Do one hundred pushups!

Even if you can’t do a single pushup now, with this five phase plan you can build up your strength and endurance so that you can do one hundred pushups.

EDIT:  I had to remove this video because of a YouTube bug in the delayed publish feature.  I will be re-uploading this video soon.

13 thoughts on “Do one hundred pushups!”

  1. Hey hey,
    I’m James from Australia. I flippin love your website!! It’s so helpful. I’m not a body builder and don’t plan to be, I’m just your average joe 18 year old trying to make some beef.
    I really appreciate it how you explain so many things so clearly, with safety and with every relevant factor. My good mate showed me this site as he has the same ambitions as me (build up some beef) and we regularly talk about our workout tips or plans or strategies.

    All the information that you have given must have involved a lot of research and experience, and here you are giving it to site users quick, easy and free! I also try to “eavesdrop” on this bodybuilder from Church (who is also a pro body boarder for Nomad) and listen to his tips, but I just have to say, this site is incredibly useful. And thank you…heaps

  2. Interesting. How would that add in with any existing training plans ? Let’s say I decide to do that – how bad would neglecting the training of all the other body parts affect me (or should you mix them up)?

    it seems a logical thing to gain some muscle though.

  3. Howdy from the UK! After you can successfully do 100 pushups (I’m not saying I can!) would you incoporate doing 100 a few times a week or just once?

    You’re awesome Scooby keep up the good work!

    1. Greaves, the 100 pushups is for us to build a strong base. Doing a lot of reps will make us ripped, but not buffed :) But I would suggest adding a few sets of pushups-to-failure at the end of your chest workout would be nice. All the best.

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