Scooby biking in jungle again

I’m a sucker for travel bargains and I love jumping on my bike with a backpack and seeing a country from the backroads.  It seems like I have been working weekends for months on end and I need a break.  My work is flexible so I decided I’m going to bike across Borneo, at least the tip of it.  It will be a great way for me to keep in shape and get ready for that half Ironman when the weather back home is dreary.  My knee still is not in the best of shape buy my doctor said I’m fine cycling as long as I dont run at all and dont walk much.

I will be leaving the 30th of November, a little over 24hrs from now, and returning on the 15th of December.  Not sure if I will have any way to post trip updates but I will try, most likely via the AskScooby forum or possibly facebook.  The next 24hrs is going to involve some serious panic-packing!  I may not be online again till I am sitting in the airport waiting for my flight to Korea Wednesday morning and will be in Kota Kinabalu by Friday.

Thru the magic of modern technology, my videos will continue to be uploaded every Monday while I am swatting mosquitos in bamboo huts without running water, electricity, or cell coverage :)

While I am gone, please help out.  You experienced bodybuilders out there on Facebook and the AskScooby Forum, please answer the newbie’s questions and try to make them feel like their question is the most insightful one you have ever heard.  Remember there is no such thing as a dumb question, only a dumb answer. 

Auf Wiedersehen!

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  1. Good luck and enjoy the cycle Scooby! I’m 16, from the UK, and your videos have really helped me get into bodybuilding and motivated me to keep it up. I would almost definitely have injured myself by now without your advice, especially about always using good technique and stuff. I know you have massively helped literally thousands of other people too, so big thanks and I’m sure you do deserve a break! Cheers buddy :)

  2. Hi Scooby, I hope you are having fun on your trip, touring with bicycle is the BEST way to explore new places, feel the atmosphere there. And the best thing that during that you train your body as well. I cycle a lot as well, I do a big bike trip every summer. The upcoming summer trip is gonna be epic ( I am planning to cycle through Hungary and Austria with my brother and with 2 crazy friends). Keep up the good work, you are a real inspiration, you truly changed my life and I am really grateful for that. Greetings from Hungary.

  3. All the best for the trip Scooby! With your interests outside of body building you’ll have to drop into New Zealand at some point!!!

    I’d be happy to be your personal guide! :)

  4. Samsul Bahari Adnan

    Hi Scooby … Have a nice trip …. BTW If you bike across country you will probably reach Semporna at the other side of the country. Maybe around 350km from Kota Kinabalu.. IF you happen to be in Semporna on 9th to 12th Dec, maybe we can meet there (I’m on vacation there with a friend of mine – Native Semporna) … I love to see you in person..hehehee We can take you touring to Mabul Island (its on me) .. the purest and virgin island in the world .. You can reach me at +60133460640 ..

  5. Hi there Scooby, I`ve been following the channel for a few months, and trying to follow a program to a new healthy life.
    Now I`ll be boarding a vessel for 4 or 5 months and hoping to be the next scoobysuccess when I`m back! Now I am 86kgs – 189 pounds, the goal is 78kgs – 172 pounds, and abs :)
    my hight is 183cm – 6 ft
    So see you in a few months and keep up the good work!

  6. Hi Scooby! I just wanted to say you’re a really cool guy and really respect how you put up so much compact and concise information in one neat location to find, in an organized format, for free.

    All of your information and resources is very impressive and I think you are a wonderful person for putting so much time and effort towards educating people about how to get in shape effectively.

    Please continue to enrich many lives with fitness knowledge! :)

  7. Scooby you are a legend. Good luck on your journey; it sounds fantastic! Get yourself to Austria, proper carnivore food there and some mountain roads for you to cycle….yeeessss!

  8. Have a great trip Scoob! Take it easy on the knee but enjoy the bike rides as much as you can :D
    You have inspired me and my 2 boys over the years. Keep up the good work.

  9. hey scooby have a safe trip korea is beautiful I only been in Icheon like 30 min from Seul, good luck and hopefully your knee gets better, you are the man take care

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