Are you skinny?

The Fat Free Mass Index (FFMI) is basically a measure of muscularity adjusted for height. The bigger the number, the more muscular you are.

Interpreting FFMI (Fat Free Mass Index)
Under 17 low muscle mass (skinny)
19-20 average muscle mass for an American or European college student
22-23 noticably muscular
25.7 Steve Reeves
over 26 Steroid user

The reason I bring the FFMI up is because many people have a warped idea of what they look like to others – in other words, they have low self esteem. The worst example is the label “skinny”!, My guess is that many of the people who claim to be “skinny” actually are quite normal. I would also guess there are many people in the “noticeably muscular” category who think they are just average. By the way, the research which came up with those numbers is the Clinical Journal of Sports Medicine 1995:223-28, I didnt make this stuff up. I have modified my bodyfat calculator so you can calculate your FFMI (Fat Free Mass Index).

You can also use it to find out if your fancy protein powder from eastern europe is laced with steroids :)

“Honestly, I didnt know my protein powder from Eastern Europe was laced with steroids!”

378 thoughts on “Are you skinny?”

  1. I guess Scooby has been too busy lately. FFMI is a useful method but the term "skinny" has so many offending meanings.

    Girls are obsessed to be skinny and boys to be big.

    Being a famous man and idol for teen is a lot of work. So please rest well this weekend. You look very very very tired to me…

  2. I REALLY don't think it is an Eastern European as much as a "south of the border" problem where "pharmaceutical access" is a little less stringent than in the USA. Especially since that is where most of them get their (im)potence pills or syrum.

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