New Hall Of Shame Winners!

I like to highlight ridiculous “fitness” products and their outlandish claims.  I choose only the cream of the crop for my Hall of Shame.  How can these people sleep at night?  Honestly, I want to know.

Of course the Free-Flexor has been included this time around.  By now, the entire world has gotten a good laugh at this silly thing.  Wasting the planets resources to make junk like this isnt all that funny actually.

The RackA jem of a find was brought to my attention on a thread in the AskScooby Forum, its called “The Rack” and to the untrained eye, it looks like a walker.  You know, the kind people use when a cane does not provide enough stability.  The video illustrating how to use this thing is priceless!!!

Check these “fine” products out, and many others, on my Hall of Shame!

18 thoughts on “New Hall Of Shame Winners!”

  1. They’re not charging 15 dollars for the rack, it’s 15 bucks PLUS 4 monthly payments of 39.99. That comes out to 175 dollars but if you get everything together they’ll give you FREE shipping which makes it come out to only 160!!! Also the only reason they even include things like meal planners and DVD’s with these BS products is to fool the prospective buyers. Good old fashioned sleight of hand, It is NOT because they care. I hope these people goddamn die!!! Then again it is very funny to know people are stupid, or hope it works enough, to buy it.

  2. I think your being too hard on “The Rack” to be honest :(

    the infomercial doesn’t really make outrageous claims, it wants you to use the machine to do ab workouts and compound workouts.

    it’s only 15 bucks. not 15,000 like the cross-trainer or 200 like the Ab Circle Pro.

    it comes with a nutritional planner, so they aren’t implying you can just use their product and still eat cheeseburgers to get a great body.

    it has the instructional dvds showing how to do many different exercises, it’s not one repetitive motion like the shake-weights and ab machines and vibe belts. a lot of people don’t know how to do dips and lunges

    1. What are you thinking LOL
      15 buck for 30days trial – the full price is 150+$ after a few payments.
      And for what moves it offers that you cannot do with just your bodyweight or 2 dumbbell?

  3. Honestly, it seems to be in the same vein as those door-frame pull-up bars. They have alternate uses for dips and sit-ups.

    Granted – the marketing for the Free-Flexor is corny. It could still prove as a cheap, home gym tool for those looking to incorporate dips, pushups, and that ab-rolling thing the ripped gentleman was performing.

    All in all – I’ve seen much, much worse. Aside from the silly ad, it looks to provide a good workout if used properly.

  4. John Magnivelius Artan

    Guys! It’s “virtually indestructible”! I constantly find myself dropping my gym equipment from as HIGH up as 2-3 feet and often, as it does, it always breaks apart; breaking, exploding, making holes EVERYWHERE.

    Often I find my self wondering “What sort of equipment is both light enough, has the possibility of using as a quick getaway vehicle and can, at a moments notice, be useful as a prop for when I pretend to be old” (I do this often to test peoples perceptibility and their awareness of their surroundings).

    This is perfect for me!

    5* all the way!

  5. Hey Scooby – maybe thats another niche for you on here – doing more videos like you have previously on making things like this but for a fraction of the cost and more practical and specific! Maybe like the calf block as an example – All I see is a jumped up dip bar frame in ‘the rack’ kinda stealing the idea a litttle from a power rack. I think dips are great but thought the video was hilarious as obviously those guys didnt get their bodies just by using “The Rack” – LOL

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