ectomorph endomorph mesomorph workouts

Are you a ectomorph, and endomorph or a mesomorph and how does it affect your nutrition and training?? Its really important you know how to optimize your training for your bodytype. In this video I will explain how to do this so you can maximize your muscle gains and get ripped abs.

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  1. what does intensity mean? So you must lift slowly and heavy right? So every time i lift i have to give it my max? at every set to the max? wont i be too tired to finish my workout that way ? i dont really get it

  2. Thanks for the video. Typically, I just lazily glanced at the body type comparison table thinking "Yeah, I'll go back to that at the end". When you were describing the body types, I just thought that I must be missing something. I am an Ectomorph, which is probably what drew me to the post. When I was teenager I wanted to be more stocky and muscular, but now that I am older, I consider my body type to be a blessing.
    Toby | Does P90X Work

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