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Many of you have seen the amazing new scoobysworkshopwebsite but few of you realize what it took to make this happen. I am an engineer, I like content but dont put a lot of effort into how it looks as long as its organized and easy to find. My old website was a total mess – old fashioned, ugly, and inconsistent. Each exercise page seemed to follow its own new format making it a bit frustrating for a reader. The other problem was speed, many of you complained about the slow page load times as my pages have lots of images and content.

Back in the Spring I met Jovanni Hernandez at thru facebook. I was complaining about many problems on my website and he mentioned that he could help. Well, I took him up on it. He was actually in my area on an internship this summer so we met several times a week to play beach volleyball and discuss issues. He worked on it all summer long! I have a LOT of content and it was not a simple matter to convert it to WordPress. The problem as I mentioned before was that the content was presented very inconsistently so not only did he have to convert it over but re-write it in a consistent manner. Then of course, there are all the amazing bells and whistles that WordPress allows like the way images are handled – truly cool. Many people have complimented me on the cool new graphic design of the website but I am the wrong person to congratulate! I had nothing to do with the design, had I designed it, it would have looked as clunky as my last website! The *only* thing that is left of my design is the pale yellow background color!

Going from an old fashioned static HTML website to a dynamic one like WordPress takes far more work than meets the eye. I’m a software engineer and I hadnt even heard of these things till Jo educated me. Number one is security. As I found out 6 months ago when my old website was high-jacked and forwarded to a spammers website, security is a high stakes game now. Jo is an expert at security (its his field) and he took a multi-layered approach to make sure the new website is safe. Cool new services and ways to protect digital assets that an old-school software engineer like myself had never heard of. I learned my lesson the hard way, you can learn from my mistake. If you have a popular website, even if its not a commercial website, you need to get a security expert involved to make sure your website is safe!

The other area that I was ignorant about was cloud resources and what they could do for me. As I mentioned earlier, one of the big problems with my old website was its slow page load times. My pages had lots of text and images and page load times were routinely 5-10 seconds, even for me. Even though generating a webpage in WordPress is *far* more complicated and time consuming than just serving a static webpage like my old website did, Jo was able to drop the page load time down to 2-3 seconds by using cloud services to provide content much faster!

So many things you would not think of when making a ‘simple’ switch to a new website that have to be taken care of to have a smooth transition. Take URLs for example. My old website had horrible and cryptic URLs, for example, my advanced workout plan had the URL “schedadv.htm”. These days, the URL needs to be human readable to maximize rankings – I didnt know this. Anyway, it was not just the simple matter of renaming pages because I was ranked on page one of virtually every google search having anything to do with working out. Changing the name without taking precautions would have lost me all google visibility. Because this was anticipated and precautions taken, the moment we switched to the new website google was able to find the new content and no rankings were lost.

Of course, Jo’s biggest task of all was one of educating me which he did with the patience and skill of a favorite grandfather. For every 1 minute he spent adding a feature, he had to spend ten minutes explaining it to me :) I know a lot of you love the new website but didnt know the huge amount of work that went into it. I wanted to publicly recognize Jovanni at for his amazing work! Jo has helped me to help others!!! Thanks Jo!

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  1. Scooby and Joe inspire me to help others by making improvements on ideas meant to help everyone. Thanks guys. Now I need to find some way to help. You see, good examples lead to good results.

  2. Nice to see that cloud technology is involved in your website. I truly find that the new website is a lot more beautiful and more professional than your older one but what i would recommend you guys to is to stick with low contrast colors that doesn’t tire the eyes easily. Your old website was perfect for this. Just a dark yellow and black website with a simple interface that you could read for hours without having your eyes hurt. But yea the organization was lacking a bit. Awsome job to you and Jo !!!! Keep it up guys !!!!!!!!!

  3. Great site Scoob…been following you for a year or so…you have really helped me after a serious operation by getting in better shape. Still have more work to do. Really Inspirational. Awesome work Scooby, keep it up!!!

  4. Sweet new look Jo & Scooby. I’m a web developer myself and know how much work goes into designing or rebuilding a site especially for a single person – Respect!
    Great job guys!

  5. scooby and jo, thank’s alot for all that you’ve been doing. doing all this work, sitting and planning, thinking, refining, and creating an even better web site – for the sake of other people health ! could there be a higher cause ?
    scooby, keep on doing all the great work that you do! you’re improving a lot of lives (and body’s) !
    the new site is f-a-n-t-a-s-t-i-c-!

  6. I do like the new site. My only complaint, some of the old links don’t work anymore.

    Like when linking someone to a success story page, the old link that used to have the pictures and write up, now only goes to a block of text. So you can only see the cropped pictures on the previous page. I realize the layout changed so when you click on a name you get a pop-up of the story, but it would be nice to still be able to direct link the old pages.

    I mention this for purely selfish reasons. I liked have a link to my page in my AskScooby signature.

    Now that goes to a block of black text on a half blue, half white background.

    BTW, hoping to use that “after” picture as a future “before” on the muscle gain side ;)

  7. Hey Scooby, thank you for taking the time, money, and effort to do enhance your website for those trying to improve their health. Thank you for being a blessing to others. You give us everything we need to optimize our health. Oh, and thank you Jo for helping Scooby, lol. Wish you both all the best. :)

  8. Just wanna say thankyou to both Joe and Scooby! You are changing many peoples lives and doing it all for free, that takes a special kind of peoples to do so. Cheers again, Steve from Australia.

  9. Thanks Scooby and Jo!! It is so amazing that you guys have gone so much effort in sake of the site’s users. The new design is great and Hans looks marvelous with his enormous biceps like yours!
    And also thanks about the tip of internet security.. I never thought an uncommercial site that does not require any information access from its users can be a target for hackers~
    Anyways nice work on the design and the newly organized content Scoob

  10. Hey Scooby! I am liking the new design, even though I really did get used to the old one. Thank God you still kept the yellow pale background color. I didnt even recognize it at first. One thing I’d like to change back though is this weird “Categories” tab, I liked your old menu better with the drop down links. It made browsing through the site’s pages systematically. But amazing work nonetheless.

  11. Good new site.

    I think the links/titles of new articles on the first page could be a bit more distinctive. Now they blend in with the other text and don’t “pop out” so as to be easily seen.

  12. Thank you very much guys it looks so good! It is so awesome that you guys will do this for free, i have had trouble finding good information about exercise and weightlifting before i found this site.

    Ohh and by the way, since i dont really know how else to contact you scooby, but there is a broken link on this page under the headline “Interpreting FFMI (Fat Free Mass Index)” The link with the name “Steve Reeves” leads me to a 404.

  13. Yoko Joséphine Matsui

    Thanks Jo and Scooby. You guys are great. You’ve incorporated many new features with very cool web design. I cannot believe you’ve done these only by you two for free.

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