Women’s beginning home workout

New Video: Women's beginning home workout

This is a great 30 minute beginning workout for women that can be done at home. It combines cardio and resistance training into one non-stop great workout that will help you lose fat and get stronger. The only thing required is a cheap resistance band set available for $10 at big box stores.
Make sure to crank your favorite tunes during this workout, it helps to make it fun! Here is the 30 minute whole body home workout:

  • 10 minutes burpees (for cardio)
  • 5 minutes pushups (for chest, triceps and shoulders)
  • 5 minutes alternating rows and squats (for legs, butt, and lats)
  • 5 minutes alternating curls and side raises (for shoulders and biceps)
  • 5 minutes front planks (for abs/core)

Here is how to work this workout into your weekly schedule:

  • – Monday: 30 minute resistance band workout
  • – Tuesday: 30 minutes brisk walking
  • – Wednesday: 30 minute resistance band workout
  • – Thursday: 30 minutes brisk walking
  • – Friday: 30 minute resistance band workout
  • – Saturday — rest day
  • – Sunday — rest day

Its *very* important for losing weight that you do your cardio every day! You can take the weekend off as the schedule shows if you need to but its best if you at least do a quick 20 minute walk around the block on both Saturday and Sunday. The reason is the afterburner effect!

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43 thoughts on “Women’s beginning home workout”

  1. I think this is a great starting block excersise for women. My
    partner tried doing another commercial workout program which was just too hard for her and
    basically was hurting the her the next day. This is just perfect so thankyou
    scooby. Keep these videos coming. It shows that you care about all people
    not just body builders. :) And who wouldn’t want you as a personal trainer. Lol. :p

  2. Hey Scooby,

    I just discovered you on Youtube about a month or so ago and so I checked out your website as well.  I have been doing a steady weightloss since August 2011.  I started out at 166lbs and now I weigh 127lbs!  I did a lot of cycling at first, figuring out what to eat and then doing that, getting off pop etc….  Now I drink tea on a regular basis – probably about 3 a day and a coffee in the morning and the rest is water. (I switch to decaf tea at night).  I eat in this cycle – Breakfast, Snack, Lunch, Snack, Supper and then sometimes  a snack after although I try not to.  I also follow the Biggest Loser “Diet” (I hate that word), I like to call it way of eating.  The 4-3-2-1 way of eating.  4 Fruits/Veggies, 3 protein, 2 Whole Grains and 1 of extra calories (supposed to be max 200)  Anyway, the reason I am writing you is to let you know that the Beginning womens workout is really tough!  I am having a hard time motivating myself to follow your schedule, sometimes I mix it up with Jillian Michaels workout on DVD.  But 10 minutes of burpees!  Wow :)  I am trying! :)  Keep up the great work!  May be you can put more womens workouts in here :)

    Connie Wells
    [email protected]

  3. This seems great for beginners to help start out getting into the flow of workouts! One question: instead of doing 15 curls and then 15 side raises, can you alternate each one, 1 curl then 1 side raise, for the whole five minutes? Thanks!

  4. Scooby is a dude thank you scooby for your site your vids have been so important to me showing corect form top site top bloke all the best tom coalville england sunny coalville

  5. hi scooby ive been following your advice for over a year now i was 118 kg last crimbo and im now 99 kg ish and put on an amount of muscle that im really pleased with and my wife loves it to just started doing drop sets because i was starting to plateau and they really work well i do my exercises at home and get good doms i work out for about 40 mins five times a week get a good protein from bulkpowders UK good price it is 90% whay isolate i have 4 doses a day plus dinner if your reading this you already know about scooby read and learn you can do it to . ive been getting down over the past week about working out but writing this has given me motivation again
    i have been tempted to do steroids but never have and im pleased i didnt i have mates that have gyno from drugs im happy i didnt ive done some sups creatine hmb zma zma makes me horny and i come like a train but i get roid rage from high doses but im bad tempered any way creatine works but none of them are worth it just work hard eat right and you will get big i went from n

  6. i like that sort of female programme but im wondering, the upperback muscles which have great involvement when it comes to posture it totally neglects them,im talking about some sort of rowing motion which involves lower traps, rhomboids teres major and rear delts

  7. Hi Scooby,
    why do you support a workout that includes 10 minutes of cardio, even though you explicitly recommended that good cardio is anything that elevates your heartrate into the targetzone for at least 20 minutes?

    Nevertheless, I´m very content about the contents of your site and your videos. Please keep going.
    Thank you very much,

    Viele Grüße aus Deutschland,

  8. hello scooby i just started one of your workout routines im currenty 17.6 stone. i hope to be on your wall for sucess storys in the next six months.
    love ur site and thanks for all the usefull info.
    see u in six months.
    thanks stephen mcelwee from n.ireland

  9. BTW Scooby,

    I would like to say that I have a great respect for you, your philosophy and your work.
    Thanks alot for sharing your experience with us.
    You’re a real hero.

    Best wishes from Iran…

    1. You have serious issues, man. Check a shrink, would ya…
      The only thing this video shows is that men have more muscles than women. Face it. A serious short willy case, I would say.

      1. actually that might be the case… this guy feels inferior somehow for some reason, quoting Nietzsche is just a way for him to seem superior(intellect) and downgrading women is another. or just has slightly delusional views of the world.
        sure there is some truth to anything but taken out of context and inflated everything becomes pointless delusional stuff.

        1. We are on scooby’s blog and I have too much respect for him to start trolling around, so I won’t tell what I want to tell.

          But just about the “downgrading women” and “delusional stuff”… Obviously, you never studied science and neuroscience… but it’s never too late to start, so this is for you :





          1. Well, the broscience “arguments” and iron pumping in this world certanly will neither make your teeny willy grow any bigger nor make you half a decent man capable of satisfy a woman (not directly related to the wily’s size).


            a) You claim you are Schooby’s fan yet you still haven’t learned the difference between science and blatant broscience. Se “argument” 1 & 2.
            b) You clearly don’t have much experience with women. PMS and “She was asking for it. She just kept on blabing bulls**t. She deserved to have her face beaten into a pulp.” Are more or less the same crap.
            c) And just to pay you back with a prime pseudoscientific argument. The person with the highest IQ in all the history of IQ measuring is a woman.
            d) About the scientific facts: women live longer and have higher pain tollerance etc.

            In short you are a pathetic useless piece of meat. What a waste of oxygen and food resources…

          2. No thanks. I don’t really feel the need with a bunch od pathethic idiots.

            Let’s stick to science, shall we…

            Psychological profiling says that misogynistic losers easuly fall in more or less 4 categories:
            a) Sociopaths who are intelligent enough to focus on “socially acceptable” victims (Gypsies, blacks, Asians…) I would exclude you. First there’s the intelligence issue, second there’s the tinny issue that dising women it is not that much acceptable anymore.
            b) The tossers who feel physically inadequate, i.e. the guys whose little friend is little indeed.
            c) The psycologically and/or physiologically impotent dead meaters.
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            + It is a scientifically accepted fact that women are biologically superior to men. I posted some reasons in my previous post. I forgot a better immune system, blimey. In fact at the time of conception you would presume a 50:50 ratio. Wrong. In fact more males than females are concieved. The reason is that male foetuses are weedy weaklings (higher percentages of miscariages etc.), Even at birth the ratio is more men than women. Reason? Male babies are weedy weakling that die in early childhood etc.

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          3. Hey Cyrus …. Are you trying to live up to stereotypes about Iranian guys? Yikes…..In fairness you have been raised in a society where women must wear chador outdoors or morality police will beat them or worse. Hmmmm…..You must have a very very small penis. I pity you.

  10. Alyssa and Scooby awesome workout!!! Alyssa you look great! I would love to get those results. How long until you reached your goals and started competing? Good luck you’re going to do AWESOME!

  11. alyssa best of luck in the comp, you look fantastic…..
    so does the new site scooby( peter zane)
    thanks for everything, im always goin on about the advise you give

    d manchester

  12. Hi Scoob…
    Gr8 new video – Re. womens workout and fat loss I note that https://scoobysworkshop.com/bod… only allows one to select the drop down box to “male”. I have just invested in some calipers and was pleasantly surprisd at result at 12% b/f (I was fearful it would be a lot worse – but my wife is eager to do one also – well she is now, having seen my results from following your programs but wasnt to start with! lol! – so wondering what you might suggest here or if this is somehting that needs fixing??? – thanks – JP

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