Captain Scoob-merica tries to trick-or-treat and get candy

Captain Scoob-merica Happy Halloween!  Well last night I really wanted some candy and I hate having people see me eat my cheat meals so I had a plan.  I put on my Captain America disguise and went out trick-or-treating.  Epic failure!  Perhaps I should have kept my mouth shut, I have a rather distinctive voice.  Some people thought I was Scott Herman but most greeted me with “Hey Scooby, nice costume!”  Grrrrrr.  So much for being the master of disguises!  Next year I will think of something better.  I had a marvelous cheat meal of candy, today its back to healthy eating.


Seriously though, if you need a cheat meal then take one!  If your nutrition is strict enough that you are craving things then you need a safety valve to keep from exploding into a binging frenzy and a regularly scheduled cheat meal is perfect!

35 thoughts on “Captain Scoob-merica tries to trick-or-treat and get candy”

  1. This is funny, if i start to add a small cheat meal, this is when i start to explode. I binge and eat junk food like crazy. I agree with one of your vid, its better for me to remove them completely and replace them with good things. I did my trick or treat with apples :D.

  2. Do you make a substantial amount of money off this website, I’m just curious because you seemed to devote a lot of time and effort into it and have a lot followers so you probably should earn a living from it with all you do to help people out there. Also do you have family, just curious how hectic your life is so I know that it can be done.

    1. Good luck to him, if he’s making money.
      He’s actually a brilliant man, a man of many talents, very complex individual. A man that understands what “We are here for a short time, not a long time” mean.
      The world needs more of this type of person. He probably doesn’t know that he is a master of Reality Transurfing, he naturally swings the pendulum to a positive force. It’s this positive force that he feeds off.

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