 6 smaller snacks!!! thats what somebody and a lot of articles suggest!!! THX!!!

  6. How about if your skinny? how do you get abs then. Telling me specific exercises to do will be much appreciated so my stomach can take in more food or something like that.

  7. Hi my name is adrian diaz im 20 and a fatty but today i begin my adventure to a healthy body thanx to all the helpfull motivation provided by all you people out there living healthy and most impartant to scoob for putting this wonderful website open to anyone. Bravo and thank u. Will keep u posted through progress! =D

  8. I feel lucky to have found your videos and your website. I just want to say thank you for your efforts, your time and energy in helping everyone else and all the great information that you provide. I’ve put away every other source and am now going through your stuff methodically. I’ve changed EVERY exercise I do to the way you suggest they be done. Thank you, sincerely.

  9. BEST exercises iv done by watching youre videos even people are copying me in the gym,thanks scooby.

  10. Scooby i´ve been on gym for almost 1 year now i´ve stopped, well im at gym but if i keep training i will keep gaining fat and muscle but i want those abs that i still have 4pack and i want even better abs so im doing lots of cardio and not eating like before when got 15kg of fat and muscles by eating alot :b

  11. Brilliant. As always. Thank you scooby! You know what? I have known these things for past 6 years, but guess what? It’s so easy to get lost in complex and ‘effective’ methods or to get pumped up and then steam off, that I never just did, simply. Thanks for saying it again. Will be on it from tomorrow Inshallah!

  12. Please don't tell people to substitute their soda with diet sodas, artificial sweeteners confuse the body and usually end up giving hunger and actually increase fat storage. Other than that a very sound story, hope I'll get those visible abs soonish myself too!

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